HK-superstar Gillian Chung Divorces TW Doctor Husband Michael Lai After 14 Months of Marriage

I wouldn’t chalk this up to COVID-19 cohabitation friction related split, more like it was bound to happen due to rash and immature getting together in the first place. HK singer Gillian Chung and her Taiwanese doctor husband Michael Lai confirmed their divorce this week, after 14-months of marriage though they did hold a wedding ceremony 6 months prior to registering so more like nearly 2 years together. The couple tied the knot after knowing each other 2 months and Michael was coming off a divorce to his first wife Ivy Chao also known as Flight Attendant Ariel Lin for her resemblance to the actress. The reason for the divorce is he said/her friends say as he posted a long sob story SNS essay about how he Gillian never loved him and got cold feet even before they got married and he tried so hard to make their marriage work, while her friends say that he was lazy and didn’t work hard and went out drinking and clubbing with Instagram models during the marriage. I dunno, my douchebag radar is going off on this one, and honestly these two need to just chalk this up to “move on”.


HK-superstar Gillian Chung Divorces TW Doctor Husband Michael Lai After 14 Months of Marriage — 9 Comments

  1. Never thought they would last in the first place. The Twins girls aren’t having any luck in the romance department.

  2. That TW guy wanted her for publicity for his clinic business and she needed to park based on her older age. Too bad. They were never meant to be…. I thought the other Twins girl is with a chaebol, isn’t she?

  3. “These two need to chalk this up to move on”.

    Gillian has already moved on. She chose to stay quiet on this matter. Michael is the one going off with his instagram post and comments blaming Gillian LOL. Weird enough a lot of people are blaming Gillian as well due to that post.

    • She choose to stay quiet not because she has moved on, she needs to save her image. Her company is trying to shut Michael up but yet her friends are going to the media making accusations against him. Gillian suck his bank dry and now she’s leaving him.

  4. Gillian strikes me as pretty immature.

    With that Tyler (Korean) dude too.

    It was kinda bound to happen sooner or later, despite how high profile the weddings (she had 2? 3?) were

    • Tyler is Jessica’s boyfriend, right?

      I thought, gillian should marry the man who saved her when her scandal with edison blowed up years ago. But she seemed like she loved edison very much back then. But now, edison seems happy with his family.

      • Ex boyfriend. I think Jessica and Tyler Kwon broke up too?

        He was the one after Edison. And because he was Korean, and some media mogul – Gillian seemed to want to get married. Like she seemed almost desperate to get married, for the sake of getting married.

        He was Korean ABC. I think Gillian was awed. She even tried learning Korean and flying to Korea a few times.

        It was pretty short-lived with Tyler Kwon. They dated for less than a year before he moved onto Jessica.

        This dentist dude must seem pretty ‘ordinary’ after the whirlwind romance and Korean world of Tyler Kwon. If anything … I get the impression Gillian’s easily impressed and immature.

      • I read the TW guy is an OB-GYN, not dentist. Easily impressed is probably correct. Immature at 40 will cost her hope of being united.

  5. Yes sorry, doctor not dentist. Cosmetic-Gynae to be precise.

    Gillian is supposedly super high-maintenance. Then again this dude’s being super Drama King post-break up. He cldn’t have not known what ride he was in for

    The guy who took care of her was Juno Mak (a chaebol son) – he housed her when she was reeling the year after from the Edison scandal.

    What she needs is a sugar daddy. Because if she goes on thus + baggage of that Edison scandal with her – post 40 that’s all the choices. To be some chaebol-tycoon mistress. Even then a whole bevy of willing 20-somethings in HK and Taiwan might be that chaebol- tycoon’s first choices as mistress, vs Gillian

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