Female K-stars Under Fire for Attending Itaewon Birthday Party at Restaurant in Early May 2020 During COVID-19 Resurgence

Welp, all the celebs in South Korea better be prepared to give an accounting/explanation/apology for their whereabouts in the last month or so as media and netizens are on a war path. On the heels of news that four male idols in late April 2020 went to Itaewon restaurant and two clubs during COVID-19 situation, today the news is reporting that 6 female actress/idols attended a birthday party for an influencer named Imvely at a Itaewon restaurant in early may. The names include Lee Min Jung, Jooyeon, Hyomin, Son Yeon Jae and more, and the responses are already coming in from some agencies claiming their star just dropped off a birthday present and left or clarifying that the party was in Cheondamdong and not Itaewon. I’m just here for the popcorn, and whether netizens have the same sharp knives out for these ladies as they did for the idol guys. All are collectively not very conscientious.


Female K-stars Under Fire for Attending Itaewon Birthday Party at Restaurant in Early May 2020 During COVID-19 Resurgence — 6 Comments

  1. I knew this birthday party was a bad idea when i saw the videos, her insta is @limji0509, and every year she has a huge party.
    She is around 38, too old to be irresponsible.
    But it’s not the worst! can you imagine the stress for the alpaca they brought to the party with the music and people trying to touch it, taking selcas…

    • Hahaha. Of all the comments. The alpaca?

      I am trying to recall if Seoul was in still having social distancing then. They were on 8th May.

      That’s why the party was a bad idea right?

      • Alpacas are important and cute 🙂
        Honestly the loud music and ruckus from the party was pretty a lot for the alpaca…poor lil thing 🙁

  2. The 4 idols were different, they were out one week before the resurgence, and not where the infection occured. And there were already tons of people out and about not just the idols. The govt also didn’t implement lockdown and clubs/restaurants were opened. Their fault was that they didn’t quarantine themselves for 14 days but participated in their activities as usual. These gals however, partied right in the middle of the new resurgence.

  3. Absolute nuts humans are. Alpaca to a party. The little thing should have given them a kick and run off from the noisy venue. Some celebs really need their brains checked medically.

  4. Many Korean celebs and trendy Asian fashionistas and socialites wear this brand of sunshades called Gentle Monster. (not cheap. my daughter owns one, and she forked out something $380 for it, when on holiday back home)

    If you own a pair of Genrle Monster shades, the structure is very recognizable. I think Jeon Ji-hyun was the first one to spot these, back then. Many K celebs wear Gentle Monster.

    They have an Alpaca (I think it’s an Alpaca) in the store in Singapore. It occupies like the entire floor space, in front. Maybe that’s why the Alpaca?

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