Ji Chang Wook Exudes Earnest Bright Charm in Character Stills for SBS Drama Backstreet Rookie

I totally see the drama adaptation of webtoon Convenience Store Morning Star taking a more wholesome comedic approach to the source material. It’s especially evident with male lead Ji Chang Wook in SBS drama Backstreet Rookie who transforms into the sleep deprived but still hard working with a smile convenience store manager. He’s always choosing different roles and projects and one thing Ji Chang Wook does not do is get typecast either by his own role choices or by viewers. Healer was the best example of the two extremes of his acting by playing vastly different personalities and I don’t know which side I like better. Both probably, as long as he’s out there being a good person and getting things done.


Ji Chang Wook Exudes Earnest Bright Charm in Character Stills for SBS Drama Backstreet Rookie — 47 Comments

  1. Yeah, I was just thinking about the same! Cos I just finished rewatching Healer and moved on to watch K2 again. Even though they’re both action dramas, he’s very different in both roles. I want him to do a melo role or play a villain. He’s got range in his acting. So I’m excited when he said his role in Backstreet Rookie is pathetic and sloppy. Time for the guy to take a backseat…haha.

    • exactly. k2 and healer had same genre but never were same.
      and Ive lost the count of how many times Ive watched Healer.

    • I think he has done a melo before and he played an antagonistic second lead role there but that was years ago. One of his first few works, Five Fingers.

  2. looking forward to this. smells success! yes to double digits viewership ratings!!!! Fighting Kim Yoo Jung, You are the Godess!

      • Check yourself. The article is about Backstreet Rookie and Kim Yoo Jung is part of the drama.

      • My eyes can see that Joane cannot even spell “comprehension”. What the lol for? Say, this article is on JCW, do I have to repeat the third time for you who cannot even tell who is the subject of this writing?

    • Given the past ratings record of their last dramas, I guess it is hard to assume that this drama will hit double digit throughout its run. I think it is safe if we tone down our expectations so we do not end up like TKEM.

    • Even the PD is good, we cannot absolutely rely on his talent. We also need to check the writer and the actors’ capability to carry this drama.

      • @myranna
        there is no drama we can absolutely rely on. this one’s no exception. BR has great pd and capable past. Im a past-is-in-the-past kinda person most of the time, but if you are considering their past, consider it all. KYJ has hit, JCW has popular dramas in international area and the pd has hit (FP) and double digit dramas except for FP. yet it doesn’t mean this drama will be a 100% sure success. most of all I hope at least it will become sth decent enough to help leads fix the damage done by CWPFN and MMS.

    • Joane,

      You are a toxic and arrogant poster, you know that? i congratulate you for converting me from a neutral to an anti-KYJ. Your non -stop bashing of korean actors made me puke . Youre shamelessly bashing and targeting Lee Min Ho, Kim Go Eun, IU, Suzy, Nam Ji Hyun, Kim So Hyun and who else did I forget. You are a pathetic fan. Your fandom must be ashamed of you.

  3. Ive lost the count of how many times I watched Healer. that drama is a masterpiece to me, perfect at every aspect. Great action, chemistety, story, directiong and acting.
    then k2, I literally loved the relation between him and the stepmother. they just sat or stood infront of each other at cloud9 like two against the world and the way they looked at each other while planning to destroy their enemy – with the shine of revenge glittering in their eyes – or the way she told him to take care of himself before every operation was WAY OVER any kind of romance for me.
    as for BR he said he accepted the role cause he liked to work with director LMW and he thought he would have fun delivering the character of Dae Hyun to screen.
    fingers crossed. break a leg

  4. He opened up about why he took this role. he said he liked to work with the director LMW and he thought he would have fun delivering Dae Hyun character to screen.
    Good luck JCW and KYJ
    fingers crossed. may this be a success for both

  5. I really like him. Healer was a great drama and he killed it. He had an incredible chemistry with Nam Ji Hyun in Suspicious Partner even if she was younger than him.

    So I’m very excited for this drama!

      • My thoughts too! I felt he didn’t have chemistry with the FL in MMS cos she seems a little reserved. I could be wrong of course.

    • ive seen the teasers. Kim Yoo Jung and Ji Chang wook have more chemistry than Ji Chang wook and his past female leading ladies. this is despite the age gap.
      Yoo Jung is indeed the chemistry queen.
      So excited for June 19.

      • I love KYJ, really. But the teasers didn’t show any better chemistry than the pair PMY-JCW or NJH-JCW for now. The BTS were pretty great for Healer and Suspicious Partner. The both had great kiss scenes too.

        So let’s wait for now before to compare.

      • Kim Yoo Jung and Ji chang are both compatible visually and in terms of Popularity.

        Nam ji Hyun is not Pretty and not popular (LIKE who is she?) so shes a mismatched with Ji chang wook. No chemistry at all with Ji Chang wook. she is like won jin ah ang Yoona

      • @Joane the toxic
        This is too much already. Enough. You Do not have to say mean things to Nam Ji Hyun just because you wanted to prove that your favorite has the most chemistry with Ji Chang Wook. If you do not know her, allow me to introduce her to you, she has been acting since she was young and she just finished her Psychology degree at Sogang University in feb 2020.
        Nam Ji hyun might not be popular but there are fans, like me who support and love her
        Continue promoting your favorite bashing Nam Ji Hyun.

      • @Joane

        Support your bias to your very last breath and I’m fine with that. Just exclude Nam Ji Hyun from your incessant bashing of k actresses and actors. Why are you targeting her? She acted with JCW in 2017 and that was three years ago. If you really need to, better compare Convenience with MMS since it was the last drama of the ML.
        I’m a long time fan of Nam Ji Hyun so i will not allow you dissing on her especially if the article is not about her.
        You don’t have to look down on Nam Ji Hyun, Focus on your favorite.

        Your posts are shameless and embarrassing.

      • Hype Kim Yoo Jung and Ji Chang wook and their chemistry including their upcoming drama but be respectful of others. You”re non stop in criticizing other actors.

        Btw, Nam Ji Hyun does not need to be the prettiest and most popular to be loved by her supporters. We love her as she is. What we want for her is longevity in the industry more than popularity- for popularity is fleeting.

  6. Too good! Can’t wait to see him and my Kim Yoo Jung in this drama just going with the flow no high or low expectations just keen as to see 16 episodes of fun and frivolity! I’m so spoilt this month with It’s Okay and Backstreet Rookie hitting mid June I’ve pretty much got plate full. K dramas really rocking it in 2020.

  7. I love his drama series whoever his partner but i like most of he will be partnered with my favorite korean actress IU.

    • the first thing that crossed my mind when u said u want him to pair with IU was that they can sing an OST together for the drama in which they might pair!!!
      I like the idea

    • so ezcited. Cant wait for this drama to outperform the King Eternal Monarch. well every drama could outperform the King Eternal PPL.

      Just cant forget the fans of the King saying that Convenience will benefit from the success of the King? where is that success are you talking about. Please dont bring up netflix.

      • @joane everyone remembers what they said but pls lets not poison this article with negativity.

      • eh, where is that come from?

        I genuinely want this drama to be good, both with rating and the story + acting

        The king success or failure isn’t related much with this drama.

      • @artemis
        who are you to police me? i know you are a fan of ji chang wook- if ur okay with that they said its up to you. but as a fan of Yoo Jung, im standing for her

  8. I shall pass. I still believe that this role is not for Ji Chang Wook. Not stereotyping, but this is for newbie or rookie actor only. he should have done this type of drama in his 20s.
    My even if rating hits 20% or more, even if this beats CLOY, TKEM, Descendants, ( according to some fans of the female leadl this kind of drama is not my preference the plot is so simple and im not a fan of slapstick comedy.
    tbis is the drama i would not waste my 16 hours watching
    i think is for the FLs fan more than the MLs fan.
    Forgive me, but im really disappointed with Ji Chang wook choices of drama.

  9. Joane

    im really want Backstreet Rookie’s ratings to Flop because of fans like you. Youre really something i will be the happiest if this will happen

    i hope the rating is much lower than TKEM. i will be the happiest of that will happen

  10. Joane

    Congratulations, You made me decide that i should not watch any drama or project of your favorite kim yoo jung. Beginning to hate her because of you. my warmest congrats, You are indeed succeeding!
    have some “class” Joane.

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