Gong Yoo and Bae Doo Na Confirmed for Netflix 8-episode Drama The Sea of Silence Directed by Jung Woo Sung with the Screenwriter of Mother

Holy awards pancakes, talked about a stacked deck, and in all the right ways in terms of critical acclaim. Confirming the news earlier this month, Gong Yoo and Bae Doo Na will be working together on the small screen this year for the Netflix produced K-drama The Sea of Silence. It’s a sci-fi tale of a dystopian future where Earth is a vast desert land and the two leads are sent on a mission to the moon to retrieve an important sample. Both play army leaders and I’m guessing its not rainbows and unicorns on the moon either. Directing will be top actor Jung Woo Sung who has been moving behind the camera in recent years and this time he’s guaranteed a great script collaborating with the screenwriter of the movie Mother. Can we have a Won Bin cameo, that would like shoot this project into another stratosphere.


Gong Yoo and Bae Doo Na Confirmed for Netflix 8-episode Drama The Sea of Silence Directed by Jung Woo Sung with the Screenwriter of Mother — 25 Comments

  1. Gong Yoo and Bae Doona, I am there already. Jung Woo Sung is directing now? He needs to be onscreen too, it’s a waste hahaha. Won Bin needs to bless us with his presence again too.

    • I read when the first news of casting came up that Jung Woo Sung was producing and the director will still be the director who shot the short movie version? CMIIW.

      Either way I can’t wait, great casting, and even better, the scriptwriter of Mother! ?

  2. Bae Doona again? Does Netflix offer multiple drama originals to their stars? If that is so, the likes of Kim So Hyun may appear in another Netflix original after her role in Love Alarm?

      • Okay. That makes sense now. Anyways, I feel like having a Netflix original is becoming a thing for K-stars now.

    • well Song Kang already has another Netflix original drama, Sweet Home coming by this July if I’m not mistaken.

    • Yeah. They’ve gone global for real. The fact that they’ve penentrated Western psyche that I don’t think China and Japan were able to do. Even if both have respectable entertainment industries themselves, they weren’t able to go as mainstream as Korea. That’s some super powerful “soft power” hahahaha. Korea is dominating the world while dancing and aegyo-ing.

    • Yes. I read an article that they are quite loyal to their stars. That is why the newbie actor, song kang got another netflix drama because they like working with him

  3. Thanks to CLOY, HB is now back to the track. He is at par now with GY in terms of star power in Korea and overseas.

  4. I’m so happy to see Gong Yoo on the screen. Please let this be a great drama. I like Bae Doo Na as well after watching Kingdom. I will be looking forward to this. I was so bored but now i have something to anticipate for. Josee and Here too.

  5. Wowser, this is a year of comebacks. So happy to see Gong Yoo on Netflix. Bring it on. I’m hoping my fave SIG is going to come back too. K-drama land is too dull without him. I need more happy pills to flood my tv screen.

  6. Korean entertainment is really at its peak now. With Koop entering main stream in US music, Parasite winning at Oscars and box office, and now Netflix investing heavily in Kdramas. All 3 key areas of K-ent on the rise!

    Exciting comeback for Gong Yoo and paired with the excellent Bae Do Na! Didn’t know Jung Woo Song is directing now. Scriptwriter is a strong one too. All the best to the team and hope it will strike gold!

  7. Well, 8 episodes sounds like a good number. Except most kdramas with Netflix behind it seems to want to drag it out with seasons, so I’m betting on a cliff hanger and a possible season 2.

  8. The popularity of Love Alarm shot Song Kang to stardom. His IG following increased from 150k to a whopping 2M figure. Further, his new drama is fucking expensive. It was reported to cost 2M dollar per episode.

  9. The premise sounds wth? and it’s a directorial debut so…will wait for the reviews before jumping onto the will watch bandwagon..

    • BD, Goong Yoo is one of the best, most acclaimed actors in the world. Much better than 99% of actors in Kdrama doing cheesy rom coms. The writer is acclaimed one from Boong Joon Hoo film. Big Netflix money should make the story work like a film. JWS have been a director since 2000.

      If you can’t trust these stars form like no one has a chance for good drama in Korea 🙂

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