Gong Yoo in Talks for Netflix K-drama Ocean of Silence Opposite Bae Doo Na and Directed by Jung Woo Sung

Talk about award packed with the cast and crew. Gong Yoo is considering a return to the small screen with the Netflix produced prestige K-drama Ocean of Silence, which last week was announced starring Bae Doo Na and directed by K-actor turned director Jung Woo Sung. Ratings or not this drama is primed to be just good if not great with the cast signing on and the reins of Netflix and how the streaming channel picks the right series to bank roll. Ocean of Silence is a sci-fi drama about a future Earth devoid of water and sustenance and a group of soldiers who head to the Moon to pick up supplies from an abandoned research facility. It sounds bleak and tense but that’s what makes Netflix dramas so engrossing, bit sized bits of intensity.


Gong Yoo in Talks for Netflix K-drama Ocean of Silence Opposite Bae Doo Na and Directed by Jung Woo Sung — 14 Comments

  1. I’m so excited finally gong yoo’ll comeback with great actress like bae donna produced by jung woo sung directrd by choi hang yong.story is promising exciting but this new idea can be big hit or big misd in korea
    Of course I wish it’ll be big hit

  2. The cast is stellar, but does Netflix have only Bae Doo Na’s number. Why not give others a chance too. I mean sure she is wonderful, but we need new faces too.

    • Netflix is famous for repeating their core stars. Bae Doona and Song Kang are just the start they’ll do it for all their original stars. This is why its a big deal to become a part of the Netflix Family. They’re loyal to their own.

      • Problem is not every country shows the same Netflix content and often has a mix of different Foreign Drama especially in western countries like mine.

      • I think they are scared about experimenting with other actors. I like to stick with what works.

  3. I hope he won’t take it. Korean sci-fi space drama was never done before. And the sci-fi movie genre are about 10 so far. One I can think of is Okja.. that is with a great director. Unless it is a foreign set production, it might end off looking like Korean drama daily soapbox.

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