Picture of Yang Zi Appreciating Crystal Liu from 2022 Weibo Night Awards Trends on SNS Complimenting Both Ladies

A true beauty can be appreciated objectively and C-actress Crystal Liu (Liu Yi Fei) has been known as a goddess from her debut and officially crowned the fairy sister when she played the iconic Xiaolongnu from Return of the Condor Heroes. A new picture from an old event is making the rounds all over Chinese SNS from the 2022 Weibo Night Awards where she won awards as did many C-stars but the picture is taken with fellow top actress Yang Zi as the center of the lens looking towards Crystal with what is best described as an artist appreciating a piece of artwork type of warmth. C-netizens are loving this moment of candor and love that child actress grown up Yang Zi remains so humble and appreciative towards her elders in the industry.

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