Season 2 of Zombie K-drama Kingdom Arrives with 6-episodes and a Jeon Ji Hyun Cameo

Perfect for the weekend or for being cooped up at home either in self-quarantine or laziness, the Netflix K-drama Kingdom season 2 has dropped with all 6-episodes at once. Woo hoo, talk about a feast to chow on, lol. It stars the original cast of Joo Ji Hoon, Bae Doo Na, and Ryu Seung Ryong, who all made it alive in season 1 but isn’t so certain to keep on avoiding getting bitten or eaten in zombie infested Joseon. Love the cast and of course there’s also the touted cameo by top actress Jeon Ji Hyun in what is likely signaling her involvement in season 3. With so movies getting pushed back and a general aversion to going to the theater, what better time that Netflix dropping something as well produced as cinema at least for its first season.


Season 2 of Zombie K-drama Kingdom Arrives with 6-episodes and a Jeon Ji Hyun Cameo — 15 Comments

  1. Great season. Such a high quality film making. I wont gice up the SPOILER but jun ji hyun just had a glimpse but dhr looked like she is going to do lot of action scenes next seasons . Jun ji hyun bae donna ju ji hoon all in same show. Well another year wait. Sigh

  2. It was awesome and matched season 1 in terms of originality, great writing, acting and it literally had me yelling at my TV, laughing and crying. I like that they really kept us on the edge and it was a great binge. I can’t wait to see where they take this for season 3.

  3. FLOORED! I binge watched season 1 and 2 this weekend and live to tell just the best kdrama viewing this year. Hollered at JJH appearance. Story, script, characters this is what I love about this show there is never a dull moment. Bae Doona is brilliant so don’t know why knetz dislike her. K drama Gods have been working overtime fulfilling all my casting wishes. I haven’t had so much excitement watching Kingdom since Save Me 2017. Big congratulations to everyone involved in making this show a highlight of my k drama viewing life. What a epic score too have JJH. Now to practice patience and waiting for season 3. Love you Kingdom!

    • I agree, what a season! It was so gory (ok a bit too gory for me but this is zombie horror, I can get over it) but so suspenseful and well-written <3

      Also while Bae Doona is a brilliant actress, she never did a sageuk before Kingdom S1, I think the criticism of her acting was that her sageuk speech sounded too modern. I think that was just her trying to make it work with her natural voice which is quite deep, in Kingdom S2 she sounds much more natural when she speaks in sageuk tone so that's a clear improvement.

  4. I reaaly loved season 1…season 2 felt meh since all the villians gave up so easily!!!! Still excited for season 3 though

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  6. Haven’t seen it yet but I can’t wait. I’m making sure to have time to binge cuz who can watch just one episode at a time? LOL? Love the actors and story of season 1. KINGDOM you’re THE BEST! Thank you ?

  7. Episodes are shorter compared to season 1. But it’s more messier and more blood. I feel like The writer would like to expand the story further. Her decision about Prince Chang’s character at the end is plausible. He can continue protecting the nation without the weight of the throne.

    As per Jeon Ji Hyun:s character.. Her custome reminds me of those animal hunter from Princess Mononoke. She’s a Huntress I bet.. with supernatural ability. Huntress/Shaman.

    She’s hunting the same man that Chang and Seobi was looking for.

  8. The best kdrama of 2019 and 2020. I love beging of season 2 already. Very entertaining and well delivered. My wait is finally paying off. Love Joo Ji Hoon and Bae Doo Na and the cast.

  9. I just finished it…..WOW! But how can they leave us on a cliffhanger like that, they have to make a third season ?

    I feel like this season was even more up close with the blood but I loved all the revelations about the zombies. And the final scene, does that mean we get Jun Ji Hyun in S3?!!!! Is she the seller or is she a zombie hunter?!

    • Hunter i guess, she rocks action scenes and ofcourse she willl never accept a role if she doesnt have equal footing. Such an amazing cast/ bae donna and jjh in same frame. I wouldve never dreamt of it

  10. You know what,this is amazing!never failed about inch for making thrill,wow,it’s worth your time!
    Coming from season 1 and 2 both justice,satisfied,full of action.
    I suggest to all korean drama will become like this one?more action pleasee

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