Jeon Ji Hyun Enjoys the Great Outdoors in New Summer 2020 CF Pictorial

K-actress Jeon Ji Hyun in her over twenty years in the industry has justified all her high rates for movies, dramas, and CFs. She’s a natural at “selling” something be it a character or an item. I never tire of seeing a new pictorial from her which is usually in conjunction with a brand she is repping but it’s never awkwardly presented. This Summer spread of her in exercise outfits is a CF for the brand Dizzo and the outfits are nothing memorable but she makes it look so good when she’s wearing it. The first half of 2020 is wrapping up with Queen Kim Hee Ae dominating with The World of the Married. It’ll be interesting to see if Jeon Ji Hyun rises to the same level when she has her comeback drama later this year with Mount Jiri opposite Joo Ji Hoon.


Jeon Ji Hyun Enjoys the Great Outdoors in New Summer 2020 CF Pictorial — 63 Comments

  1. I just noticed, she doesn’t to represent known brands. This is my first hearing it. It is a known Korean brand?

    • She is face of sum 37 which is touted a ssuccessor of thr history of who endorsed by lee young ae. It is one of lg’s trademark brands. So dhe endorse brands ehich can afford her

  2. I think that the brand is Nepa whom she’s been their brand ambassador for a while. Dizzo is Chosun Ilbo’s digital periodical.

    • If she is going to play a park ranger in Mount Jiri, I guess that we’ll see a lot of Nepa outdoor wear PPL in the drama.

  3. And she is one of the artist who gets paid per cf. Not just brand. If she shoot one cf she gets paid mearly 1.3 to 1.5 million usd which is highest endorsement rate for women in korea on par with kim yuna and she signs 2 year contracts. If she shoots 2 cfs, she gets paid 2 times! Cf queen since 1999
    Last year she shot for 10 brands and nearly 16 cfs, without being active. She makes comeback when she needs to. She runs her own agency so most money goes to her anyways. No wonder she buys tens of millions of dollars building in cash. She became massive star and household name, nations First love, with my sassy girl but even before my sassy girl she was endorsing 7 brands in 2000 including samsung amore pacific. What is the point of working whole year when you can promote brands for few days and earn more than most celebs. And make a grand comeback with mount jiri type projects. She could’ve gone on her good friend’s lee young ae way, just shooting cfs
    But she makes comeback time to tine. Noe she is done with children , i can see her being more active. She was offered alien movie. Dont know why she didnt do it. After mount jiri, she will do movies again i guess. Her last one was massive blockbuster and landed her best actress

      • I’m curious. Why is Nation’s First Love title so important to some Suzy fans? This isn’t the first time I’ve seen them bragging about it.

      • Rofl that tile is not replaced. That title is passed down. After jjh it was son ye hin who got that title. Jjh is still more paid and successful than her . Get better roles. Call me when suzy gets her assassination to headline or mount jiri project as centre. Even netizens mocked suzy when she released srtucles of cf queen and getting paid more than kim tae hee back thrn. Her and seolhyun media play was mocked everywhere. Jjh was more iconic by suzy age. What will suzy be doing at 40? Lmao

      • Jjh is more relevant that suzy? Wtf r u on? Jjh get b8gger projects as main lead not showpiece. She gets highest salary. From dramas to movies to cfs. What relevancy? In what world? Suzy is not on level of jjh success wise as well as fame wise. Only suzy fans think so.

      • And suzy is not nation first love anymore. It is not 2012 anymore. Just bcoz new nation first love hasnt emerged that doesnt mean suzy is still one. She is not that relevant and was never on level of jjh. Jjh movie started whole hallyu wave pan asia for korean movies. Her cfs werent limited to korea but through9ut asia.
        Jjh even on hiatus get better offers. So nope she is not more relvenat than jjh. Suzy fans r delusional of highsst order

      • @nad they also think she is next jjh in making just bcoz she shares cf queen title with her. Even on hiatus jjh has more cfs n get paid more than her. Jjh was already best actress winner at age of 20. Her talent was never in question. She got criticized for wrong roles but she has diverse filmography. She was never considered a showpiece like they use jyp’s mediaplay title for her when that tile is no more relevnt. They r stuck in 2013. U should check out her mediaplay article from 2013. She said she got paid more than snsd, kim tae hee , kim yuna ( nation’s pride ) and was mocked for her mediaplay lmao

      • @mary by your logic suzy is more relevant than song kang ho bcoz he doesnt take cfs?

      • But Archi 101 is greater than Sassy Girl in terms of admissions and impact.

      • Rofl impact? My sassy girl started the hallyu wave for korean movies. Even hollywood made a remake. It was massive hit throughout asia
        Ticket sales. ? My sassy girl sold 4.9 million ticket. Whwreas Han Ga In’s movie sold 4.1 million ticketsm the only movue suzy had to carry sold less than half million tickets. With less theatres my sassy girl sold more tickets and outaide korean not even close.
        Impact wise my sassy girl is one of defining korean movies ever. Arc 101 is not evn close. Get ur facts right

      • It didnt sell more tickets than my sassy gurl in korea despite having more theatre count. Outside korean that local movie isnt even close to my sassy girl impact. Get ur facts right!

      • Haha. As far as Koreans know, Archi101 is more impactful than short-term popular MSG. Further, Archi101 is critically acclaimed and Suzy was the driving force why it became so popular. The only edge of MSG is that it is so popular outside Korea. So, you better check the facts straight.

      • Rofl msg outimoacted outnumbered arch not outside korea but also korea. Jjh won best actress at grand bell heating top actresses. It has acclaim and male lead became top movie star too whereas arch 101 was carried by hang ga in and male lead who were bigger stara back then. Next movie of suzu sold less than half million tickets
        Jjh was acclaimed more than ur darling. And outside korea local movie of ur fave is no where close to msh.
        Depite having more theatres it failed to outdo msg in korea. Msg was one of top 5 grossing movies of all time back then with less theatre count. So it outdid arc 101 in sales as well as impact. Get ur facts r8ght

      • The delusikn of some fans r just 9n other level. It outnumbered ur darling movie in korea and outimpacted. Jjh won best actresses award with acclaim lmao. Only for u arc 101 is kore impactful but in real world msg outimpacted outnumbered ur fave number. Jjh was universially acclaimed ❣❣❣❣ and outside korea ur local fave movie is not to be found??even in kor3a it couldnt touch mag depsute having 11 year advantage of better theatre count and multi cast. Inflation. Whereas msg was im top 5 most watched korean movie at one point so yup get ur facts right?

      • Keep your delusions my dear but anyone from Korea will argue that Archi101 is more impactful than MSG. In addition, Archi101 was carried by Suzy, so, she was granted the NFL title. Finally, JJH relied heavily on the acting of CTH that is why became a success. Not to mention that JJH is not 1st choice for the FL role. It was Bae Doona my dear.

      • Rofl u keep ur delusionals ot urself. Fact remains msg outnumbered out admissioned out imoacted arch 101 i korea and outside korea arc 101 is nothing. Jjh won best actress award for it and suz relied on 3 leads! And jyp mediplay was at its best!
        Jjh won best actress! Simple fact. So what donns was first choice? Tbere r many roles where others r first choices. The one who does in in the end counts. Jjh slayed the tole and got pan asian popularity. And even more popularity in korea than suz and won jation cirst love title without mediaplay of jyp.
        Anyone in korea can tell u msg is more impactful and succesdful and is one of top 5 successful movies in korea at one point. Arc 101 wasnt. So nope
        U can keep ur delusion to urself. Noone expect showpiece fans buty ur crap! In real work msg is more imoactful in korea and outside korea. Jjh was best actress winner for a reason!

      • This @Mary Kay is obviously not a Suzy fan (*sigh*)… Imagine bringing Suzy’s name here that will probably brought more hates especially from International Fans and haters….when it was obvious that Son Ye Jin was the one who replaced JJH as Nation’s First Love and then Suzy on 2012.

        Plus, passing the title didn’t mean that someone is not relevant anymore. It just means that JJH and Son Ye Jin already grew away from that title.

      • Rofl critics said it was jjh who carried the movie. Ofc male lead playes a role but he was newbie like her! Whereas arc 101 has alreaxy 2 established top stars and one newc9mer who is top movie actor currently lmao. Suz star power we all saw with her less than half million tickets movie???jjh didnt need top stars to sell her movie. Only suz fans can take away credit from jjh when in real world jjh is defining actor of msg! Msg with less theatre count outnumbered arc 101. And started the korean movie revolution outside korea. Do ur research! In korea msg is bigger. Outside korea my sassy girl is one of defining korean movies. Jjh won universal acclaim, a best actress award! Beating veterans❣❣❣❣❣she defined the role. She got nation first love title for reason! Unlike ur mediaplay queen who ride on 3 costars to get a hit??and still couldn’t get more viewers than MSG despite inflation and theatre count increase. ????only delusion people like u can say msg is less impactful than arc 101 bcoz anyone with common zense knows it is msg and it is not even close????

      • Marykay logic jjh syj are not relevant despite having better projects as centeral role not showpiece like ur fave?

      • Keep on deluding yourself but in Korea, Archi101 is extremely iconic. Although it was beaten by MSG overseas, the appeal of Archi101 in Korea is undisputable. It was always parodied in entertainment shows, a great showing its iconic status in Korea. Even Son Ye Jin’s The Classic cannot beat that. Lol. That movie did not make it to 1 million admissions. So, SYJ is irrelevant in thia topic.

      • @Mary keep deluding yourself. SYJ and JJH are box office queens.Check the ticket rating power index rankings given by industry experts. They don’t need to rely on male leads to make their projects a big hit. The Classic’s cultural impact is still relevant , cue- its ost recently got remade for a famous drama . I haven’t even heard of Architecture before this. The Classic, A moment to remember,My Sassy Girl were critically as well as commercially acclaimed movies of the early 2000s.MSG is one of the highest grossing rom-com till date. Oh yeah about Box office success, SYJ’s movie The Pirates collected more than 8 million tickets.

      • You can keep ur delusion to urself. Msg is more iconic and more remmebered than arc 101. It outsold outimoacted it in korea and overseas. Jun ji hyun is aftual jation girst love as well as son ye jin. Not jyp mediaplay queen who was mocked for mediaplay. Call me when jyp media girl reaches jjh or syj level to mock actual s tier actresses. They carry their own work . Whereas flowerpot roles r made for ur fave bcoz noone is gonna offwe her the last princess, pirates or assassination or mount jiri.
        Msg is iconic movie and was once rankes among top 5 korean movies ever arc 101 never recahed that level in kor3a.
        Jjh won best actress award for msg. MSG revolutionised kor3an cinema which arc 101 can 9nly dream of
        Only flower pot fans like u r delusion

      • Son ye jin and jjh keeps getting ranked among top 3 actresses in korean cimena along with kim hye su by directors while on hiatus. Whereas flowetpot suzy? She is only used for sjowpiece roles. Joone is going to offer her stand al9ne movie. She relied on 3 costars to get hit on arc 101 but her next movie was massive disaster. Now again riding on 6 star movir to get a hit . Whereas jun ji hyun and son ye ji are top most movie actresses of last 2 decades. Two nation firat love jun ji hyu and son ye jin who actually moved to top whereas ur girl is still stuck on her mediaplay title. Bcoz noone ranks her in movie rankings list. She is that d list in movie land lmaoo.
        Msg and class r legendary mvoies. Especially msg which outgrossed arc 101 in ticket sales in korea and outimpacted it by miles. Arc 101 had advantged of inflation and theatres but still sold less. Msg will always be more iconic. Msg landed jjh best actress role and made her hughest pa8d actress in korea. Same with syj. They will always be nations first love and actual top movie ranked actresses. Ur flowerpot will alway stuck to nagion first love title which noone cares about it since 2013. Lmao. She will never be top movie actress. ! She can always have flowerpot roles in lee byjng hun movie. Jjh n syj will not do such roles. They will do author backed big budget roles!
        Only suz fans thing arc 101 is more iconic than msg and classic. Lmaooo.two legendary movies impact is beyond ur fave???delusional and why r u cmng with 2 ids. Ur writing style is so common@ marie. Now come with real id to deny it
        Noone in real world will say arc 101 is mpre iconic than msg???onpy flowerpot fans like u

      • @astar classic n m9ment to remember r classics and their admissi9ns r considered good bcoz classic was w8th new stars. Whereas arc 101 had han ga in and top.male lead back then who were peak at their career. Whereas guy opposite flowerpot is top movie actor now lmaoo. Flowerppt next movie did less than half million tickets where no men to save her???
        Son ye jin and jjh always ranked in top 3 movie actress list by industry expert and highest paid. No need to prove anything to flowerpot fans. U wont see jjh or syj doing showpiece roles in lee byunf hun movies. They actually carry their own movies and wins best actresses asard for their movies. Big difference ???they will always be nati9ns first love and actually rose above that tile and are legends. Whereas someone is still stuck to that title which noone cares about it anymore?
        Imagine thinkinf my sassy girl has less impact than arc 101? Only flowerpot fans?

      • @ady you are right.No need to prove anything who choose to remain ignorant. MSG impact was so huge and it is still recommended as a must watch rom-com. It was remade into movies ,dramas and what not. On the other hand A moment to remember and April Snow are the highest grossing korean movies in Japan till date. Parasite holds the 3rd place now. And if @mary has a doubt she can do a google check. All these feats were achieved when YJ and JJH were still in their early 20s. Their flames didn’t flicker after one movie wonder ,infact they became better and better.

      • @astar by their tenth year both jjh and son ye jin had done so many movies. Jjh took risk by doing hw movies though it didnt work but she didnt stay in safe zone and tried something most korean can dream of whereas syj was winning best actress award for that wedding movie and pirates. By end of second decade syj has given crash landing on you biggest hallyu mega hit in 4 years , movies lined up whereas jjh has mount jiri lined up which is megabudhet drama and refused alien movie. Will flowerpot refuse such roles? Wait she wont be offered. She is no kim tae ri??? 3 movies in ten years. One megaflop and one flowerpot role in lee byung hun movie. That is her level in movie land. Her next movie is with movie stars who bankable ???when will she get her pirates to carry??? I will see what flowerpot will be getting in her late 30s. ???whereas jjh n syj r starting third decade at top❣

      • I know Mary Kay said this to troll LMAO. JJH will always be relevant.
        I don’t like people people comparing Suzy tho, she’s only 25 and has her whole career ahead of her. Archi 101 is a good movie but you can’t say Suzy carried it. She was very memorable in it as a “First Love” and we know how much korea loves their first love icons. but to say Archi 101 is more impactful than MSG is laughable. well, maybe to a certain generation? @ Mary Kay, The Classic had 1.5 million admissions so your statement that it didn’t hit a million is wrong. Anyways, why bring Suzy up in JJH’s pictorial?

      • Depends on celeb to celeb. You think celebs get paid millions of dollars without brands? I doubt. For eg son ye jin doesnt take cf deals like jjh shk kth. But she takes big profit shsring from her work

  4. Jjh has the body of model. Which makes her appeal to various brand. One thing she is nepa’s model so how she is endorsing different brand here?

  5. Nothing against joo ji hoon, but he as a male lead with jun ji hyun, dont make me excited. . Park seo joon is better choice

    • I dont understand why psj left such massive project? Tired? Bcoz he is filming movie right after ic.maybe he wants break ?

    • No offense to PSJ and I think he is a great actor too but he was never offered the role. The news in Korean about he got the offer were taken down after few hours. Soompi as a reputable Korea EntNews didn’t reported it also. Beside JJH made a cameo in Kingdom where JJH is the lead with the same writer. I would say that cameo is a kind of unofficial announcement of their future collaborations in Mount Jiri.

      • I agree with you..The news about PSJ being approached for Mt. Jiri came after when IC just concluded. So it may be a rumour to garner more hype related to the project as PSJ was a hot topic during those times.
        However I prefer JJH and JJH more as the main cast. I can sense it is going to be a big hit due to the unique premise and ofcourse star-power is also there.

      • @astar i hope writer doesnt messup. I m not relying on big writers anymore. But director is good

      • He was offered the role. No “fake” news would had exact description of the character as well as story and budget snippets. Unless you mean that they needed PSJ name to hype up project lol PSJ out of people was mentioned because he had an offer, but seems had his own reasons to reject the project. That’s usual practice and okay thing to do.

      • @allday, have you ever written a paper and need to provide citation to support what you written? You wouldn’t be able to provide any citation to support this claim because any news related to his offer was deleted within a few hours of posting. The story and character description are accessible to the media, but his casting was fake, hence it was taken down immediately.

      • She rocks action roles. Action roles r strength along with comedy. She has the physique as well. Only shr or bae donna justify such roles

      • I am referring to JJH, the guy. Anyways, I 100% agree that JJH is the best in terms of actions and comedy. No female K-celebrity can tople that.

      • JJH the lady has a strong stage presence that could reduces a regular male co star to dust. JJH the man is one of rare breed that can carries himself well beside a strong female character. Sorry to say, PSJ hasn’t reaches that stage yet at the moment but I know he will in the future.So JJH is the better option for JJH.

      • PSJ can do justice to any role. Good luck to JJH, but no need to bring down PSJ, who is a very talented actor on his own.

  6. I never understood the hype around her.

    Well, I could only see her in dramas, perhaps she’s doing great in advertisement.

      • I don’t mind being the odd one out there but I watched MSG and wasn’t impressed. The way the writer and PD interpreted the word ‘sassy’ and the violence undertone of the movie didn’t sit well with me either. Having said that, I absolutely adore JJH’s acting and comedic timing in My Love from the Star which later convinced me to watch Legend of the Blue Sea for her. I still think she’s a great actress though but personally I wouldn’t recommend MSG to a person who is not familiar with JJH.

      • @hye mi people like u cant differentiate between movie and real world. Being woke to wath mobie n drama is typical sjw. No words movies r glopping left right bcoz being wome makes movies boring to watch

      • @Ady: I see, you still can’t accept difference of opinions and resort to personal attack. And FYI, movies and dramas aren’t just forms of entertainment. Critically acclaimed movies and dramas often carry some sorts of messages or issues that are socially relevant. It’s not about distinction between reality and dramas, it’s about whether how such messages are conveyed resonates with each viewer. The movie is well loved, I get it, and that’s good for it and the cast and crew, but the way women empowerment and equality in a relationship was portrayed didn’t resonate with me. Liking a critically acclaimed movie doesn’t make you superior to those who don’t, so how about considering dropping that condescending tone and accepting that other people might simply have a different taste than yours?

      • Hye Mi. You let out a more condescending tone towards my comment than Ady. My response is about JJH’s hype, not my best favorite movie recommendation if you can understand the difference. MSG has made a mark in SK movie business whether it carries a meaningful message or what not is not the main issue. Knowing this movie explains all the hype. Yes you are the odd one here by barging in without much brains.

      • @Kelly: No, that was not what I meant. I read the OP’s comment as ‘I never understood why JJH was popular.’, as in ‘I don’t understand why JJH was popular despite having watched her in dramas’. I wrote my comment to the OP (accidentally hit the wrong button and replied to you instead) based on the information in their original post (that they have seen JJH in dramas and that they didn’t understand why she was so popular). I didn’t know they hadn’t watched the movie until after I posted (their post was only minutes after mine). My sincere apologies if my comment came across as condescending and an offence to you. I simply wanted to make a suggestion to the OP, though it might be further away from the spectrum than yours, that I personally wouldn’t start with MSG (for someone who wants to know more about JJH) based on my personal watching experience. Since my comment was posted right under yours, it did come across as I was advising you against your suggestion, which was not what I intended. English being not my mother tongue also contributed to my blunder, so I apologise again for offending you.

      • Hye Mi. Thank you for explaining. It is all a misunderstanding. No worries.

      • @Kelly: Thank you for understanding! I’m glad we’ve sorted it out. I’ll consider this a learning experience and will be more careful with my wording next time! Best.

  7. She’s amazing!!!!! I’ve written a treatment for a great movie she would be amazing in!!!! Get in touch!!!!

  8. @ady Oh hun, you’re acting smart, but Mary Kay is not me lmao. It’s clear she’s not a fan of Suzy and using her to troll. I don’t bring Suzy into unrelated actress articles unless it’s that of an idol actress. Nice try. It’s hilarious seeing you so affected by Suzy’s success though that you feel the need to write 238298 replies to a TROLL. lmao you’re pathetic and embarrassing as usual.

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