Suzy and Sunglasses for the April 2020 Edition of Grazia Magazine

K-actress Suzy dropped a truly forgettable performance in last year’s action drama Vagabond but one of the positives was her totally fly sunglasses. She’s a spokes model for Carin brand sunglasses for the last few years and either she just looks great in ANY sunglasses or the brand makes the best styles because every one she sported in Vagabond looked great. She’s in a new April 2020 pictorial for Grazia Magazine for the new line of Carin shades and none of these styles speak to me as much but she still looks great in the specs. I do wish her hair was better styled, it’s way too messy here and unnecessarily so.


Suzy and Sunglasses for the April 2020 Edition of Grazia Magazine — 152 Comments

  1. Oh god she looks terrible here. Those bunny teeth. And that third pose. Is she doing potty on old age potty thing lmao. Horrible poses by photgrapher here. Those facial expression is even worse. Horrible just terrible

    • It’s nice to see you talk bad about someones physical look but when people praise shk on the last post by comparing her beauty with Kim SoHyun, you get all defensive and upset and think they are negative comments. Double standards.

      Suzy is beautiful in this photos, you’re just jealous that her popularity is taking attention from shk. Suzy is not a good actress but yes her beauty is as good as shk.

      • lmaooo i am jealous of what? her more popular than shk? in what world? shk even after 2 decades topped govt polls, get international cf deals and even rejected them , was personally photographed by chanel’s legend karl and is choosy whenever to make a comeback. Lmaooo yeah sure if that makes u sleep at night! Because she can afford to. She is public figure and her looks played big role in her fame and success. If she sells a product by using her visuals, then she will be judged on it preacher! And again brought ur fave here for no reason.
        If her photos looks crap to me, i dont need ur permission to post it. U dont own this blog to order me around. Get over it fangirl

      • i didnt bring my faves in her post like u guys do, That was my point of those point. r we going to repeat same thing all over again after telling u 100 times? i didnt even bash ur faves look in that post but called out unnecessary bringing ur fave in her post like u did same in this post bringing shk n ksh for no reason to get at me? u think u did something amazing? wow u r so funny!lmaoo

      • Shkand ksh are both my faves, but you go too far with body shaming, “rabbit teeth?” I’m just calling you out for your hypocrisy. You get upset over “supposedly” neg comments on shk but you make “genuine” neg comments on other people, saying bad things of their physical features. That’s just wrong.

      • @Laura Ignore her. That user is the biggest hypocrite on this site. She says she’s unbiased and won’t hate on celebs without reason, but makes classless comments like these on Suzy and other popular female idols’ visuals and “personalities.” lmao. Embarrassing. Can’t believe she’s actually an adult lol.

      • Here comes woozie tard who hate on other actresses n actors, make transphobic comments to shame an actors visuals and noe claiming to be saint. Lol both u suit each other

      • I didnt make a whole thread about her beauty though which this person n her fellow fans did in shk post n this post. Difference !

      • Just remember this ..
        Their are paid to be Ambadassors to the brand they carry . Their pose , their hair the way it is styled the way they smile or dont smile is all commanded by the photographer . Not they themselves . And i think ladies with a bit of bugs bunny teeth is cute …dont yoy think so ?

    • Are tou idiot or what? i was talking about unnecessary bringing your fave ksh in shk post in shk topic like u did the same again in suzy post. She is celebrity who uses her looks to sell products. Thats is point being a model. I dont go on quoting everyone who find shk not good looking. what hypocrisy? i didnt bash ur fave looks. go n read that topic again. u called our nthng and u dont command me what should i post or not. get over it

      • Everyone post names of other actors and actresses all the time even when it’s not related to the topic but you are only upset with the name kimsohyun. For example, When people bring up kimyoojung and kimsaeron on the same sentence with shk, you don’t seem to mind. Bias. Stop fibbing to yourself.

      • It was after ur comment that person brought them and he didnt try to drah shk . I care about my faves and uunlike u girl i dont bring them in others topics to praise my fave. U started here bringing shk, then ur goddess, then well u can start it but it wont end with ur call. I am bias for my fave and i m not fake like u. U tried to drag shk then i wont spare ur fave either. Dont start if u cant take it

      • I didnt make whole thread about yeh though nor started praising her beauty non stop in other Actress thread. Thos person n her gang did in previous post n tried to drag my fave in this. I gave them their own dose. Difference

      • Do you even spend a day without checking out this site? Shed the negativity and hypocrisy, go out and get some fresh air and sunlight. I just cringe every single time I see your username in EVERY SUZY ARTICLE I come across, pestering her as always. Please just quit and accept the similarity between Lee Min Ho and Kris Jenner. If you’re a true fan you must learn to accept the naked truth about how he had his nose redone for the nth time, and how he relies so much on botox nowadays, therefore gaining the title “Kris Jenner of SK”. Again, go out and log off from this website! Get a lover or maybe find someone who’ll love you for that shitty personality of yours. Toodles 😉

      • Rofl how many id u need. Lee min ho still rules asia but who is woozie. She is a has been. And will be finished by the time she hit 30s. Calling him kriss jennee shows ur transphobia when woozie looks like a man herself
        And nope i dont need to find bf. Men should be on my level. I m not like u who will suck anyones dck lmaooo
        Woozie is full of plastic n lmh dumped her when he fcked her up enough n filled her with his swimmers lmao
        Woozie sucks and she is going ti be finished soon
        U can go n suck crona dcks idiot

      • He is known as hallyu king pan asia superstar whereas plastic woozie is known as someone who used to satisfy his dck lmaooo.

    • I don’t get why you’re hating on suzy so much. Though she’s not a very good actress, Imo, she’s extremely beautiful. Bunny teeth and all.

      • She has bunny teeth. My ex had those and i didnt like them! Why it concerns u? I dont like such teeth. Simple
        Extremely beautiful? Lmao. She isnt to me. Its called subjective opinion

  2. What are you talking about? Queen Song is prettier than Suzy and she is more popular. Suzy never has big hit like descendent of the sun or encounter. Suzy is mostly drama failures. Queen Song is also prettier than Sohyun, that’s why comparing her is like an offense. It’s like comparing a diamond to a imitation pearl.

    Out of Sohyun generation only princess Saeron and esp princess Yoojung can compare to Queen Song. They are her natural heir in beauty.

    • @moonlight seriously some people here r funny. Lol funny thing when shk has more cf deals, earns more per deal, tops govt polls over suzy and she is doing for 2 decades, get better dramas and she can bring ratings. where as suzie’s drama are failing again and again and is on way to be has been
      This user brings her fave unnecessary in every post and then cries when other starts bashing

      • @ ady, you are the one who is thin skin, everyone agrees in the last post. I’m just calling you out on your treatment of other actresses. You are acting unkind. You are acting the way you don’t want others to do to shk. You are acting jealous. I’m beginning to think that you are afraid of kimsohyun growing popularity. I know you are more bias towards kimyoojung base in your comments in the past, so you get irritated easily. Irritated to the point that positive comments become negative comments in your eyes with just the mention of kimsohyun name.

      • I have nthng to be jealous of when my faves are bigger stars lmao!
        Afraid of ksh? lmaooooooooo. U r setting up her unnecessary drags u know. If u wanna go there, by ksh age song hye kyo has autumn in my heart which is bigger than all projects of ksh! Btw i have praised ur goddess everywhere on this site but if u gonna bring her unnecessary to bring my fave down, then i am not going to take ur crap anymore. Oh please girl i atleast bash directly instead of ur sugarcoated fakeness
        lmaoo i m more bias towars kyj? Na. But her fans are atleast not ruining every post with her praise like u guys did in shk post.a

      • Once again. No one is talking bad or bringing down shk. It’s all in your head. Everyone agrees. So stop pitying yourself.

        Stop being a pretender. Who cares about your past positive comments. The present is what matters. Your reactions towards kimsohyun beauty comparison comments already showcase your true colors of how you feel about kimsohyun. No one who likes her will be triggered in that way.

      • @girl go n read ur comment that u said i m jealous of suzy taking attention from shk. No its not in my head it s what u said brought her unnecessarily and tried ur lame drag. I didnt bring ur fave first. if u act oversmart, u will get ur own dose of medicine.
        I am not a pretender and fakester like u. i say what i feel. if u speak crap about my fave like above u did i will do even worse. Ur holier than thou fake attitude is hilarious. Fool others who fall for ur crap . I am not here to gove any test to u and owe u nothing. Not whole world is going to sing praises for ur goddess beauty. just because u think whole world revolves around her. I am bored. Atleast be interesting. u r lame

      • Just some users agree with u, that means nothing to me. i speak for myself. i dont need validation of others. Its ur lack of on it lmaooo

      • Your comments speaks of who you are as a person.

        Speaking falsehoods about me. I like many actors and actresses, I have many faves, kimsohyun is not the only gravity in my planet.

        You will need to improve your English comprehension because in no way did I speak ill of shk. She’s also one of my faves. I’ve never said Suzy is more popular than shk. However I did say that you are jealous and prob think that her popularity is taking away attention from her.

      • @my reading skills are just fine. I can see through your hypocrisy and your sweet sugarcoated comments. I bash openly unlike people like u who r fake in real as well as online. I am what i am. On your face. U tried to drag shk and when i called you out. u can twist it all u want. Then u brought ur fave n started playing victim . Hilarious hypocrisy i must say! I am much better than u in person, because i m not fake. Neither online nor real. people like u r one who r like snakes and back biting ones. The breed which everyone should be worried about. U started the crap bringing my fave and then later play victim. Girl u r not that naive u r acting out to be. Anything new u have to add then repeating same bs over n over.

      • You are pretty loco. If multiple people agrees, maybe it’s time to pause and self-reflect. You’re just a selfish, bitter person who only thinks about themselves.

      • I don’t really understand where are your cynicism and skepticism comes from. You’re a really bitter person. I get it that life is tough but no need to lash out on other people.

      • @atleast i am not a 2 faced hypocritical btch like u lmaooooo. finally ur true self came out after hiding behind the mask. It is still better!!! snake than ur sugar coated fake act. I dont need self reflection lecture from some online fangirls who think her fave is end of the world!!!

      • @laura the 2 faced btch atleast i have a life. But being a 2 faced person like u, people must know what a big time snake u r…I will pray for ur miserable life!

      • @2 faced brch laura noone can take it away from me. Aww again back to ur fake sugar coated self. U r beyond hilarious. Snake

      • @ady Imagine being so triggered by Laura that you’re writing these long-ass essays that no one cares about. She’s discussing respectfully with you but here you are calling her a btch and whatnot. Grow up please and get some class.

      • @marie u r the obe to talk about vlass when u have abused me in past. She made personal comment first. If u start attacking me personally, i will give it back. There are no levels of abuse when it starts simple. U should be last person to preach .

    • KimyJung only fan, stop. Stop looking down on Kimsohyun beauty. She’s just as beautiful in her own way compared to the Kim sisters and shk

      • It’s my opinion. She’s not close to being as pretty as yoojung or saeron. yoojung is the prettiest in her class. She looks ordinary in comparison. That’s why it’s offensive to compare ordinary sohyun to extraordinary queen song.

      • KYJ is not pretty. Why is she in almost every post about pretty actresses while her name is even not mentioned in the article? Bitter KYJ fans must be too desperate.

      • Although I disagree with moonlight I also disagree with you too d..ick.

        Kimsohyun and kimyoojung are both pretty so everyone should stop comparing in such a negative way.

      • Just telling my opinion that my eyes tells me. No need to get bitter.

        SoHyun is not model worthy. She should keep her day job. Yoojung is model worthy. If she stops being an actress, she will still find a rich career in modeling and cfs. But Yoojung is great at doing both successfully.

      • I am not comparing and I am not saying anything about KSH. L..aura, what are you fretting about?

      • I’m saying in general that everyone should stop being negative with physical appearances.

        It is sad that it’s kimyoojung-only fans that are starting the comparison wars

      • Lol. @Moonlight for always stating in every post that KYJ is prettier than KSH. You deserve the RABID FAN AWARD. Hahahaha. Well, anyways, it is just YOUR OPINION, an opinion from an average human being, because for the Korean Entertainment Industry, KSH is more beautiful than KYJ. KSH at no.29 while KYJ is at no. 82. Not to mention that she is also more popular in Asia. Thanks to Pan Asia dramas like LA, LFG and WAYS2015.

    • @i am relaxed 2 faced btch. U should worry about urself! Funny how u change colors. U make marie look like saint lmao

  3. Gorgeous! Carin is my favorite of her advertisements.

    Anyways, Suzy getting everyone here pressed for no reason lmao. What a queen. She lives in your minds 27/7 rent-free.

    • It is posted in public blog. She doesnt lives in anyone’s mind. If a post icls created on her, people will comment. It is not her temple blind tard

    • It fits u completely. It is classic word for fan tards like u which surpassed the test of time. But like suzy the new words eill go out of limelight soon! Classless people like u deserve such responses only. Lol the act of holier than thou doesnt suit u marie the hypocrite

  4. @moonlight i agree with you. I’ll also find it offensive if ordinary yoojung will be compared to shk. But so far, I haven’t read any comparison.
    Also, it’s my opinion.

  5. Based on the foregoing comments, it goes to show that “ady” has a hard life. Almost everyone here do not agree with here. He/She is just full of hate, and that is pitiful. I wish you healing, friend.

    • @mr lim lmaoo if u think soo and sleep at night. Just bcoz i dont find ur woozie beautiful. Dont worry about my life. It is very nice. Keep ur fake concern to urself . I think those who comment on someines life has tragic life

      • Na mr lim it shows ur obsession with me. Must be tough like for u bejbg a virgin. Creeping on women here and wanting their attention not honna help ur cause. Yes i know u r deldu

      • I guess you are the one who is still virgin here because you became a regular commentor in this blog. Lol! That goes to show you don’t have the sex life. Well, that’s all. Bye!

      • Rofl darling, men r easy to seduce roflll bcoz u guys r creepy and have no morals. I dont have to lift finger if i want it but i m not easy n cheap like u. I have morals and i dont want std!I have free time to kill n this blog is filled with creeps like u. Bye now go n shake ur peanut watcjing videos of actresses creep

  6. @ thylane

    That ranking system has flaws. It’s just sohyun has been in more projects than yoojung so she is in the minds of more people. She’s more fresh in people minds. If yoojung was in more projects she will definitely be higher ranked. Yoojung takes her time and find good projects. She doesn’t need to rush and sign up for every project. Her current project convenience store will bring her wide attention once again and she will outrank sohyun.

    • @ Moonlight Yoo KYJ thriller horror movie The Eighth Night should premiere later this year. She is definitely choosing a range of genres so good on her. I’m happy with her career path and excited for the Convenience store drama too. The CF contracts also keep her busy I just hope she is keeping healthy and well during all of this.

      • Me too I wish her strong health during these times of uncertainty.

        Yessssss 2 projects to look forward to this year. Go Yoojung Go!

    • Lol. FYI, the beauty ranking released by KBS where KSH is listed includes a lot of actresses who had have hiatuses longer than KYJ. So, there is no reliability in your statement that if KYJ has a lot of projects than KSH, she will definitely ranked higher. Lol! Just accept the fact that KSH is viewed as more beautiful than KYJ in their motherlands.

      Lastly, I don’t think that Convenience Store drama will help KYJ outrank KSH. You can only dream that it will be a domestic hit but it will never reach the current international hit status of Love Alarm which will air its 2nd season this August 2020.

      • We shall see in June. It will be a big hit everywhere. It’s even airing in two channels, sbs foresee a big hit, so they wanted to air it as well.

        The differences are that those actresses has been around longer and were in major hit dramas/movies, so audience remember them longer. That’s why that excuse don’t work here.

        I watched sohyun in one project ruler. She was so meh that I decided not to watch any of her other works. Ruler was suppose to be sohyun love in the moonlight. But it was so bad. She don’t come close to Yoojung award-worthy performance in moonlight. That project cements her as leading actress of her generation and saeron is most likely second in line.

      • @Thylane stop it with your “KBS” delusion lmfao kim yoo jung is choosen as laneige korea’s model ambassador after song hye kyo, jun ji hyun and lee na young. Kim so hyun wasn’t choosen because she’s not a goddess level like song he kyo and jun ji hyun. Laneige is a too brand in south korea rn and even in singapore and india. So whatever you say you loose so stay pressed lol

      • Lol. Kim So Hyun is a model of Hanyul, also a top cosmetic brand which was modeled before by no. 1 Korean goddess Jun Ji Hyun. Keep delusional, my friend.

      • Lol. KBS ranking is not a delusion. Because it is real and voted by Korean entertainment experts themselves whereas, your idol can’t be found in any reliable ranking. Have your brain check, you look like suicidal coz you can’t face reality.

      • @Moonlight, you just admitted that your KYJ has no staying power in the business because the public tend to forget about her unlike SHK and JJH who can still make it relevant even in the midst of a hiatus. So, stop hating KSH because she is the bigger star now.Your hate just proves how popular KSH she is.

      • Experts? What make them experts? Even if they are experts, so what, that’s just a handful of people then. If all of Korea populace had the right to vote on this flawed poll, Yoojung will be rank way higher on the list.

        Almost every product that Yoojung promotes, it make great sales. She increased sales for fila each quarter by many folds, sky high. Her cf for the online game, increased many subscribers. She’s a sales queen. Period. I don’t often hear of sohyun products doing crazy well in sales.

      • Luna: that’s criteria of popularity is not infallible. That doesn’t make sense. One’s popularity does not reflect the number of those who dislike them. Where did you get this golden rule from? It’s not real. Just make-believe rules for certain fans to feel comforted.

        Yoojung is on the right track, they’re older, so they’re more stable. It’s common sense. She’s the next them. She already has a huge international hit and will have more in the future. Sohyun has only moderate hits. None of her dramas has high ratings domestically. And don’t use the ratings isn’t has high as it used to. Look at camellia bloom, romantic doctor 2, crashing, hyena, and many more doing well in fall 2019/early2020

      • Hahaha @Moonlight Yoo, stop your nonsense. The longer you defend your idol, the clearer we see your delusionality. Now, you resort to questionning the K-ent industry. Lol!

        KSH is a high sales queen, fyi. She was able to make big money brands like Samsung Securities, Peripera, Hanyul, Pocari Sweat, Soup and among others. You are not just aware because you tend to focus on KYJ.

      • @Moonlight Yoo, what KYJ’s “huge international hit” you are referring to? LITM? Lol. It only fared well domestically unlike its timeslot rival Scarlet Heart which broke online viewership records in Kdrama sites.

        KSH dramas are more well known internationally like WAYS2015, LFG, LA. That’s why when you look at their IG following, KSH is at 8million while KYJ is only 3million which proves that KSH is a bigger star than KYJ outside Korea. Not to mention, that international fans can distinguish KSH from another KSH, the male superstar.

      • I understand you not knowing and prolly doesn’t care about the sales of the products KSH endorsed, so for future reference…

        Soup just recorded a 100 b won in sales which is the first young casual brand in korea to ever record such sale. And hanyul ranks first in consumer beauty product awards.?

      • The K-industry is known to be bias, look at the music show fiasco and rigged voting event, and how certain famous stars get a slap in the wrist for their bad misdeeds.

        I have not heard of many articles crediting sohyun greatly for her contributions to sales of her products, but I hear it all the time for Yoojung.

        Love in the moonlight is so well beloved that around the world people praised bogummy and Yoojung. They got many cfs and awards for it. It got good ratings on other countries that broadcast the show. Who cares about online views, networks care more about views on television. Scarlet bombed heavily domestically although it was more promoted and had a bigger budget and more well known cast at the time. That’s just sad.

        IG following means squat. It could mean that maybe yoojung made her account late or wasn’t that active in Instagram for a period of time. Also she can have many fans who are way older that doesn’t use Instagram. Too many unknown factors lolz

      • I don’t know about soup, but if she did contribute to it’s success, well good for her, nothing to boast cause that’s just one product.

        Consumer beauty award? What has that got to do with sohyun? Did she make the product? Lolz

      • At least we show LEGIT factors of KSH’s superiority unlike you who can’t show any reliable basis but heavily depends on your own opinion. Lol! LITM is never an international bomb. If it is, PBG is the only one who catapulted from it.

        Also, we don’t care if you did not hear about KSH’sales influence to her endorsements because like you, we also did not hear any sales increase attributed to KYJ.

      • @Moonlight Yoo – Good going repping Kim Yoo Jung and it’s laughable that KYJ doesn’t make the top beauty lists in Korea as it kinda contradicts her beauty product CF’s endorsements. KYJ making the 2017 Forbes list at #10 and being the youngest at 17 years old is an accomplishment also. Her AKP Arena deal that secured 500,000 pre orders and it increased after that was a sign of her marketability and brand.

        So maybe KYF fans are short in numbers on this site in particular but it doesn’t discount the fact that the ones that do post in support of her don’t suffer from an inferiority complex and have insecurity to the point that we have to keep harping on about how she’s always the best in looks, work and everything else the sun resolves around because we don’t have to steep to that level of desperation as seen with the previous posts here. I do dream that KYJ does well in her movie and drama for 2020 but at least it’s not to the detriment and criticism of KSH like a whole of lot you guys do.

      • @gingercrunch

        We got to do what we got to do. We are basically the underdogs, that why I started being active in this blog as of recent. Yoojung has a stunning list of accomplishments but the others have to constantly downplay it and flaunt their bias. It has gotten frustrating and irritating. Alas what can we say, low actions, lower minds.

  7. All the comments about KSH ? yeah.. I’m happy whenever she’s around and doing what she likes most.. All good luck for her Love Alarm S2 and upcoming exams. My mad respect for her in managing her time between filming and studying.

    • All the hate she receives just proves how crazy popular she is. KYJ fans are delusional for always dragging KSH’s name and make it look that their idol is still superior one (a.k.a MTETS era). When in fact, KSH is the bigger star now.

      • That @moonlight earthling looks miserable because she can’t show any reliable source that KYJ is viewed by the K-ent as more beautiful than KSH.

  8. Does anyone know if Vagabond is going to season 2? Because if it is the scriptwriter and producers need to seriously rethink this. I spent 16 hours of my life hyped up for VB and it was all good until the last episode. Now it’s not like Kingdom where you are literally hanging out for season 2 because with VB I got a severe case of WTH was that? You have to be kidding? Come on!! Suzy and LSG are only as good as the script and I’m being kind because I’m finding fault with the producers for leaving us viewers hanging on a whim with that whack as so called cliffhanger if you can call it that. I like a good story and VB did have that but to an extent it looks like the story lining table writers were at odds with the producers and that’s where the problem arose.

    • Vagabond has to be one of the most disappointing experiences of my life. The ending was so bad that I prayed to drama gods to mind-wipe me.

      I don’t think there will be season 2. There should be but I doubt it. I wish I could reused all that time wasted and rewatch one of yoojung dramas instead lolz

      • Hey you are probably a crazy kim so hyun fan pretending to be a kim yoo jung fan to drag other celebrities using kim yoo jung’s name! Can you shut the fuck up and get a life?!

      • Lolz that is some crazy juice you must be drinking.

        You get out of my hair, I’ll get out of your hair. Why should I be ashamed of how much I love Yoojung? I’m sharing my opinions, so leave me alone. It doesn’t hurt you. Please sohyun would be one of the last people I’ll stan after watching her dead fish performance in ruler.

      • Nah! I have read some of her comments from other articles. She’s a true blue crazy fan who belongs to your fandom.

      • @ ma

        Expressing my opinions is being called crazy? I resent that. You obviously talk bad about others before, therefore are you crazy?

        I admit I can go a little overboard sometimes but its because I’m a big fan. I liked her since angry mom. Which loyal fan doesn’t want to express their love outwardly for their idol?

        If I want to make comparisons so what. It’s the real world. Competition is in everyday life. Resources are limited. Sohyun was taking too much resources when she was in the sane agency as Yoojung. I’m thankful they are no longer in sidus together. Sidus was so bias towards sohyun. She deserved better. It’s call karma when sohyun left sidus. But thankfully Yoojung was kind and decided to renew her contract even though they neglected her. Sidus better man up and take better care of her esp since she is so loyal to them.

      • I’m pretty sure Sidus will disregard KYJ again because they are heavenly promoting there current ‘it’ girl Kim Hye Yoon. They want to create another KSH because her departure made the agency irrelevant in the business especially that KSH is now banking on a high budget Netflix series, which is big money loss for the agency.

      • Ok let me rephrase. You were not comparing them, rather downright insulting/hating KSH. Tbh, arguing with you is getting ridiculous. I’ll get back when you produce reliable source/facts/ stats to back up.
        But unlike you, i’ll wish for KYJ’s success in her future projects. And for your own sanity, i hope Hyeyoon’s popularity will not surpass her. ✌?

    • I’m just seconding with @lol about your attitude here. If you have time to read again your comments(even if only in this thread), you are not comparing them, rather, you are dragging KSH down just to make YJ look superior. Without even a reliable source and just “your opinion”.

      We’ll i also have mine. Imo, it’s inevitable to compare the 3kims as they are the top 3(arguably) from their gen. Especially SH and YJ. But dragging one down and insulting their appearance is really unnecessary.

      And please don’t blame KSH just bec she used to be a SIDUS favorite. Aren’t you glad that there’s no more competition for YJ in that agency?

      I like YJ and SR as well, but whenever i see comments like yours and then some from your fandom always putting the blame on KSH fans makes me really smh. Pardon me, but i have to agree to those comments about yours being the worst fandom here.

      • That’s what comparison is. Omg. One is better than the other. So yes, I see yoojung as the superior of the two.

        Obviously I’m glad sohyun is gone from the agency. It’s a given how Yoojung was so mistreated. It also shows how unloyal sohyun is compared to Yoojung by switching agencies. It shows yoojung having a more forgiving and loving heart.

        Sohyun fandom are the worst because they can’t accept honest opinions or other opinions that don’t put their deity in a good light.

      • I think @Moonlight Yoo, your KYJ fandom because you always drag KSH name and can’t accept reality when faced with “RELIABLE SOURCE”. Your opinion is always respected but if it involves dragging and hating someone like KSH, it is a different story for us KSH fans.

      • … and I’m telling you your so-called reliable resources aren’t as reliable as you think and has a high margin of error.

        I don’t despise sohyun but I’m upset that she got preferential treatment over Yoojung when she doesn’t deserve it.

      • Say what you wanna say but my sources are reliable than yours, because it came from third party sources and not self-serving. Now, I am starting to doubt if KYJ’s influence in sales increase of her endorsements are relible because it came from you. Anyone can make stories especially you, who is a true rabid KYJ fan.

        On the other hand, LA is a big budgest drama, almost the same as Kingdom’s as based on reports by Netflix. That’s why they are renewing it for a second season because the big return they made from the popularity of 1st season – another proof of KSH’international popularity which KYJ fans can only dream of.

      • Your resources are just polls. And it’s known that polls can be severely misleading. So third party or not, it’s weak lolz

        Don’t believe me, oh Please, you can just google or look up korean economic news and read it yourself or find a korean friend to translate for you.

        I found no articles on love alarm budget. Ahem, it’s a fact, almost every Netflix show will have more than one season. Popular or not. I can’t think of a Netflix show out of the top of my head that doesn’t have more than one season. It’s rare. Rare I tell you. The love alarm team only advertise that season 2 will only happen based on popularity is just a mirage. Love alarm 2 would had happened no matter what. It’s just a good marketing to get people to watch the show.

    • Abe: they better not bench Yoojung. Anyways if sidus really cared about Hyeyoon, we would had heard of her signing up or considering leading a new drama by now. Instead they just found her a guest spot. She’s one of the worst actresses anyways. Yes even worse than sohyun. Directors/producers would had climbed and fight their way for her if they liked her performance in extraordinary you. It got some love by some free but overall it’s a mixed bag and also it got awful ratings domestically. They probably lost money.

      • Worse than So Hyun? Lol. That girl, is a legit hallyu star. She’s the top actress of her gen, closely followed by KYJ. Her income may be the highest in her gen because she is currently starring in a high budget Netflix drama. Not to mention that she has lot of drama offers from big Korean channels. She’s just being safe in her choices right now, unlike before that she don’t care about ratings because she’s more inclined in building her acting skills. And I guess, she did well in her choices in 2019. She has moderate hit for TTON and big hit for LA.

      • No way, yoojung is top of her generation. How can you watch love in the moonlight and not think so esp if you watch the hand me down, moonlite wannabe ruler drama? It’s your opinion but it’s awful.

        How would you even know sohyun income and that love alarm has a big budget compare to normal dramas? Fabricating facts now? That’s low.

      • KSH is undeniably the current top girl of her gen but KYJ has also her golden years* like as follows:

        MTETS Era: KYJ*
        WAYS2015 Era: KSH
        LITM Era: KYJ*
        LA Era (Current): KSH

        Everything changes, KYJ may be the next top girl in the next era.

        So, let us stop wasting our time arguing who is more superior because these two are friends in real life (i.e. they send food trucks and hang out with each other). Based on their interviews, they are not bothered anymore by these comparisons. They enjoy everything happening to their careers right now.

      • How is sohyun the current it girl of her generation? What criteria? Did the majority of the Korean population vote for her? What is this based on? What statistics? It’s just your opinion.

        Even if they are friends, so what? They’re rivals in the industry, friendly or not. We can’t make comparisons and have opposing opinions because they are friends? That’s bogus.

      • KSH’s 2019: TTON, LA
        KYJ’s 2019: CWPFN

        It is crystal clear, that KSH is in superiority right now – hence, no doubt she is the current top girl of her gen. KYJ may dethrone her if her drama with JCW will turn out successful domestically and internationally. But, it will be a hard year for KYJ, because KSH has LAS2 which will definitelybe another hit after the phenomenal success of LAS1

      • Sohyun having two dramas in one year doesn’t make her collectively better than Yoojung. It’s just your opinion. Yoojung has a hallyu hit, many big endorsements, and so forth. Her overall acting portfolio is way more impressive.

    • Hyeyoon popularity surpassing Yoojung? When fire freezes ice Lolz

      Her over-exaggerated acting is not going to get her much further unless she improves her craft.

  9. @ ginger

    I’m really disappointed. I really thought you would join me and be part of the peace patrol rather than adding to the fire. Moonlight Yoo is doing more than just repping kimyoojung. She’s part of the problem and exacerbated the conflicts. I’m really disappointed sister 🙁

    • I’m part of the problem? No way. I’m mopping up the mess. You Sohyun fans were always so vicious and boastful in the past, but I come here as bleach to clean up. It’s time to wobble the egoistic and prideful high chairs you all sit in. It’s to “cleaning now with passion.” I can’t help myself lolz

      • You need to invest in decency. I’ll start a crowd funding for you if you can’t afford it. I’ll also throw in a mirror and you can look and admire your arrogant reflection every single day. There’s more to life than to displease so many people. You’re not cleaning, you’re making the mess worse. You’re diluted bleach blended with many impurities and filth.

        Calm down.

      • I’m can’t afford your definition of decency and I’m sure no amount of crowd funding would be sufficient. So move on. Dirt always panic and mongers fear in front of bleach.

    • KYJ and KSH have no place in an Suzy article really. If you lower your standard soooo much to compare to a non-actress Suzy, one might as well quit the entertainment business. Suzy cannot act and she cannot pose. She poses like a dog pooping showing her big nostrils and ugly teeth. Good luck if your fav is in the same league as this flop.

    • Laura, It is best to ignore ginger crunch. She’s a hypocrite. She went crazy and accuse kim so hyun fans all the time of doing things and comparing and what not. But when her fellow kim yoo jung fans instigate things, she not only ignores it, she feeds it.
      She’s all like, “let’s stop comparing.” but does not do anything when her side does it. Hypocrite.

      Kim yoo jung fandom are toxic because they accuse others of doing things but they don’t care when they do it too.

  10. @ginger

    I know you’re a KYJ fan only, but Inferiority complex? Insecurity?
    Have you read moonlight’s comments?
    I think it’s quite ironic given that it was a KYJ fan who started it.
    Don’t come at me, I am a fan of these 3. I just couldn’t help to voice out my observation based from these comments.

  11. KYJ fans have indeed inferiority complex because they always seem to start nonsense comparison with KSH just to create a virtual validation is no. 1 in everything. Hahaha. Stay delusional peeps!

      • Sohyun is indeed second fiddle. She’s the one who try to imitate her in the past.

        Moonlight in the Cloud was a roaring success in 2016 and then guess what happened? In 2016, it was announced Sohyun would be a part of a youth, historical drama. And that failed miserably in 2017. Copycat to the capital C. But sorry, it didn’t work out. I guess imitation is a form of flattery.

      • Lol. It still managed to attract high ratings during its run and won many awards. In fact, it was bought by NHK channel in Japan which made it more successful than LITM.

        At the current state of things right now, KSH is obviously successful than KYJ. Just take a look at the performance of their dramas in the past year. It is crystal clear that KSH the superior one. Even in life, she is more successful. She is studying in a top university while maintaining a scandal-free acting career.

      • Don’t fabricate. It’s ratings were moderate at best. Secondly those awards are from its network. It’s filled with bias and most of the time, more than one actor win the same award. That’s just odd. Most real award shows don’t frequently award multiple people constantly. Network award shows tend to be more of prizes from the network or like a bonus rather than bonafide achievement awards like the oscars or golden globes. Korean network awards are rigged.

        I’m not sure how Sohyun is more successful than yoojung lolz It’s just your opinion and not facts. I don’t need to watch Sohyun dramas from last year to know that Yoojung is a better actress. Watching only ruler and some clips on YouTube from a few other dramas is more than enough for me to formulate my opinion. So what Sohyun goes to university or not. Yoojung wants to focus on her career more. She is already working hard. Going to university does not make her better than Yoojung. People can do just fine without going to college.

      • Lol. The fact that KSH can balance her studies in a top university and a successful acting career is one to be envied. She’s beauty, talent, “manners” and brains of her gen.

      • That sure is a low standard of achievement to boast. Many actors/actresses juggle both academics and acting jobs. So sorry, your sohyun isn’t special in that regards.

      • While you’re emphasizing too much about the copy cat of ruler to LIM which btw, i have never heard of… what about KSH’s Music core? And then KYJ doing the inkigiyo? Who’s the original copycat then?

        And the thing you should be cleaning up after is your argument. I told you I’m not going to reply until you produce facts, but it’s really ridiculous and nonsense I can’t decide if I’m going to laugh or get mad?

      • There is nothing lower than admiring an actress with 1% drama, unethical manners and currently, out of school youth. Well, I guess that’s already high standard for you.

      • You’re comparing music show hosting stints? That’s low. Hosting that’s nothing. That doesn’t bring much fame or attention. Reaching for straws. The ruler drama timing is too much of a coincidence.

        Her acting was amazing in cleaning with passion. So what if it got lower ratings towards the end. Also the show got postponed so often, so it affected the ratings due to sporting events and holidays.

        Out of school youth who already makes more money than you in a lifetime? Lolz

  12. Suzy looks pleasant with the sunglasses. Posing could have been improved. Looks like Ms Koala sure knows how to bait commenters to her blog by posting a Suzy article. 90% are here to argue about their faves which have nothing to do with Suzy. The other one percent about Suzy are mostly about cursing and hating on each other. Sigh, chill children, have a Kit kat. Must be cabin fever as a result of being cooped in self-isolation. Those who are not need a serious dose of Vitamin D to get happy.

    • Lol. Blame these Suzy and So Hyun haters for this mess. They freaking have an inferiority complex. By dragging Suzy and So Hyun down, just shows the above level success of these ladies than their bias.

      • My fave are queens of hallyu. Suzy has nothing on them so no poibt in any complex. Woozie career is sinking and her cf deals decreasing. She is on way to be has been delusional suzy fan

    • It’s fine if you watch from the sidelines but ahjumma please don’t taunt or belittle us as children. Opinions are meant to be debated.

      @ shin
      Sharing honest opinions is equal to having inferiority complex? Maybe certain actresses need to work a little bit more harder to catch—up to true success.

    • @Moonlight Yoo. I am an old nana from NZ with old school style of speech. I speak from a place of love and peace. My apologies if my choice of words Children has offended you. On hindsight maybe I should use the word people. I certainly do wish to belittle or taunt anyone. I respect your opinion. I am only sad to see healthy debate as defined by you has descended to calling people bch, snake, etc, using curses or swear words. If these debates are held in real life it would not have been accepted. I shall leave the comment section as I see I am not welcome here to say anything or not allowed to voice my opinion. Not here to belittle or taunt anyone. Bye, peace and love to all.

      • Sorry old nana here mistype – miss out the word not as in I certainly do “not” wish to belittle or taunt anyone.

      • Some people here do go a little overboard, so I understand your concerns. Don’t take what I said to heart.

        These sohyun fans are batty and irritating. They think they are better when they’re not.

  13. I m not a Suzy fan and nor do I like her but the first comment in this article was really mean , ridiculing about her physical looks and posture. As far as I have read that person’s previous comments in another post,that person is a Lee Minho fangirl .And given the past between Suzy and LMH, Suzy is getting so much hate by that fangirl ,not only here but in other posts as well.I have nothing against LMH ,infact I m neutral cause I don’t follow his work so don’t know much about him. But given that he is a famous star so was aware of his dating life through entertainment news. Fans need to separate their biases’ personal and professional lives and refrain from personal attacking.It is just so childish…

    • Rofl u can name me directly. She looks terrible. N i never found her good ecen before she dated lmh. Lmh personal life has nthng to do with anything she can warm his bed or suck him off. He is my fave actor n i dont give a damn if he fcks her or not. Get over it.
      She is bad actress and her pose was bad in article. If she cant act and if she looks botoxed i am going to say it. U dont own this site. She is model n models are like hangers who r judged cot their looks.

      • Seems like you have got quite some free time to voice ur thoughts over every not so pretty model and bad actress out there without having any personal grudge.And Suzy is one such actress against whom you don’t have anything personal,right?.
        (Suzy is just so bad,right?
        One can’t resist despising her!!
        lol!!Your comments are confirming my suspicions.
        Come on I don’t like Suzy’s acting and beacuse of her, couldn’t complete Gu family book although LSG is my fav.I have watched all dramas of LJS except WYWS .Suzy was the reason again.However my love for LSG overpowered my unlikeliness for her and finished up Vagabond.Although I m not fond of her acting,this doesn’t mean I will spew up hate against her whenever I get a chance.Criticising her work is different from throwing up dirt. Take some time to review ur words but I know I will get more hate in ur next comment.But I will just brush it off ..)
        That being said, I expect such remarks again from you then ,when a post featuring another bad actress is uploaded .Its ur hobby after all..
        However it is none of my business and I already said what I wanted. It is your time and you can do whatever you want plus I don’t own this blog.

      • Yup i dont have anythinf personal against her. But her botoxed face and acting is annoying. I know she was lmh’s ex. His choice is bad or good has nothing to do with me dont liking her as an actress
        I dont give hate commenys unless u attack me personally call me names. See if u keep things with respect i will give u reply with u respect. If u check above posts first attack wasnt by me
        See i can criticise whoever i wish. Why it affect anyone? People dragged it by bringing my faves. Well they ask for my comments lmao

  14. Err.. It’s getting scarier here..

    I’m sorry if my comment before this has offended anyone about KSH’s being a student and at the same time filming her dramas.

    Yes, for some people it is nothing to be proud of to be a university student and acting at the same time because lots of actor and actress do so. Emm.. Honestly, i feel so proud of her because at one moment, she has been criticized because she chose to be homeschooled. She don’t want to be a nuisance to other students because of her lack of attendance and participate in group/class due to the filming schedules. She work hard and study hard to be accepted to her university now, so I feel like a proud fan to see her never give up her passion and study. I’m sure other actor and actress feel the same when their bias accomplish something.

    Based on her previous interviews, if I’m not mistaken,she said every good and bad drama are valuable experience. No pain, no gain.

    She want to do this for a long time because she hope that through her acting, it will give the viewers comfort and happiness. For her, good ratings sure a bonus because it is mood booster to the all staffs and production but having a good working environment is important too.

    Some may see The Tale of Nokdu or Love Alarm just another cliche dramas but for me, who know about her slump phase during last 2-3 years, I’m happy knowing that both drama gave her confidence back and gave her more reasons to stay.

    I’m not asking everyone to keep praising her but enough as supporting her and other talented actor and actress to keep pursuing their dreams.

    I’m out. TQ

    • oops.. Sorry for my long ranting.

      Forgot to add that I’m enjoying Suzy acting, especially in Dream High and While You Were Sleeping.

      Can’t wait to see her third collaboration with Park Hye Ryun in StartUp/Sandbox!

    • 100% agree. They are all obsessed with ratings when So Hyun is inclined more with building her acting chops. Maybe, she’s a bit selective now because both of her past year’s drama really fared well domestically and internationally.

      Anyways, I wish more success not only to So Hyun but also to Yoo Jung. Yes, both of them because they are friends in reality.

  15. She’s pretty and charismatic . The photoshoot’s concept isn’t a creative one but it’s not her fault . She does what the brand wants.

  16. The comments are such a mess. Ms koala, I think of another way to get your blogs more traffic and attract more people: a post comparing KYJ and KSH success. I’m sure that post will be like flowers to honey ?.

  17. Btw koalas lol u said forgettable performance . Her all perfromances are forgettable. Not a single iconic role even after a decade. Terrible

    • Oh here you are again, the GREAT PRETENDER. I think it’s about time you reveal to us that you are actually the biggest Suzy fan ever. Imagine spending 24/7 on articles about her just to leave nasty comments when in reality you’re probably just butthurt she didn’t reply to your DMs. Please, it’s already 2020 get a life. You are so pitiful… you might need 100M won that Suzy is always capable of giving. Will you stop if she gives you money? 🙂

      • Rofl u think u slayed? U r so lame like ur fave. Jeez my dms? I dont follow celebs. Dont cifuse ur oathetic self with me tard
        I dont need her money. I own millions of worth real estate darling. I dint have to pimp myself to producers to get roles

  18. Ginger crunch and Moonlight Yoo and etc are hypocrites and toxic kim yoo jung fans. Esp ginger crunch. She calls out on kim so hyun fans all the time for comparing in other topic posts but never her own side. She looks the other way when kyj fans are being unreasonable and doing things that she accuses ksh fans of doing, shes a 2 face. Her true colors come out on this post. kim yoo jung will be incredibly please to have two such esteem fans… not.

  19. hey koala, I think given the contents of this comment section are 95 percent about the ’99er Kim girls (Yoojung/Sohyun), I think maybe posting about KSH/KYJ would be more effective clickbait than a slowly fading It-girl who remains a case of image over substance (nice girl but hasn’t shown any acting talent in a decade of acting jobs, I think we can basically give up hope of it ever happening now). You’ll certainly get more fan engagement that way!

    I’m personally looking forward to KYJ’s next movie and KSH in The Tale of Nokdu was one of my favourite performances of 2019, I think it’s exciting to see these girls become young women and start to come into their own as romantic leads/start to become more confident with romance roles.

    • Sorry but, who are those people you just mentioned? I only know Suzy, the rest are probably just unpopular actresses.

  20. Agree with Royal We. Suzy smells stale. But this is a very fun read. Suzy always brings out the best of others because she is soooo bad in acting and here in posing. Any actress will be better than her. What’s with her big nostrils and crouching pose…

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