Yook Sung Jae Confirmed to Enlist for Military Service in May 2020

Is it enlistment time because this is the second young actor confirming a May 2020 appointment with the South Korean armed forces. Yook Sung Jae is joining the army on May 11, taking a break from his triple entertainment career advancement in acting, singing, and variety shows. He looks to be walking in Lee Seung Gi‘s footsteps and the two are close after doing Master of the House (All the Butlers) together. Yook Sung Jae impressed me the most in his first major drama role as the second male lead in Who Are You: School 2015 and since then I haven’t seen him really tap into a more visceral potential with his acting development. He had a nicely carved out supporting role in Goblin and will be on the small screen in late May after his enlistment with the pre-produced jTBC comedy drama Mystic Pop-up Bar costarring Hwang Jung Eum. That’s a nice way to head to the army and help assuage some fans missing him.


Yook Sung Jae Confirmed to Enlist for Military Service in May 2020 — 17 Comments

    • Same ?

      I’m so excited to watch Mystic Pop-Up Bar!

      I think this is a good time for many make entertainers, esp pop singers to go enlist themselves because world concert tours are going to take some time to get going again.

      • He’s one of the idols who are extremely good at acting. He may be the LSG of his gen if he continues taking acting projects.

      • @joane
        She’s over the top in certain roles but she still has this uncanny ability to make you care about her characters. —it would had been better if she toned it down but I think she’s a good actress overall.

        She’s more calm and collected and great in Secret(this one shows her flair for melodrama) & Kill Me Heal Me.
        *the dramas where I seen of hers that I think she’s over the top is lucky romance and she was pretty. It gets on your nerves but once/if you get used to it, it’s fine.

      • I start liking PSJ that’s why I decided to watch “kill me, heal me” and “she was pretty”. Oh man, I can try to tolerate her acting in KMHM, but she totally gets on my nerve in She was pretty. Her character is already annoying but her acting makes her character ten fold annoying, crazy and I start develop abhor feeling to the point I want to curse real bad each time she was on screen. I press fast forward button if she is alone on the scene. If it’s not because of my love for PSJ I would have drop that show on episode 1.
        her over the top acting style does not fit me, if you can watch her and like her, good for for you.

      • @ta
        I perfectly understanding your sentiments lol

        I think I was fortunate to be introduced to her in a heavy melo project first, ‘Secret’ and then I followed it with Kill Me Heal Me, so I was able to adapt to her slightly over the top acting in certain scenes. Then I followed it with She Was Pretty and I was astonished that she was the same actress from Secret. It’s a complete 180 in character and acting style. Although she was pretty annoying, I was very forgiving because I knew this is not her normal acting style and I figured maybe the director (mostly comedy shows) wanted her to go all out and wacky like an anime character LOL It was my goodwill for her in Secret and still being touched by her character story that helped me miraculously finish the show without going mental hahaha

        Watching the teaser from her upcoming drama, it looks like she toned it down drastically, so I hope it’s the case because I think she’s talented overall haha

    • Well, imo, it is just proper that YSJ entered MS coz he kind of lose his hype after School 2015 and Goblin. The “it” idol-actor of the moment is CEW.

      • Bts v is making connections with mobie producers etc the day he and jin starts doing acting they will dominate like eunwoo
        Eunwoo needs to sign one big drama to make big breakthrough

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