After The World of the Married Kim Hee Ae Expected to Vault to Join Top Two Highest Paid Actress Jeon Ji Hyun and Lee Young Ae Level of 100 Million Won for Drama Fees

The top two highest paid actresses in K-drama land has been the same for ten years – Jeon Ji Hyun and Lee Young Ae get 100 million won per episode (around $83,000 USD). Below them but with a significant gap is Ha Ji Won, Choi Ji Woo, Kim Hee Ae, and Song Hye Kyo at 75 million won. K-ent is reporting that Kim Hee Ae’s unprecedented success with cable drama The World of the Married is expected to vault her to join Jeon Ji Hyun (38) and Lee Young Ae (49), and would also make her the oldest actress (54 years old) and continuing to grow her acclaim and clout. There are now three queens of K-drama land and all classic beloved beauties with over two decades of experience each.


After The World of the Married Kim Hee Ae Expected to Vault to Join Top Two Highest Paid Actress Jeon Ji Hyun and Lee Young Ae Level of 100 Million Won for Drama Fees — 38 Comments

    • @nad
      Ah that’s disappointing that’s there’s a pay difference between men and women in the entertainment industry in South Korea 🙁 I shouldn’t be surprised, it’s ubiquitous :/

      • Yes. There are actors who get over 100 mil per episode and they aren’t even on the level of LBH. Lol

      • I wonder how much KSY gets for his new drama since he was the numero uno since 5 years ago and Hyunbin came 2nd. If LJS and LSG can get 120, how much they got paid???? But the eonnideul only got 100mil? Ckckck.. but JJH is a big name, comparing to LJS. No?

      • With multiple hits under their belt, those S-tier actresses deserve to be paid higher than some actors.

        I’m not sure how much KSH gets paid per episode but there were reports claiming that LBH received 150 mil won for Mr. Sunshine, so perhaps KSH gets less than that amount?

      • KSH receives 200 million per episode, currently the highest among actors. It was in the news a while ago and Koala also reported on this.

      • Well if that’s case, shouldn’t SHK receive more compared to LJS, LSG etc.? Almost all of her dramas did extremely well rating-wise and she’s also extremely popular.

  1. Sad to see how underpaid actresses are. But glad to see Kim Hee-ae on top of the game! She was amazing in The World of the Married. Her drama is the highest-rated drama in cable TV history and I’ve never seen an actress on a drama receiving such universal acclaim since Go Hyun-jung as Mi-shil in Queen Seondeok. She’s most likely going to sweep all the Best Actress awards this year like Go Hyun-jung did in 2009/2010.

    • It’s sad how underpaid Korean actors and actresses are in general. In America, it’s not uncommon for big stars to get $1 million USD per episode.

      • Over million dollar pay check make then among rich in korea. U r feeling sad for millionaires? And add cfs, they all earn multi millions. Not everyone needs to earn beyonce level earnings to be rich. Jjh shot over 50 cfs in 2014 and highest endrosement rate in korea around 1 to 1.5 million usd per cf. She also owns nearly 100 million usd worth real estatae. A few years back in 2015 korean income tax report stated 152 actors were in top 1% with average yearly income of 2 million usd. It is more than amszing lol

      • And remember that money needs to be their for the times they dont work which is often..50 tax and and large agent commission often not a lot left over to see them through.

  2. Yeah !!!! Kim Hee Ae Unni truly deserves it ! Her acting is stellar. She has become my favorite actress since TWOTM.

    • LMH never disclosed real figure of his salary but I am sure he is no. 1 or no. 2 highest paid in KDrama history.

      • Why lee young ae reign as queen…other than dae jang geum…her dramas mostly are not having higher ratings…the other two i understand

      • Highest paid. His distribution strength is the justification of his salary. His past productions are very strong on global distribution pickup.

    • Lmh is the highest paid ? But I read in an artcle it was still kim soo hyun the highest paid actor is ??

      • Nope its not. Kim soo hyun got 2억5 which is around USD200k an ep. But Lee Minho who never did disclose how much he got paid for the king was known internally to have been paid close to 300k USD per ep for the King due to it being a 30mil investment by Netflix. Anyway believe what you want. Its fine . The problem is Kim Soo Hyuns company mediaplayed his salary which I am not sure its such a good idea as – if the ratings tank… he’s pretty much gonna get the same hate LMH is facing right now. In a way the non disclosure on LMH part on his remuneration is clever cos I can imagine more hate knetz will throw his way for it.

      • @lydia bcuz of this i searched and found that lee minho is on number 5. Number 1 is kim soo hyun, 2nd hyunbin, 3rd jo in sung, 4th so ji sub. And 5th lee minho.. based on trendrr dot net.

        And based on popularity, ksh is more popular in korea. All his dramas with him as main lead got the highest rating, not to mention he got Daesang.

        Did LMH get daesang already?

        I dunno if daesang could help rising actor’s salary, but yeah, many factors.

        Even ksh’s cameo got buzz in korea. So, did his company really need to media played everything when his only failed was his last movie before enlistment. But before that, all his movies and dramas were very popular on korea.

        And hyunbin and jo insung are also freaking popular. Not to mention that both of them are successful in small and big screen..

        But i dunno. It’s not like they’re gonna share their money with me, lols

      • @Yui, everything reported by news outlet is media play, including this report about Kim Hee Ae’s drama fee. Lydia is an industry insider cos she even knows things that was NEVER DISCLOSED, lol.

      • Regardless of how much an actor makes, it is his money not mine. I am only interested in the entertainment served in front of me. KSH, HB, SJS are much higher on my list than a bland faced king. JIS has not been in dramas for quite a long time, hope he can return. And for the actresses, all are good (except Suzy).

      • Ksh is mediaplay king for ages. When he had less cfs than lmh he said he got most but it was lmh wjo shot 80 cfs in 2014. And lmh get huge distribution from overseas sales which is very well known. Lmh salary is suck in 2012 acc to those articles lmao

    • Lmh never disclosed his salary and his last salary was published 8 years back. Noway lee jong sum gets paid more and lmh is known to get from foreign distribution sales as well. You wont see him mediplaying his income like suzy who claims she is paid more than son ye jin and kim hye su song hye kyo???
      Lmh never reveals his cf income when he shot whooping 80 cfs in 2014 and by the way he runs his own agency with his sister. Which means his income is goinv to his account big time. He also donated most for crona among korean celebs

    • Yeah , she’s always no 1 salary for years and if her new drama with joo ji hoon have a high rating her salary will totally increase

    • Accc to those list. Son ye jin and kim hye su doesnt even rank! Do you believe those mediaplay queen suzy’s articles lol? She will never get paid more than these as well as shk . She got great pr

  3. Lee yojng ae gets this salary bco she sold out her drama overseas bco she is all time hallyu queen. She still get offers but she is married to billionaire, she is also face of biggest korean cosmetics brand and gets paid on par with jjh per cf . Who needs to work when u r netying millions ofdollars anyways.
    Jjh will comeback with mount jiri and i dont see her going anywhere soon
    Funny thing these articles never mention son ye jin and kim hye su and ajhone wjo believe they r not among highest paid is out of mind. They r movie actresses like jjh first and mobie stats wont get less salary. They are not suzy to.mediplay that she is paid behind only jjh and over son ye jin kim hye su song hye kyo when her track revord is not ecen close to then???

  4. I wish lee young ae had shown the same desire like kim hee ae. But well everyone have different goals. She made huge money including face of LG throughout asia.
    Jjh who is her friend modelled her mystery aura on lee young ae but atleast she makes come back to back. Kim hee ae is other level. Debuted in 80s , become top in 90s, one of cf queens who has no shoratge of cfs in her 50s, im 2000s had another peak around 2008, and now slaying another decade . I wish she had same desire as kim hee ae

  5. I m excited for mistress olaying actress. She is good and her visuals r being loved as well as new hot name in CF industry. She needs to strike the iron as well

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