Jang Geun Seok’s Mother Who Ran his Agency Tree J Prosecuted for Massive Tax Evasion

This is the time to hopefully not get into any scandals and if scandals come then distance as much as possible. K-ent is reporting that K-actor Jang Geun Seok‘s mother has been indicted and will be prosecuted for tax evasion. The prosecutor is not asking for jail time but if convicted she’ll likely pay the owed taxes, interest and penalties, and in South Korea tax evaders also have to do community service. Call it public shaming if you will. She is accused of transferring over $1.5 million USD worth of cash from Jang Geun Seok’s agency Tree J from the Japanese bank accounts which collected his income from his myriad events and earnings in Japan where he is very popular. The money was transferred to tax haven off shore accounts. Jang Geun Seok’s current manager released a statement that Jang Geun Seok is not involved and had no awareness of what his mother, who served as the President of Tree J did, and he’s just as upset as everyone to learn of this. Jang Geun Seok has left the agency and will be forming a new solo agency with his manager.


Jang Geun Seok’s Mother Who Ran his Agency Tree J Prosecuted for Massive Tax Evasion — 20 Comments

  1. Rich people and their tax evasion, greed has no bounds. JGS mother deserves to be drag from every mud pit. Be happy with your current wealth, stop craving for more. Idiotsss

  2. JGS has left his own company Tree J? Wow, talking about separation from own mother. What a mess. What is he doing now btw?

  3. When will some parents stop ruining their children’s career with their actions. I’m glad he’s left the agency, she should pay what she owes and end this as quickly as possible

  4. His mother has the worst rep. A friend of mine worked on his fan meeting in Taiwan years ago. She took everything from the hotel room including the bath robes and the leather holder for cotton wool and swabs etc. In their words “cleaned the hotel room out”. This kind of greedy behavior is exactly why I am not shocked to see this news. Hoard hoard hoard. Horror! P.s – i dun think the son is all innocent either really. Do people really buy that hes in the dark of everything she does.

  5. I thought he is doing his military service as a civilian in the Police Admin Service..His dicharge is August as far as i know…Sounds like he is preparing for his comeback. Nice.

      • Jang Keun Suk was diagnozed as bipolar in 2011 and he was able to act and perform all those years with the support of his close relatives and friends. The sad thing here is he lost the trust in his family and needs to keep fighting alone.
        The mediacations he was taking was the reason of him looking puffy on some events and a perfectly slim face on the next day. But because his condition was kept private, it was hard to see how he was criticized for his appearence or possible PS.

      • His PS nose is very obvious but puffiness and fluctuating weight is probably related to medications. He is a very talented actor. He sings well although I don’t appreciate his style of music. I doubt if he was unaware of his mom’s tax evasion, he is the boss of company and he is very close to his mom (as only child). Agree with @ju that his mom probably takes the blame so he can move on.

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was unaware of his mother’s actions. His business is entertainment and that is where his focus is likely to be. Her business is finance, and it’s quite extraordinary how often you see this kind of nickel and diming either on a personal or a corporate level. He probably trusted his mother to manage his finances and to advise him when appropriate to do so. Sounds like she 7nilaterally took decidions

  7. yes, i don’t think he knows about it…he is too busy preparing and planning something new for his concerts.Besides, the amount is so petty. He donates so much more than that. How sad for our prince…his mom has let him down with her actions.

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