Jung Hae In Considering Next K-drama the Netflix Original Series D.P Dog Day

K-actor Jung Hae In‘s currently airing drama A Piece of Your Mind isn’t an instant ratings winner but there are plenty of viewers enjoying the slower sweet pace. He’s already eyeing his next project and it’s likely to be the Netflix original series adaptation of the webtoon D.P Dog Day. He will play the male lead, a soldier with the job to track down army deserters which sounds really emotionally exhausting because honestly the mandatory military requirement in South Korea is quite a burden for all men to bear. It’s slated to be a 6-episodes limited run which is a Netflix sweet spot and will be directed by the PD of Hit and Run Squad.


Jung Hae In Considering Next K-drama the Netflix Original Series D.P Dog Day — 23 Comments

  1. He needs to do dramas which are not slow if he want ratings not just cf star. Netflix might be better move currently

    • I agree. Just look at the current fame being enjoyed by the stars of CLOY, Kingdom and Love Alarm. It just proves that Netflix is the biggest deal these days.

      • Yes like son ye jin who was a domestic superstar but never big like shk n jjh outside sk has avhieved new found popularity outaide korea

      • You are so right. Since K-entertainment is global nowadays, one’s level of popularity will depend on how popular you are outside SoKor’s borders. So, being domestically popular does not guarantee you are an A-tier celebrity. You really have to prove your star power overseas like LMH, KSH, SHK, JJH

      • @thy even bts got media coverage and become household names when they cracked west and america.

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      • @ imposter chi 9:14pm comment

        If you want to make comments, stop using my username.

        But yes you are using “bomb” improperly in your sentence so it makes people think you want the show to fail lolll

        *it is bomb/that’s bomb= this is one of the few times that bomb is used as something positive. Example: ice cream is bomb! (Means ice cream taste great)

        *it will bomb, it bombed, it is a bomb= These means negative. Example: the movie will bomb (means movie will fail).

        I used to make mistake on this word too.

  3. Why not another fast paced romcom with a super sweet ending. I do not want so much drama esp now that the world has so much stress coz of covid. We want a happy and light movie to make our hearts light. Jung Hae In. good move to be in Netflix.

  4. He is versatile from comedy,drama to action! He can make it whatever it takes..He is a good actor and a good friend a true person. Must watch his walkumentary in Viu also.Hope his next project in Netflix gives a high impact to all the viewers up there.Whatever movies and series he is in.I definetely support him! I believe in his talent.

    • @mary

      Versatility? where? when? his two drama plus his novie with KGE are almost the same. same genre. slow melo drama.
      and the rating of his current drama is bombing. 1%??? i thought he is an IT actor?

      • He is typecasted by the production for melodramas because of how he can put emotions into the story. However the downside of being typecasted is that people get bored seeing you in the same genre. But as a JHI fan, I think you are not supposed to question his versatility if you have only watched Something in the Rain, One Spring Night and A Piece of Your Mind and Tune in for Love. You have not probably watched Age of Blood, Blood, Start-up, While You Were Sleeping, Prison Playbook, were JHI showcased his ability in historical drama, action and comedy.

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