Jung Hae In Does His Best Winter Sonata Male Lead Redux for K-drama A Piece of Your Mind

I felt such a sense of deja vu when I saw the latest character posters and previews for upcoming tvN drama A Piece of Your Mind and it brought me back two decades in one glance. Male lead Jung Hae In totally gives of Bae Yong Joon in Winter Sonata vibes just by the outfits and aura, the melancholy plus winter coats and scarves combos. Piece will have some late winter but mostly early spring setting and the story is totally different but I enjoyed the momentary flashback to that crack drama which started many a drama addiction. Leading lady Chae Soo Bin continues to look lovely and charming in her stills, plus current It Mom Jang Hye Jin has a role with her in Piece. Solid casting and a drama I’m looking forward to.

A Piece of Your Mind:


Jung Hae In Does His Best Winter Sonata Male Lead Redux for K-drama A Piece of Your Mind — 20 Comments

    • What an unnecessary comment.

      Jung Hae In will only continue to reach Jung Hae In status.

      @ parkyoojung

      I dont know if you’re a kimyoojung-only fan or a kimsohyun-only fan but stop. It’s not funny.

      • This guy already completed so many projects after WYWS but i haven’t seen a single one. One of the pros of this lockdown, i can now watch my pending kdramas. Thoughts on pretty noona?

        And i see one of the commenter change their name, i’m quite familiar with your style now. So you can use your old one?

      • Idk why people compare Jung Hae In to PBG, but Jung Hae In can act. He’s also better looking too.

        But I’m pretty sure this is troll bait.

    • im not a fan of Jung Hae In, but i just dont get it. why do you have to compare him with PBG? they are not even from the same age group. Jung hae already in his 30s while PBG is much younger than him.

      • @parkyoojung
        so are you saying that JHI and PBG entered the entertainment industry the same year? if they did, i would understand the comparison. if not, you should start comparing apples to apples.
        i just would like to know thats why im asking

      • Then kim soohyun’s not in the same generation with lee minho. Because ksh entered late in the industry. So lee minho in the same generation with gongyoo. Ok thats weird

    • @ parkyoojung

      I know you’re trying to impersonate me but your imitation skills has its flaws but nice try. You’re just trying to come after me for sharing honest opinions.

  1. I did not really care for JHI until I watched One Spring Night. It was a good drama and he was really very good in it. So I’m eager to watch this one too.

    I don’t think she meant to compare the two. I think the posters made her remember that drama. And I can see them doing that.

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