North Korean F4 Soldiers of Crash Landing on You Get their High Cut Magazine Spotlight

It’s not everyday that supporting role characters get their spotlight moment and this time it’s four at once. The young actors playing the North Korean soldier squad to male lead Hyun Bin in tvN drama Crash Landing on You were stars on their own. It needed all four characters together at once because the different personalities and rock solid friendship made their presence so memorable. Leader Yang Kyung Won with his gruff attitude, Yoo Soo Bin who loved Hallyu dramas of yore, Lee Sin Young as the reticent good looking one, and of course maknae Tang Joon Sang who was literally a kid plucked from a village into a world far more complicated than he was ready for. These four talented actors have their moment in High Cut Magazine and look dashing in each their own way.


North Korean F4 Soldiers of Crash Landing on You Get their High Cut Magazine Spotlight — 36 Comments

  1. Yess they deserve it. If leads were the faces of drama they were the backbone. They made drama more intersting. Glad to see them getting limelight. I hope they get good dramas!

  2. Yehey, am so happy for them. And yes they made the drama more fun and interesting. They put more color to our border crossed otp and overall storyline. Wishing them all the best with their future works. CLOY will not be as great as it was without these 4 member squad.

    P.S. hope manbook is getting his share as well.

  3. I love them so much. They are so fun to watch and it was them that make CLOY more enjoyable. I wish to see them more in the future.

  4. I miss the NK F4 so much. I must thank writer Park Ji Eun for creating such adorable and memorable supporting characters and not to mention these actors who essayed their characters to perfection.

  5. I wonder if I can buy this in Florida. I absolutely loved the movie. And the supporting characters had me laughing and crying. Just Amazing work all around. Thank you to the cast and crew for all of your hard work and giving us such a memorable film

  6. I ended to watch this drama for the supporting roles more than the leads. The team was super cute! They were so funny like the North Korea’s ajummas.

  7. Glad they are getting recognition for
    Their part in this delightful drama
    They were such fun to watch loved the
    Story and the parts they played
    BRAVO !!!!!!

  8. Now THAT was an A+ Kdrama. Everything I am watching since it ended can’t compare to it one iota. I miss all the characters terribly.

  9. I’m so glad for them. Their chemistry of friendship was such a dynamic force to see with this drama. Can’t wait to see them in future roles.

  10. The fantastic 4 were amazing and their different personalities and attitudes made their characters very interesting. They deserve to be acknowledged.
    Also 4 women in the village were remarkable as well. They did fantastic job I n acting and they were hilarious and amazing. They also deserve to be recognized. The 4 soldiers and 4 women made the drama more colorful and always look forward to see to the next episode because of those characters.

  11. Glad to see them getting recognized because they are really the stars of CLOY. They what kept me watching to they end.

  12. I had never watched any korean series. But having watched ClOY, I have stopped watching others series literally. The k-series is really good one. And the actors are a pleasure to watch. Moreso, the story, concept and the language is very nice. As said, these supporting artists gave life to the story. I am a big fan of Hyun Bin now. Hope to see more such series.

  13. CLOY is a casting coup including these 4 magnificent guys & the village women. They spiced up CLOY, a beautiful love story set forth against the backdrop of South-North Korea conflict. The other elements of action, comedy, military, etc. were skillfully woven into the story. Truly a winner!

  14. I’m so happy for them! They were really amazing on the drama and it’s true, they really deserve it! Keep the good work and thank you for this amazing drama;)

    • Lee Shin Young (the last picture), he already has his next project “How to bye a friend” that premieres on April 6.

  15. The way they all interacted with one another was so great.I have never watched a kdrama before and I have never been fond of movies with subtitles. This movie has made me rethink things a bit. It had a whole cast of individuals that worked so well together that enhanced each other’s roles. Needless to say I am now a huge fan and can’t wait to watch the next show. Bravo to everyone. Job well done.

  16. I never stopped laughing about the characters of these 4 guys. Whenever they saw things or anything that is new to them, the innocense reveal in their faces is so√≤√≤ cute….never get enough of their comic innocense

  17. I loved every moment of it drama; fun; style; beautiful view
    4 fun soldiers
    4 villagers woman’s
    What a fantastic combination, love to see them together

    Thank you thank you

  18. I loved every moment of it; drama; fun; style; beautiful view
    4 fun soldiers
    4 villagers woman’s
    What a fantastic combination, love to see them together

    Thank you thank you

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