UEE is Striking in New Shapewear Pictorial for Singles Magazine

Sometimes my brain flashes back to oldies but goodies moments when watching k-dramas, and anytime I remember You’re Beautiful I get this jarring disconnect from UEE in that era and her now. I don’t have a feeling for her physical transformation from healthy and bootylicious to cheekbones that can slice cheese and incredibly long frame but she’s one of the most dramatic transformations I’ve seen in a K-actress. She’s in the pages of Singles Korea June edition modeling a shapewear line and the pictorial is very Good American-esque with a side of SKIMS. It’s fully black and white in both her outfits and the pictures, and all I can think is the amount of determination and dedication to maintain this incredible figure.


UEE is Striking in New Shapewear Pictorial for Singles Magazine — 13 Comments

      • I think the first poster meant it as a compliment. As in, she looks good and healthy.

        I’ll say, for a while she was very thin- to the point I worried about her and hoped for her health. Glad to see these photos.

      • @Thegonggirl

        I don’t think the comment was made to body shame Uee. There was a time she was so thin, she looked unhealthy and many fans were concerned about her health. Looks like she’s gained some weight and is looking healthy, and I for one, am relieved. The K-ent world can be a toxic, brutal place and whenever I see an entertainer that was formerly vibrant and healthy, look close to anorexic, I get concerned about their physical and mental health.

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    • To @ yui , Check Yoon Eun Hye for Dazed & Confused Korea october 2011 , for Arena dec 2009, for Marie claire korea 2008 with actor Kim Young Kwang . You’ll see that this one with UEE is “simple”.

  2. Beautfiul shoot. But honestly, I always think it odd to see shapewear modeled by women who obviously don’t need it.

  3. I think, not positive, she’s had problems with food and body image in the past. This is the healthiest I’ve seen her in a really long time. I hope she takes a lot of confidence from this shoot and continues whatever self-improve trend she’s on.

  4. 1) Same face – I doubt there’s PS.

    2) Healthy body

    3) Nice golden tan (always nicer to me, than porcelain White some prefer)

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