Sung Dong Il Joins jTBC Thriller Drama Sisyphus: The Myth with Jo Seung Woo and Park Shin Hye Which Starts Filming in May

Viewers better get used to working hard and likely never reaching the goal because the upcoming jTBC drama Sisyphus: The Myth is about to start rolling. The drama adds veteran actor Sung Dong Il to the cast of confirmed leads Jo Seung Woo and Park Shin Hye, which bodes well for the quality of acting from the male leads and female lead Park Shin Hye always does better when she leaves the Candy and useless flower pot type of female leads behind. Park Shin Hye and Sung Dong Il will start filming in May while Jo Seung Woo is still filming Secret Forest 2 and will join the Sisyphus cast when he’s done with that drama production. The drama will air in the second half of 2020 and comes from the PD of Legend of the Blue Sea and The Master’s Sun.


Sung Dong Il Joins jTBC Thriller Drama Sisyphus: The Myth with Jo Seung Woo and Park Shin Hye Which Starts Filming in May — 25 Comments

  1. Good for psh to do role with jo seung woo. One of best actors. He made me cry in the classic so much. She meeds to revamp her image and get her former heights during her peak from heirs to doctors era. She can do it. All the best

    • Yeah. I really loved Jo Seung Woo in The Classic and Love Phobia. He used to be one of Korea’s top movie actors. Almost of his movies are blockbusters.

  2. I just hope this won’t be another Memories of Alhambra for her…..she had no significance in that drama, it was Hyun Bin’s one man show, not that it is a bad thing but she knew it was a low risk project were she would have nothing to do and said yes. My issue with Park Shin Hye has always been the fact that she never takes any risk, never pushes herself……so we will have to wait and see if this turns out to be different. Because Jo Seung Woo and Sung Dong Il can alone headline and carry this drama with no problem so if this turns out to be another project she signed just to show her face on tv without putting in any effort, It would be travesty.

  3. I’m confused with Ms. Koala’s opening line regarding viewers better get used to working hard without likely reaching the goal. What’s that all about?

    • Hehehe…….she is saying that drama verse is getting packed with one good project after another so we viewers will be binging all of them and hence lagging behind in our targets…its a joke.

    • Sisyphus in Greek myth was punished to the eternal torment of rolling a rock up a hill and never being able to crest, it would always roll back down. So Sisyphean task means working hard and never reaching a goal

      • Thanks, really appreciate the explanation. Though the title now seems to be depressing.

  4. This feels like MOA 2.0 maybe worse because nobody casts SDI and JSW and not have them hard carry the plot and outshine everybody. At best PSH will have some important scenes in the beginning but I don’t see her being anything more than a supporting cast by mid way point. I actually think its better if female actresses act with lesser known male actors because then they have no choice but to be the main star of the drama just like SSK did and she shined in that role.

    • @onlyask…I wanted to ask the same thing. People were complaining she only does candy roles and never seems branch out. Now,girl has decided to do something different outside her zone,they’re still complaining. The same people said she always acts with popular young actors,now she decided to act with a veteran so that she could learn a thing or two,they’re still saying she will be overshadow by their acting. What do you guys want her to do. Cut her some slack people. We should be happy she’s doing something outside her territory for the first time.

      • We were all excited about MOA…….but we all know what we got in MOA, she had was not a candy but an arm-candy role that had zero significance and a forced out of the blue love line with Hyun Bin. All her recent roles in TV are that way….she does push herself in movies but not in dramas which is a shame to be honest.

      • exactly my thoughts.thank you.
        Anyway, i support her in this choice of role. All the best to her.

      • I know right! Nothing she does seems to please people. But she is still doing well and that’s great. Coz it just shows there are too many out there who love her and few of those who dont , find the time to vent their frustrations over her success. Glad she gets offered these kind of role… you go girl!

    • I agree with you she seems to be relying on her male leads for ratings instead of branching out to lead a drama on her own merits or stepping out of her comfort zone.

      • Seriously relying on her male lead ??? Why are you saying that rubbish she is known for long time ago she is successful and her dramas are successful she had doctors top the rating and don’t tell me because KRW alone ..
        How she can take a strong script unless she doesn’t have a strong company nor playing media that promotes her that is the actual or real world how the things works of course let us attacks her but actually the script being sold for the company who pays more

  5. What sins Park Shin Hye had in the past, that people always talked abour her like she is the worst and insignificant? smh.

    • Lolz, not only PSH, they talk bad and bash KYJ, SHK, KGE, Suzy,etc…
      not long ago, people were calling out those cyberbullie, crying, moaning the death of two young idols and now they are back to their own self, finding different targets to attack, like the lion hiding in the darkness hunting its preys.
      People don’t learn from their mistakes, they just repeat itself.

  6. I’m so excited about this drama … Park Shin Hye my love I can’t wait to watch this series for you …… thank you for always delivering on your projects …. fighting

  7. The synopsis is out on Twitter and it’s almost identical to the currently airing MBC drama 365 days except they get the opportunity to go back 10 years in time so does this mean PSH will play a high school student again? Sigh.

    • Seriously the synopsis doesn’t tell about the characters description and you make wrong speculations of course she is park shin hye let us attack..!

  8. Prove me wrong, but who was cast first in MOA? Just curious, I thought it was PSH? It’s her name being banded first in a couple of projects…..sure you can google a few.

  9. The Queen is back! Welcome back to the drama world ! Looking forward to Park Shin Hye’s new drama. Bringing “sasson” to the bland drama viewers. Fighting Shin Hye! You the best! ?????❤️

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