Yoon Eun Hye Reminds Us of How Amazingly Beautiful She is with Post of Young Child Picture of Herself

The current state of K-actress Yoon Eun Hye‘s acting career really is one of the odder developments in K-ent. Her top Hallyu actress status was unchallenged and untouched from Goong to Coffee Prince and many other dramas that got plenty of ratings and buzz. But since 2013’s Marry Him if You Dare which was just terribly written and she did her best, her career has fully stagnated and she’s only had the small drama Fluttering Warning in 2018. I want so badly to see her resurgence with just one right role and right project. Her looks were so incredibly unique and beautiful and I’ve not seen a new actress even come close to her heyday. She recently posted a teen picture of herself likely before she debuted with Baby V.O.X and it’s no wonder she rocketed to stardom so quickly.


Yoon Eun Hye Reminds Us of How Amazingly Beautiful She is with Post of Young Child Picture of Herself — 59 Comments

  1. Really her downfall always shock me. She was good in coffee prince and had all cfs in world as well. But she had bad script choice. Same with lee da hae. It also shows the insane longevity of big 6 80s actresses to stay relevant even after all these years . Her plagiarism scandal didnt help her either. And new gen of idol actresses came out to replace her. I wish she gets a ome good comeback. I will always have soft spot for her bcoz of coffee Prince

    • I am hopeful that she will bounce back like SHK. Remember, SHK had also a series of flop projects but she bounce back through DOTS. So, it is not impossible that the same will happen also to YEH.

      • I think shk got her popularity back since the wind that blows with jo in sung. And that was before dots. And i remember how popular the drama and the osts were back then.

        Yeh needs a team that can handle her situation better. Should learn from shk and hajimin.

      • Series of FLop projectS? Please name several since you said series and use the plural form.!!!!

      • Song hye kyo never lost her endorsements or popularity though and she bounced back the winter wind blows

      • I am referring to all her movie projects. Correct me if I’m wrong, almost all of them did not fare well in the box office.And lol at using the plural form. Series can either be used as singular or plural depending on use.

      • What I mean Plural form, I meAns projectS that you use? Didn’t you see I capitalize S.
        SHK best known for her drama projects and its dramas that brought fame and popularity to her. It’s the same with YEH, people know her for CP. Bring movies to talk about is irrelevant. Because nobody knows her from movies.

    • Dramas is where the real money is in korea. Ecen jjh or son ye jin earns about 500 million won per movie and from drama they earn 3 times more. And shk dramas budget exceeds even movies so its not like she needs them. She gets bettee endorsement offers than movie actresses anyways. Her success is that when president visited china he took shk with him.

      • So shk success? u deny? U deny her impact? Cf is imp part of someone’s success. From lee young ae to jun ji hyun to shk everyone has known as A list actresses with huge CF power

  2. It’s not a secret that she’s still my no 1 not because she is the most beautiful in a classic way or the most talented actress but she has this unique aura, charisma that I have ever seen in K entertainment . The camera just loves her and her photoshoots were so creative … not boring. i’m really sad …

    • Yes, I hope she gets a good script in a drama. She was one of the reasons I started to like Korean drama. She has a unique face and acting, a standout actually in a sea of pretty faces in the entertainment industry.

  3. Though i have seen some kdramas before, it was Goong that made me continuously watch. YEH and JJH are my forever otp and she’s still one of my fave.

  4. YHE is my favourite Korean Actress. I watched all her movie series. I miss her much. Hoping that she will have a new project soon.

  5. She deserves to flop for her dishonesty and her weak apologies. Don’t understand why people still support her even though she didn’t genuinely repent. She only made weak explanations after public furor.

    Her mistakes are gains for 90s queens like Yoo Jung and Sae Ron, they are already on the move to take over YEH crown and others in her generation.

    • ….this is bs considering Park Shi Hoo is still being offered plum roles by KBS after an actual sexual assault scandal.

      All the MeToo men try to crawl back after less than two years, but YEH deserved to lose her career and be treated like a criminal over crediting of a design inspiration? PLEASE.

  6. She deserves to fail for her dishonesty and her weak apologies. Don’t understand why people still support her even though she didn’t genuinely repent. She only made weak explanations after public outcry

    Her mistakes are gains for young queens like YooJung and SaeRon, they are already on the move to take Yoon eun crown and others in her generation.

    • Since when does a clothing designer entitled to claim plagiarism? Jealous people destroyed her, not plagiarism claim? How can anyone claim being the original when that design was inspired from hundred years ago.

      • Yeah i will never understand it. There are high fashion dresses which are copied by every brand. And yoon eun hye is held at gun point. It was simple designer got jealous how she sold out eveything. This is same yoon eun hye whose eye was attacked by an hater. Poor woman

      • the way she handle the aftermath is one who knows she’s guilty. She could had said she was inspired by other works instead of taking all the credit in the beginning and flaunting it.

        That is really weak defense of her actions. When someone does something wrong, call them out for it instead of enabling them. It’s just like how we write our papers in school, we cite our sources.

      • Artists and actors are real people. Just like US. They are not gods. It just happened that they were with more guts to show off their talents and be in the “dogs-eat-dogs” world of showbusiness and entertainment. The eccentricities and boundaries of artists/actors as real people are not to be forgotten and/or taken aside.
        I still support Miss YOON EUN HYE because “I respect her as an ARTIST and because she is a good actress and because she is a good and kind person with flaws”.
        And YES! I LOVE HER.

      • Her work was still original. Having inspired from something does not the outcome is not original. Just like Gangnam style dance inspired from a horse ride but does not mean psy dance routine is not original. So that person who claimed her work was plagiarize should be ashamed of herself.

    • She explained and gave proof of other designers who she was inspired by…..

      Her team took their time to gather all the proof to explain thoroughly. Also, if what happened was so bad then why was she the only one condemned when she clearly was working with a full time designer? Never heard a peep about the designer she worked with getting any condemnation but just YEH.

    • So i suppose that you have to skip a lot of dramas @MoonlightYoo , the ones with actors that didn’t do their duty (Ms) thanks to fallacious excuses, the cheaters, the ones who “forget” to pay their taxes,who took drugs,etc…Nobody is perfect ! So nobody deserves a second chance ! And the plagiarism thing was such a joke ! All that the stylist do, was inspired from European great names. Are people boycotting Jeff Koontz, Balenciaga and his IKEA’s BAG,all the purses which are similar to the Birkin’s or Kelly’s . Not to mention Louboutin’s shoes..

      • Eh after thinking about it, I guess everyone is right, everyone deserves a second chance even though I still think she wasn’t really sorry for her actions. There’s prob missing details we all don’t know. So I guess I’ll give her a pass on this although reluctantly.

        But I still don’t get why she was willing to sign up on a project with park shi hoo during his scandal period. That’s still something I still can’t get over.

      • I can understand your opinion about PSHoo but she is a religious person who believes in redemption. I think that people sometimes deserve a second chance but as i’m not a perfect and a very kind person, i can’t forgive people who commit sexual or moral assault. I forgive a lot but not this.

    • You are so judgmental . Her plagiarism issue was not even brought in court, and yet you sound like she was convicted. I think it should have been fairer on her part if the complainant should have sued her in court because she could actually have defended herself through her lawyers. People like you makes this world a bitter place to live in, so full of negativity.

  7. you skip the reality of her plagiarism issue. it was very poorly handled. she did not apologized at the right time. sorry but it was totally her fault. although i was a fan since coffee prince i’m not anymore.

  8. Any news on After Love? That film was supposed to premiered 4-5 years ago. Why just sell it to Netflix? I miss her on my screen.

  9. Siempre es mi favorita, gracias a ella empezó la revolución delkpop en Latinoamérica, aún me acuerdo educando a la princesa, me he visto todas sus novelas y ahora me gustaría una novela suya porque para mí es una de las mejores actrices muy versátil en los papeles que toca, es mi favorita.

    • To @MariaLeslie , no hablo muy bien su idioma pero estoy contenta de leer un comentario estranjero. Soy francesa y intento escrever in inglès aqui , hace algunos anos y es muy dificil porque a veces las personas en este blog no entienden lo que quiero realmente decir. Me gusta mucho lo que has escrito . Buen dia de Francia ! Sylvie.

  10. She is my favorite actress.. I love watching korean drama because of her acting in CF.. till now there is no korean actress can compare her.. hope that she has a chance playing in the new project

  11. I can’t help but notice how much her looks have changed since Lie To Me. I love her in Goong and Lie To Me. So incredibly sad to see her face changed so considerably. It does not seem to age naturally. I prefer to see wrinkles and fine lines coz that add to your maturity and character. Tragic.

    • Wowwww, I completely agree. I thought it was only me seeing that her face has changed but I avoid to talk about that since it’s sensitive.
      All the celebrities do use Botox and other things to keep their youth but if using too much can be backfired.

      • I notice it too. She is only in her 30’s, why use Botox so early? Seeing her face in FW is very unnatural.

      • But her acting is still good I must add. Just sad to see her frozen face. I don’t mean to bash because I like her.

      • Very agree. Thank you all for not bashing me or misunderstanding me. A lot of commenters seem on edge nowadays. I love her as her acting and unique cute looks have brought so much joy and cheer to me in the early days. We have to respect her choice on how to maintain her looks.

    • My understanding is that she has a severe type of anemia and edema that affects the appearance of her face. I noticed the changes in her her drama, Fluttering Warning. She was someone who transitioned well from idol to professional actor. However, acting is a skill to be nurtured and she has not been active for a while (for whatever reason- health, etc.) I did wonder if she had offended some powerful people and had been blacklisted (this was before her plagiarism controversy) but maybe she was just focused on taking care of her health, which is perfectly understandable.

      • Thank you for explaining Faye. If it’s health reasons, I pray for her to be healed completely.

    • Hahaha can you sight an actress older than yeh who show their wrinkles on screen? Infact , yeh is one of the very few actresses who can show her bear face through her vlogs. The rest are all artificial, you know what I mean? You people has this damn if you, damn if you dont attitude. If you see wrinkles from an actress’ face you make a big deal out of it, if you don’t , you still are unhappy about it. What a cruel world!

  12. What a waste talent! You could have give her a chance. I love Yoon Eun Hye a lot since Coffee Prince yet. Miss her acting. Aside from Hye Kyo, she’s one of the best in Korea & so looking forward to see her act back soon.

    • Depends on who will invest on her because her rating was bad in FW. Maybe she does not even want to be onscreen anymore. I am not keeping my hopes too high. Just to be honest.

  13. The showbiz industry is cruel, once you have a scandal, the chance of bouncing back is slim. The industry treats male actors much nicer. They prefer idol casting nowadays, they never lack of young actresses. It’s sad, but it’s true. I hope YEH is happy and is someday given chance to return with a solid script and crew. Cheers!

  14. I adore her as an actress. I am watching Fix You now and she is excellent in her role. I think she is/was married to Kang Ji Hwan in 2011 and they have a daughter? together. I don’t know if they are still married. She is still adorable but I think she has had some difficult years. I wish her the best.

    • @Paula

      Yeh is still single. i dont know where did get the ridiculou info from? Kang ji hwan is in jail now or whatever so plse dont not link him with her, they are just drama co-star.

  15. I wish to see her date and get married. She’s such a sweet and lovely young lady. I’ve been waiting for her comeback… Didn’t know I have waited for 8 years. Seems like yesterday. All the best YEH! Please come back.❤️❤️❤️

  16. I wish i’m this good writer and I’ll write her the best drama no one will play the lead role but her. Take it or leave it.

  17. You are so judgmental . Her plagiarism issue was not even brought in court, and yet you sound like she was convicted. I think it should have been fairer on her part if the complainant should have sued her in court because she could actually have defended herself through her lawyers. People like you makes this world a bitter place to live in, so full of negativity.

  18. The so-called plagiarism is a non-issue caused by a pathetic designer who tried to capitalize on her fame. Pul-lease, there is nothing new under the sun- especially fashion. Let’s look at all of his designs and see how many ideas he “plagiarized” from previous fashion designs and not given others before him credit.

    It’s a shame that YEH will be boycotted because of such nonsense but such is the world Korean celebrity. To stay at the top you have to be the most cunning of the best. The worst thing about Korean society is that neighbors can’t bear to see each other succeed and so they plot for every little chance to drag each other down.

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