K-actor Yang Se Jong to Enlist in the Military Next Month May 2020

I really make an effort to post enlistment news because it’s always weird if casual drama viewers suddenly don’t hear about an actor and it’s because that guy has gone off for two years for mandatory military service. It’s Yang Se Jong‘s time next month, he’s enlisting in the army on May 12th so godspeed and be safe young man. I was sooooo annoyed by him and his character in Temperature of Love, sorry total second male lead shipper here and unapologetic about it, but loved him to pieces in Still 17 (Thirty But Seventeen). I know there are recently slice of life healing themed dramas but Still 17 is that genre of a drama that worked so beautifully almost musically for me. He got the lead in sageuk My Country and despite the head full of glorious period hair the drama didn’t soar in ratings or recognition so he’s not leaving on a confirmed high note. Nevertheless three male lead roles under his belt is solid work product and hopefully he comes back in 2022 to a smart pick as his first return project.


K-actor Yang Se Jong to Enlist in the Military Next Month May 2020 — 10 Comments

  1. I think women should serve as well. Not in combat but atleast public. Men lose 2 years and some never recover .

    • Women mostly have to quit from work when they get married and have children. They have less chance to get back to work after that compare to men after mandatory military service. So it is not like who will get advantage and who will not from the programme.

    • I think women are also allowed to join military in SK but is not a compulsion. And I agree with @pohonpee that many actresses’ careers get affected when they get married.

  2. I agree with Koala… Still 17 is one of a gem. I loved his character a lot and his voice is so good. Hope he has a successful career post military.

  3. Omg. I totally agree on Thirty but seventeen. It was my first time watching him. And I loved the drama. You aree right it was so healing. I learnt quite a few life lessons. The whole ragtag family was so cute. And damn, that house ?

  4. Waaaa. I really love him and I can’t believe his going to enlist already. I’m gonna miss him so much. I loved his roles in Duel and Dr. Romantic as well. I hope he lands another good role as soon as he came back. Saranghae ❤

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