K-netizens Discuss South Korea’s Top 10 Beauties Which Remain Unchanged Since the Early Hallyu Days

A poll and post has been making its way through K-netizen ranks and it’s relatively consensus driven on who is considered one of South Korea’s top 10 beauties here in 2020. It’s like the same list since 2005 if you ask me, and honestly probably justified considering these ladies were each considered a top in some way when they debuted and kept it at nearly that level. In no particular order, your 10 SK beauties: Kim Hee Sun, Han Ga In, Lee Na Young, Song Hye Kyo, Han Ji Min, Son Ye Jin, Lee Young Ae, Han Ye Seul, Kim Tae Hee, and Jeon Ji Hyun. Discuss away but honestly these ladies have probably reached untouchable status, and many still continue to one up their own accomplishments to this day.


K-netizens Discuss South Korea’s Top 10 Beauties Which Remain Unchanged Since the Early Hallyu Days — 128 Comments

  1. Lee young ae is all time beauty andd most iconic 70s gen actress. Hanga in nose is blueprint of many plastic monsters walking in gangnam i read somewhere.
    Jun ji hyun is perfect combination of height body and face. Song hye kyo beauty is such that at one point not only in korea but china, doctors said clients used to come with her face. Kim hee sun is stunning and kim tae hee is always known as beauty with brains. And face fits korean standards perfectly. Kim hee sun is just naturally beautiful. Same with son ye jin and hanji min. Han ye suel has aged badly. And all 9 looks natural. I miss that in 90s gen actresses.
    Now if i compare 90s gen i really dont find them unique and compare to these actresses at peak, they really dont stand chance. No offense. Yoona and irene are called beauties but yoona plastic surgery is so obvious these days , sm idols are known for thay and irene fits korean standards but not on these actresses level. Kim ji won is a beauty though.

    • Seriously the 90s gen doesn’t have much good looking beauties but kjw, ksh and iu have that unique quality and are so pretty to boot! 😀

      • Ksh n 99liners n post 99 liners i dont count them bczo they are quite young tbh. Though i get the vibe.
        Kjw right but i disagree with iu. She is not known as visual or goddess level beauty. She is known for her abilities. I forgot about seolhyun. She is quite stunning!

      • I’m glad someone mentioned Seolhyun. I know she got a ton of hate for her dark skin but I love her complexion and features. I agree with OP about IU she is strangely attractive don’t you think? Maybe its just subjective then. No doubt about Jiwon and Sohyun being beautiful. I get wowed every time I see their pictures.

      • @manny i respect ur opinion but i have to disagree. Iu has never been known for her goddess visuals by gp but as an talented musician. I thibk she is cute but for me goddess visual is someone who enters the room and take the breath away which i just dint get from iu but my fave jungkookie is her fanboy big time. He surely finds her a goddess lol. So i guess its all subjective

      • I get it I don’t think she is a goddess exactly but I find her attractive in a different way. We can disagree on some and agree on others that’s ok.

      • @manny seolhyun was considered a top beauty till her scandal with that rapper who korean hates. Infact once her advertisement boards were stolen bcoz she looked superhot. She was that big. She still have lots of cfs but she lost that support. She needs big drama or.movie to bounce back.

      • Seolhyun and her Cass beer cfs were iconic. I miss her Cass beer era but queendom made people fall in love with her again thankfully. She was amazing in my country.

      • Suzy is the prettiest among the 90s actresses. shes the CF queen. shes not good in acting but we cannot deny that she is beautiful

      • @Mercy. Suzy is never in any beauty list. ex-CF Queen in the old past. No CF now. Yes she is hopeless in acting. What is she good for. LOL.

      • @adyjunjihyun the rapper you mentioned is zico, the one with many HIT singles. And his current single is any song which is widely popular, not only in korea but also in many countries especially for those who play tiktok. You can search, if you havent heard about this song.

        Zico wasnt hated by koreans, but got criticized bcuz it seemed like she was the one who worked harder for their relationship. Cmiiw.

  2. Beauty is subjective. These women are all beautiful in their own right but I find the 20-somethings beautiful as well. It’s just that poise, presence, charm and self confidence increase with age. By the time the 20-somethings get to that age, they will have sufficient charisma and “beauty” to be recognized by the k-public. (Hopefully)

    • There are a lot of 20 something’s who have made it to their 30s like SSK, GA and PSH but have never been considered as goddess level beautiful like the ones mentioned. These women were considered peak beauty even in their late teens and early 20s so it’s not about growing older and becoming more confident or poised. These women have been iconic since the start and they have aged so beautifully and flawlessly that nobody can hold a candle to them even 20 years from now.

    • These actresses were considered stunning from the day they debuted. They have the aura and star quality from the very first time. Lee young ae was already a top commercial modle because of her looks before her drama debut in 1993. Same with kim hee sun. Taehyehi all were considered beautiful from very start. So not the samd thing. Yoona is only one who is considered stunning from 90s gen and irene to some extent but they are no where close to these ladies

      • Yoona, Irene, or IU are idols. Plus, plastic surgeries are big on these idols.

        Tbf, 98% of celebrities undergoes plastic surgeries either way, so I’m not even bother to comment about natural beauty or not.

    • Loli and Ady basically laid it out perfectly. These people were stars since they debuted they need to spend years to peak and become top beauties. They have been the most beautiful and sought after women from Day 1. No contest.

  3. The real shock is downfall of yoon eun hye. She was such a A list star back then with cf queen title, endorsements on par with these actresses and once highest paid drama actress. She has just fallen off all such lists. I miss her name. Even han ga in is on long hiatus but she still keeps getting cf deals etc.

      • Didn’t HGI do plastic surgery on her nose?

        Also, why people bother to mention natural beauty or not? People see pre-debut and debut pictures of the celebrities, and 98% of them definitely did plastic surgeries.

      • HGI nose is natural. You can check her childhood and pre-debut pictures. Who said HGI has PS? Plastic surgeons are using her nose as a sample for excellence because women adore her natural nose. You better get your facts straight. This is how rumors spread. 9 out of 10 of these ladies are all natural which means they are the 2% who did not get PS in your record.

    • yes, yoon eun hye was so popular when i was in College. i watched her drama with Gong Yoo in our local channel.
      i wonder where she is now?

  4. I keep thinking about other younger actresses but I really can’t find it.

    Idk this site doesn’t like her that much but Kim Yoo Jung beauty kind of similar. She is one of a kind.

    Yeah that’s my 2 cents

    • @Cober I’ll add my 2 cents and make it 4 cents totally agree with my girl Kim Yoo Jung her look is just electric and I mean to be the face for Laneige and on billboards I want to fly over to SK to just stand next to one for a pix. It’s on my bucket list to do. Even though this site doesn’t like her it’s okay that’s the nature of the business. However, there are a tonne of beautiful au natural Korean actresses to narrow them down to a list of 10 is subjective and painful. Gosh they’re all hot!

      Overall the list of gorgeous celebs is on point but I do have one tiny exception with HYS because of her recent photos and heavy make up looking all goth likeswayed my perception.

    • All of acctress or celebrity in South korea are beautiful for me. I don’t get the feeling these people beauty is untouched. These woman all are popular actress with great charisma. I agree…

    • Agreed, KYJ really has the potential. If you take a look at this current top 10 list, all of the beauties look unique and distinctively different from each other. You don’t see anyone saying she looks like (insert senior celebrity), you only see people saying Red Velvet’s Joy looks like KYJ when Red Velvet just debuted.

      • KYK fans are consistently jealous of KSH. Can’t stand her popularity and beauty and always looking to drag her. No wonder they are called worst fandom by everyone.

      • KYJ fans are consistently jealous of KSH. Can’t stand her popularity and beauty and always looking to drag her. No wonder they are called worst fandom by everyone.

      • @ MOA Where in this particular thread which @Cober acknowledged KYJ without naming anyone else for the exception of me dropping HYS and @Lilith naming RV Joy’s name gave you the right to ‘drop’ KSH name here? Where? And to add insult to injury say that KYJ fans are jealous of KSH. How did we arrive or you even arrive at that when NONE of us in this one thread even mentioned KSH at all. We were like minded to just potter about KYJ and her status AND IT WAS IN OUR OPINION that we were commenting on KYJ yet you chose to drop in and make that blatant statement and accusation of how we are the ‘worst fandom’. Obviously you can’t stand anything positive being written about KYJ in that you have to let the rest of us know. May I remind you that this article is not about KYJ and KSH and I for one am not jealous of KSH so please get that; honestly different day, different article but same old same old. You seriously need to get better work stories and change your track.

    • Haters will hate but Kim yoo jung is the prettiest, has the most sex appeal, and the best actress of the 90S. Her beauty is classy. she looks elegant. her sex appeal is oozing thats why she was offered Convenience because they know she will be able to pull it off.

      • Convenience sex appeal what are you talking about? I don’t find KYJ pretty at all. That’s why she is not on the list.

      • yes, her beauty is incomparable with the 90s actresses. she stands out among the rest and she is only 20 uears old. she has this curvy body to die for. thats why shes perfect to play in convenience with Ji chang wook. JCW so fotunate to be partnering with a beauty like her. she would be the prettiest leading lady of wook.

  5. That picture of Son Ye Jin looks so much like Kim So Hyun. The resemblance is always uncanny. No wonder So Hyun is one of the very few young actresses who is considered a top visual and actress. The only actress from the current generation who has the star power, talent and beauty.

    • I just mentioned this above but yup Sohyun is super pretty. I feel you about the uncanny resemblance. While watching CLOY I kept thinking she looks like the older version of Sohyun. Their acting style is a bit similar too I think.

    • Really SYJ? They are similar looking but KSH is almost a dead ringer for HGI. They could pass as twins. A lot of people felt KSH looked exactly like HGI during METS.

      • Ksh passes resemblance to lot but she currently dont look like hgi. Hgi nose as well as features r very different. She looks more close to syj these days

    • KSH looks are so versatile she resembles a lot of the top actresses. Some people even think she looks like Twice Mina or BP Lisa. Guess we can all agree she is an undisputed top visual. Another case of beauty with brains which koreans love.

      • Yeah at one point I thought she looked like SHK and in some angles she looks like KTH. To be her level of pretty and she just gets even more beautiful as she grows older.

    • I have to agree completely. Kim So Hyun is truly one of a kind.She stands out with her strong charisma and overpowering aura. This girl was born to be a star and she has the talent to back it.

    • I have to disagree. KSH is not the only top visual and actress of her generation. KSH legibility as such cannot be merited without mentioning KYJ. For me, KSH and KYJ are the top 2 goddesses of their generation. At present, no one in their generation can challenge the beauty and star power of these ladies. I remember when KSH was still part of Sidus, she was heavily promoted as the next SHK due to her classical and mysterious aura, and KYJ as the next JJH due to her playful and careless character. And as we can see right now, it is starting to happen. These ladies are the current face of big Korean cosmetic brands. KSH as the face of Hanyul (previously endorsed by JJH) and KYJ as the face of Laneige (previously endorsed by SHK).

      • LOL. She is an A-lister actress in Korea. She is well respected in her country, which made her as of their nation’s little sister. A title that is given only to iconic and extremely popular actresses.

    • I can see the resemblance, but I personally think Kim So Hyun looks way more like Han Ga In, same western-ish facial features, same face shape, same big eyes, same sloped nose, small chin, rounded forehead, etc. I’ve noticed that since METS. I agree with the reply above that they could pass as twins. But yeah, Kim So Hyun is more known for looking like Son Ye Jin, actually her nickname when she was younger is “Little Son Ye Jin”, and she even played Son Ye Jin’s teenage version in the movie The Last Princess!
      But seriously, the three of them—Kim So Hyun, Han Ga In, and Son Ye Jin look like beautiful sisters! ?

      • By the way, this is a reply to Zen’s comment. Don’t know why my comment wasn’t posted as a reply lol

  6. She is not an actress but i think blackpink jennie is quite stunning. She makes everything look so expensive and makes u feel like buy those things lol. No wonder all high end brands lineup for her

    • Jennie is the walking definition of young, rich and beautiful. Endorsers love her and everyone wants to be her. Powerful queen.

      • Gud but she needs ti get out of yg or she will end up like 2ne1 members with no career. She is IT girl but that statud can leave her if bp doesnt keeps relasing music and yg is debuting another gg soon. I hope jennie makes move to full time musician bcoz i see her getting success like hyori

  7. The beauty of Han Ga In to me is exceptional.To me she still remains the the cream of the most beutiful Korean Actresses and really does stand out with her features.

  8. This list is indisputable for many years to come but if I had choose from the upcoming generation I’d pick kim jennie, kim so hyun, tzuyu and shin ye eun.

  9. Remember when HJM played the younger SHK when they are only a few years apart? That was stupid but seeing them both on this list isn’t. Two beautiful goddesses.

  10. Agreed with this list but I just want to add Han Hyo Joo and Kim Hyun Joo. Not just 30’s up girls and boys too.

  11. Suzy is the prettiest among the 90s actresses. shes the CF queen. shes not good in acting but we cannot deny that she is beautiful

    • It’s actually quite ironic that Suzy is in talks to co-star with Goo Yoo, Park Bo Gum, Choi Woo Shik, Jung Yoo Mi and Park So Dam in Wonderland. Why are they still hiring her despite the bad acting? Another flower pot role?

      • Yes, another flower pot role with minimal screen time. Do you seriously think Suzy can outact Tang Wei and JYM? Do you think Tang Wei’s husband will put his wife in a small role? THINK!

      • She is olaying flowerpot showpiece which no self respecting top actress like kim tae ri etc will sign. She just need easy rides.

  12. All these praises make me one proud KSH fan. Thank you yeorobun!
    And i agree that these days she so much looks like syj.

      • Lol. Show me your reliable source please, which says that Knetz see KSH as b-tier beauty and actress. FYI, KSH is ranked no. 29 in KBS most beautiful actresses of ALL-TIME – the highest ranking Kim troika. You must be a KSH hater and an avid KYJ supporter to say those things without supporting it with a reliable basis.

  13. There was a time that Kim Hee sun so famous and untouchable, she I believe was the first Hallyu star that all the big projects offered to her before anyone else, then came Song Hae Kyo, Kim Tae Hee, son Ye Jin, and JJH,but after those ladies, I don’t see any 90ners actress that can replace those ladies.
    My favorites are SHK, JJh and SYJ

  14. First generations of hallyu wave is still unbeatable. Drama fans for decades will always have a soft spot for them because they are the founder, the creator and the reason of the existence of this rich korean industry that we see today. It all started with these beauties and there prince charmings of course. Though of course top 10 doesn’t give justice at all. We all know its a lot longer than this list.

  15. Seeing han ji min in the list. She is naturally beautiful and has been knocking her recent roles lately. Aging gracefully!!!

  16. Everyone in this list are exceptionally pretty.But SYJ’s beautiful and expressive eyes are to die for .Even her childhood photos stands out among other kids and you can feel that she is no ordinary kid .She emotes so beautifully through her angel like eyes that I haven’t seen any other actress do it..My thoughts are subjective from my p.o.v and I don’t expect everyone to agree with it.But she is definitely one of the best actresses ever.Even while crying she looks so beautiful and natural..

  17. I grew up watching kdramas for 2 decades, and have seen all the Korean godesses in the Korean Entertainment. The only actresses I think is so beautiful that have yet change one bit is Song Hye Kyo. She is the only Korean actress that is so beautiful. My cousin live in Korean for for 13 years now, has attended so many awards events because she is a crazy Korean beauty fans. From her opinions, Song Hye Kyo and Han Ji Min are the most gorgeous face when seeing them in person.

  18. Nana always made a name in beauty list. Especially the international ones. Why she never got mentioned in korean beauty list? Nana, taeyeon, yoona, irene, tzuyu etc. But for me, the names above are irreplaceable.

    New actress?? Kyj? Ksh? Suzy? Agree. But i never find seulhyun attractive but hey, her body is amazing. Omona, no one mention, Krystal?

    • Nana is all plastic that’s why. Taeyeon, Yoona, Krystal are plastic also. The Koreans sure know who is natural and who is plastic. 9 out of 10 on this list are all natural beauties. PMY is beautiful now but why is she not on the list, the reason is very obvious. Tzuyu is Taiwanese, not Korean, she will never be on any Top Korean beauty list.

  19. Personally, as an asian living in the West my folks still only recognize the first generation stars that led the hallyu wave. Any celebrity who comes after falls into a niche or smaller pockets of the community when it comes to familiarity, including the beauties of kpop (and not necessarily kdrama) that have been name-dropped here. The generational beauties on this list (and also the ones not included here) made it through their beauty, onscreen presence and obvious charisma to outsiders who had no idea of whatever brand or marketing image they had in their home country.

  20. Kim yoo jung, kim so hyun and kim sae ron are the next tae hye ji Periodt! Their beauty nowadays are seriously unbelievable especially kim yoo jung. And their aura is unbeatable lol

    • I disagree. At 20, tae hye ji were already leading the Hallyu wave and on all the beauty lists in SK. KYJ is not leading anything, in fact her drama flops. These 3 Kims are not on any Top 10 beauty lists now and probably will never be as long as those classic beauties are still alive.

      • Relax yoo jung’s upcoming drama with jcw for sure will be on top especially the pd is high rated in korea. Plus kim yoo jung is already in hallyu wave when she was age 16-17 with her drama litm that got 25% lol she’s not even in her 20’s but she already reached hally by being in gallop korea and winning baeksang popularity award and excellence award at a very young age… so certainly she will be the next jun ji hyun and song hye kyo. <3

      • I don’t think so. KYJ face cannot be compared to SHK or JJH. She has never been on any beauty list. I have read others mentioning her curves, but what’s gonna with beauty?! This is getting really ridiculous here. We are talking about Top Beauty here and KYJ is not even ever ranked!! That drama with JCW still needs to be filmed, aired and ratings TBD. Now I realize how delusional her fans can be here.

      • @Jun Ji Hyun, LITM is a hit drama but it catapulted the hallyu presence of PBG more than KYJ. The real hallyu princess is KSH with 8m IG followers over KYJ’s 3m, and extremely popular series all over Asia like WAYS2015, LFG, LA and TTON. KYJ still needs to find that drama that will launch her hallyu career because there is still a lot people outside which do not know her unlike KSH who is widely known in Asia and many Kdrama fans can distinguish her name from KSH (the popular male actor).

    • Kim Sae Ron is fading. She lacks relevance nowadays which is very important to be recognize. Nevertheless, I still hope she will bounce back. On the other hand, I think KSH will top this beauty poll in their generation because of her classical Korean beauty. The Korean entertainmeny industry finds associate the word beauty to KSH while the pretty to KYJ. I guess it is the mature aura that KSH is giving us. For KYJ, she is not the typical classical Korean beauty but she is extremely beautiful and her presence is so powerful.

      • I agree with you. I terms of classical beauty and aura, KSH is it. While YJ has the pretty face and nice curves. Tho SR has this runway model like figure, i think she really needs a good project to be on par with these two. Nevertheless, happy that these 3 are still in the business unlike some other CAs from their gen.

    • I find Kim Yoo Jung the most beautiful among the three. beauty is subjective after all. I think alot I found most of celebrity in Korea are beautiful. Don’t get why these top 10 beauty is on touch. There is alot of actress which is find more beautiful in their 20s. It’s marketing propaganda who want to believe it.

      • Kim yoo jung is totally the top when it comes to beauty when it comes to the holy kim trinity. Knetz like her beauty because she has small face and white skin. Not to mention her mole near her eye. Her aura is unbelievable too. Kim so hyun and sae ron is a beauty too! I love them all! They’re all successful. Hope there’s not a lot of wolves coming for them smh

      • KYJ is extremely beautiful. Unfortunately, that beauty is not well appreciated in Korea. Remember the beauty rankings released by KBS where her hit drama LITM was released? She is at no. 82. The only high ranking Kim Troika is KSH where she is at no. 29.So, I don’t where you are coming from that KNetz love the beautu of KYJ. Maybe, they just have different standards of beauty. They like the oval-shape face and HGI-like nose which KSH has.

  21. I just noticed how kim so hyun fans bring down kyj to bring her up lmfaoo y’all toxic af! Let’s admit that kim yoo jung is the prettiest of all of them. Kim so hyun has large wide forehead that she always hide with her bangs and a big face and a dark skin so y’all stay pressed cuz even kim yoo jung’s sister and brother are trending in korea because of their superior genes. Anyways all of the actress in this list are seriously pretty thay have the class of their own.

    • How many times do you need to change your usernames to say the same thing? @Angie @JJH. The fact is KSH always ranks higher than KYJ in beauty lists.

      • It must be hard for them to accept the FACT that the Korean entertainment industry appreciates the beauty of KSH more than KYJ. Their only resort is “In my opinion, KYJ is more beautiful than KSH… blah, blah, blah” – as if it going to change things. Hahaha

  22. I’m so happy to see all the praises for Kim So Hyun here! Many late 90-s gen actresses are pretty too, but in my opinion, Kim So Hyun just has this goddess beauty and aura and will definitely lead this generation of younger actresses when it comes to beauty and acting.
    In fact, she’s starting now. She was ranked #29 in the KBS 100 Most Beautiful Entertainers of ALL TIME, the youngest in the Top 30! She fits Korean beauty standards perfectly with her pale skin, small oval face with small jaw and chin, big bright eyes, high-bridged kinda sloped nose, plump lips, slim and well-proportioned figure and the innocent/wholesome image, but she still has uniqueness in her beauty to still appeal greatly on international fans.

    Also, just check out the comments about her beauty by Korean celebrities:

    “Kim So Hyun is so pretty. My heart flutters. How can anyone not like seeing such a pretty girl like her?”
    ~Yoo Seung Ho

    MC: You have seen/met many celebrities. Who do you think is the most beautiful one?
    Crayon Pop’s Manager Director: Yes, just only one. Actress Kim So Hyun. She is so beautiful, like an angel!

    Interviewer: If you have a loveline in the drama, who you want to be with?
    Song Jae Rim: Young actress who played young Bo Kyung (Kim So Hyun’s role in METS). I saw her in our last meeting, and she’s so beautiful!

    Interviewer: Who is your ideal type among the actresses (in METS)
    Jung Il Woo: At the party to celebrate the completion of the series, I saw child actress Kim So Hyun who played young Bo Kyung and I was surprised at her beauty. Since she has clear-cut features, she will grow up to be a beautiful lady.

    When asked about his ideal type, CNBlue’s Kang Minhyuk replied, “I find Kim So Hyun really pretty.”

    Badminton player Kang Min Hyuk was asked if he has a girlfriend. He answered: “None. May I say my ideal type? It’s actress Kim So Hyun. She’s so beautiful and I really like her innocent image.”

    “Kim So Hyun sunbae is really beautiful. My heart fluttered when I saw her. Her face is so small, like a fist.”
    ~Under 19 contestant

    Let’s not forget that Kwak Dong Yeon and NCT’s Lucas are also her fanboys, Lucas even attended her 2015 Hong Kong fanmeeting!

    Many mentioned Kim Yoo Jung here, but in my opinion, she’s more on the cute side than beautiful. Her face is not really classical Korean beauty, with her wide and flat face. I’m not insulting her tho, just saying she doesn’t really fits Korean beauty standards that much, so I won’t be surprised if she won’t be in lists like this. But I do think she has a unique face, so don’t come at me please!

    And as for the list, I do agree with everyone except Lee Na Young (she’s not that beautiful IN MY OPINION), Han Ji Min (pretty, but I don’t think at par with these ladies) and Han Ye Seul (I like her, but isn’t this list for natural beauties only?). I’m surprised that Han Hyo Joo isn’t here, she’s been considered one of the top beauties in Korea for a long time now..

  23. I’m surprised with han ye Seul, she seems a little weird. All are beauties but in a classic way. I prefer charismatic actresses perhaps because i’m french and our actresses aren’t ” beauties” . But they are a lot of very beautiful actresses in South Korea , i think that koreans always name the same actresses as we always do with Sophie Marceau ( + 50 years , no pc!). They are iconic like Chanel no 5.

  24. My favorites are han ga in and jun ji hyun. I can watch han ga in anything.haha. Her beauty hide her wooden acting for me. And kim tae hee also so pretty in motion. Don’t know how to describe it but fall in love with her beauty in Iris. Song hye kyo has the prettiest face but she is short.

  25. All these actresses look the same. They all have the innocent looks Korean people call goddess. None of them are Natural beauty so I don’t know why it’s call natural beauty?

    Of all Song Hye Kyo stand out the most.
    At least Han Ji Min has a different look among all.

    • Check your eyes (and I am serious), you have a problem. How can all of them look the same? You mean LNY looking like HGI looking like SHK? This must be the biggest joke here. Hahahahaha!!

      • LMFAO! You should check your eyes and double read my post again before commenting back. Like seriously! My saying is they all look the same because Korean actresses are meant to look natural, angelic, and super innocent with small face and big eyes. That’s all I see from them so no one is prettier than the others. It gets boring when everyone look the same, but funny how people be arguing about it.

  26. @luna kim yoo jung only made one drama with 25% ratings meanwhile your kim so hyun did like 2 dramas per year but never really hit big lmao If kyj is not a hallyu why is her cf reaching like 4mil – 6 million views especially her latest cf which is afk arena lol tale of nokdu have the same writer with litm and she thought it will hit big but lmao ksh doesn’t have the star power that yoo jung has so sorry lol I’m excited for her drama with jcw. They only announced that it will broadcast at sbs but both of them trended on naver :p yoo jung has the star power here

    • Lol. Keep on dreaming because her IG followers is onky 3million while KSH is 8million. LITM is only a domestic hit but never a Pan Asia hit. Having a high domestic rating will not automati cally make one a hallyu drama. That’s why it is hard for KYJ to be called a hallyu star because she is not widely recognizable as KSH whose leading roles in WAYS2015, LFG, LA and TTON make her a hallyu star.And another lol at KYJ star power because CWPFN hit an all-time low 1% rating.Hahahahahhaha.

    • Lol. Trending in Naver is not a sign of hallyu star power. Girl, Naver is limited only in Korea. The real hallyu star power is the announcement of LA S2 which trended in various international social media like FB, Twitter, YT, IG and aming others. Just accept the fact that KYJ is not as known as KSH overseas. It will nevertheless, hurt the career of your idol. Hers looks fine in my opinion.

      • Idk why but ksh fans are always like this on on this article. Y’all insecure always bringing up ksh to kyj articles why? y’all jealous because kyj is more successful?lol

      • @sasha just so you know this is not a KYJ article and the list is about beauty which both of them were not included. Most of the comments brought KSH because of the resemblance to some of them.
        And fyi, it was also a self proclaimed KYJ fan who brought KHY’s name from the last article. This is really getting ridiculous.

      • Lol. KYJ fans are the one who started it. I don’t what kind of jealousy they have against KSH because she is more popular and successful than KYJ. Lol. It’s not anymore the METS era. KSH can stand on her own and not the second moon anymore.

    • JUST IN! KSH will have her own Celeb Alarm.Celeb Alarm is an app from SAMSUNG. Users can set their own notification and alarm with their fave celeb’s voice. Samsung being a global brand, so choosing KSH is a right decision for because she is a REAL hallyu star.

      • that’s the REAL HALLYU STAR POWER – someone who can sell a product for a global brand due to her wide presence outside Korea.

    • @Angie. You change your name again. Don’t bother because we recognize you now. You are the one and only KYJ delulu who thinks she has star power and is prettier. Shame on you.

  27. Waow.. When people will understand they don’t have to critize one actress to make the one they love looking better? Both KSH and KJY are talented and beautiful. Who is the most famous is irrelevant and not important. Celebrity is fluctuating. You can have preference without disrespect the other one!

    I wish them a great career !

    • ask the KYJ fans for always starting this nonsense comparison and for always putting down the name of KSH just to make KYJ look superior in terms of everything!

      • I get the message but you do not get the connection of my comment on such message. Lol. Have your reading comprehension check, girl!

  28. i agree. Kim yoo jung fans are the worst fans ever. worst fandom.

    KSH rules the 90s actresses. she is the future queen of K drama.

    wake up kim yoo jung Fans. her last drama was a FlOP. and her drama with ki chang wook- well let us see until it airs.

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