Kim Yoo Jung and Ji Chang Wook Bring Smiles to the Convenience Store Job in New Stills for SBS Drama Backstreet Rookie

I dunno, I feel like the upcoming SBS drama Backstreet Rookie will have great chemistry between leads Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung but a middling story line and low ratings. A prediction but I don’t care if any of the above is wrong, except for the chemistry part because a good rom-com lives and dies by OTP chemistry. Both leads ALWAYS exhibit chemistry with their costars and their past projects have risen and fallen with the script, as always a good script is like the foundation of a house. Backstreet Rookie has a very problematic source material in the webtoon but divorced from that story, and adaptations can take plenty of liberties, I would love to see a sweet and cute romance blossoming in the most low key and daily touch places like a convenience store. Hooray to the working man and woman getting the spotlight in a drama.


Kim Yoo Jung and Ji Chang Wook Bring Smiles to the Convenience Store Job in New Stills for SBS Drama Backstreet Rookie — 43 Comments

    • I agree with you. (sorry, this is just my opinion) im still uncomfortable with this pairing. I dont know why they keep on casting her with older men. Is this clean with passion for now 2.0 with a more good looking actor as ML. (sorry) ……

      • Same. I feel uncomfortable as well. Why can’t they pair her up with guys closer to her age?

      • Yes i also agree there are many young great actors who is more suitable to kim yoo jung..but i also love ji chang wook though but we prefer younger or same age to ms. Yoo jung

      • im on to you #laura…..for me they both looked okay as love partners….im sure they will give justice to their roles….knowing ji chang wook..really he’s a versatile good looking actor….a baby face as well…..i’m looking forward to this new roncom project

    • Here we go with the stereotyping again.

      They look good together as screen partner, that’s what matters. I am looking forward to this drama.

  1. She looks so beautiful even if I would prefer her with a little bit of tan.

    I love her energy, very positive.

    I think it will be a fun drama 🙂

  2. I hope this drama does well cause people are waiting for a wookie comeback .KYJ also looked good in the teaser.
    Honestly I m of the same age as that of KYJ and I can’t imagine myself romancing an Ahjushhi ??? especially at this age.. However she is an actress and if she has no problem with it I guess as a viewer we should accept it as it is without feeling uncomfortable(I can’t guarantee for myself though that I can accept it easily ?).But I do feel that 12 years age gap wouldn’t have mattered much if KYJ was 25-26 and JCW were 37-38 in real age.
    I hope there is no explicit scene unlike the webtoon ,when she is in high school. Goblin left a bad taste in my mouth. I was a high-schooler when I watched it and I couldn’t help but feel like puking after seeing a man around 40(assuming Kim Shin stopped aging when he became a goblin after his death) , romancing ,kissing a high schooler …ewwww.

    • KYJ would not be romanicing an ajussi in the drama. She willnot be in the drama but portraying a character. With their visual, they probably would be portraying character of same age.

    • Goblin was totally different. KGE’s character was a high school student romanicing a hundred year god who looks in his late 30s or early 40s. The characters themselves have that huge age difference.

      That might not be the case in Backstreer rookie, by their visuals together, they maybe portraying around same age characters. So what’s the problem with that? JCW and KYJ are pro actors and they will ace portraying their characters right.

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  4. Off-topic, KYJ is so beautiful but can you can you point out why she is not a beauty standard in Korea like her rival?

    • her face is wide, her nose is flat, and her forehead is narrow. she is beautiful in pictorial, but it is because she is photogenic. she is beautiful but that’s it. The only thing that i acknowledged is she has a beautiful smile and eyes. but she is not a beauty standard

  5. Me too, I don’t care about those ratings, as long as its JI CHANG WOOK, am happy to see his new drama
    Congrats to the cast, looking forward to watch this drama, live lots and God bless!♥️♥️♥️??????

    • i so so love ji chang wook!!…..especially his expresses a lot of emotions…just can’t get enough with his HEALER romcom drama….

  6. For those with issues with the age…isn’t their profession to act? So kudos if they can act older or younger and not look their age!

    In the drama, she’s 22 and he’s 29. What’s wrong with that age gap? So Si Jub is 43. He married someone 26. Something wrong? I don’t think so.

  7. for me the two actors is very talented…I know this drama become popular and successful….Kim yoo Jung is bright actress and ji Chang wook is very veterans…then there chemistry is good enough..

  8. I really love Ji chang wook but i am not a fan of Kim Yoo Jung. Probably im the only person who doesnt like her. She is not just my cup of tea.

  9. Ji Chang Wook’a güveniyorum. Onun rol aldığı bir dizinin kötü olma ihtimali 0%. Kim Yoo Jung’a gelirsek, o çocukluğundan bu güne kadar bir çok dizide, filmde rol aldı. Ve rolünü başarılı bir şekilde canlandırdı.
    Iki oyuncunun arasında 11 yaş fark var. Ben bunu büyük bir sorun olarak düşünmüyorum. Sonuçta bu bir dizi. Eğer oyuncular rolünü iyi oynuyorsa yaş hiç önemli değil.
    Ikinize de başarılar dilerim ?

  10. Yes i also agree there are many young great actors who is more suitable to kim yoo jung..but i also love ji chang wook though but we prefer younger or same age to ms. Yoo jung

  11. I truly wish JCW to have more success in this project but I seriously doubt if the richness and the depths of the material is enough to sustain viewers’ interest in 16 episodes. On the other hand, the actors have acceptable skills so the challenge now is on the script writer and the director.

  12. JCW should go back to doing action drama. He’s best at it. I feel this one will not be a better project for him as well. His agency is not doing a good job choosing a better drama for him, it seems.

    • Very true. I still miss healer, K2, suspiciius partner.
      Coming to suspicoud partner … If it can be a huge hit with such a successful chemistry in spite of age gap then why so much talk now about age gap ? JCW is just the best

  13. I soooo hate gossiping about age gap when it’s not essential. You’ll never ask someone’s age in RL either, you just feel the click and that’s it.

    As long as they’re both adults I’m very much fine with this pairing.

    Btw, it looks very promising, I like them both.

  14. Both actors are talented.But the scripts seem weak.So we need to see how it will pull for 16 episodes.I seriously think JCW should choose more scripts with good story line and must do varieties as he is a talented actor.And if he does rom com in a row,viewers can get bored too.Anyways I wish them both luck.

    • Agree. This type of rom-com won’t generate much buzz. It may just be a light fluffy watch. He is capable to take on more serious action genre.

    • After melting me softly ❤️here you go again wookiee ??
      And clean with Passion for now of yoo jung ?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. Kim Yoo Yung has yet to prove herself as an adult actress Her last drama as an adult actress” was a flop. (clean with passion for now)
    even with the torrid kissing scenes that she had with the ML in CWPFN, she failed to convince me as adult. what i saw was a teenager making out with a 35 year old man. so for me, she has not transitioned yet and in my opinion, she needs 4 years or more to be able to be fully accepted as an adult actress
    Kim so hyun and Moon Ga Young are more believable as adult actress than Kim Yoo Jung

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