New Drama Posters and Stills for tvN Weekend Psychology Themed Drama It’s Okay to Not be Okay

Seeing the newest drama poster for It’s Okay to Not be Okay, a group one with all four leads Kim Soo Hyun, Seo Ye Ji, Oh Jung Se, and Park Kyu Young, the drama may not have a fantasy element but study above totally reminds me of IU‘s office in Hotel Del Luna. Seo Ye Ji’s cold alpha type personality and myriad stunning outfits in the previews also has shades of Man Wol. It’s Okay to Not be Okay dropped a ton of drama stills this week as well in advance of this weekend’s premiere and no one can say tvN didn’t properly promote this drama or put its full weight behind Kim Soo Hyun’s comeback project. The drama seems so active, so many stills capture yelling, falling, touching, moving, for a psychology and mental health themed drama there is equal amounts of body contact as there is introspection. Whatever lured Kim Soo Hyun to pick this drama over all others, we’ll know this Saturday June 20th.


New Drama Posters and Stills for tvN Weekend Psychology Themed Drama It’s Okay to Not be Okay — 36 Comments

  1. Between this one and Backstreet Rookie, my week-ends will be great !

    It’s really fun to watch KSH praising SYJ’s voice and SYJ praising KSH’s good looks 😀

  2. tvN has definitely put in a lot of time and effort to promote this lol. Although unlike other dramas, KSH isnt exactly doing variety show promotions until other actors. I’m slightly miffed about it lol, but that’s also very him. He’s never been the type to do that, and never exactly needed it too I guess.

    Looking forward to this a lot!!

  3. Something is bothering me in this drama’s name. The Korean title reads “Psycho but iIts OK”. Its English name “It’s OK to Not Be OK” is not the right phrase to translate the Korean title. This fun sounding simple phrase has a very deep meaning: Ask for help when struggling. It’s OK to admit to yourself AND others that you have problems – it’s the first step to self-healing.
    So this phrase would be great for a drama title IF it would make an attempt to show the societal harm of a very Korean/Asian cultural trait – being ashamed to show others that you might have a secret psychological or family/money problem. The society is very competitive, and it shuns people with problems. Therefore, it’s very hard to find courage and ask for help.
    I’m afraid that is not what this drama is all about, and the literal Korean title should probably be translated in English as “This Crazy Person Is Still Likable to Me.” We shall see.

    • Well, someone is psycho and it is okay. Regardless, the English phrase just means that it is okay to not be perfect. If a person has mental problems then they are not exactly perfect. So the translation is fine.

      Perhaps, they wanted an easy to remember title instead for the international fans.

      • @Mel

        No… I think the correct phase is “to not”.

        Obviously it’s okay to be perfect. That’s what most people strive for, so stating the obvious is clearly not the goal here. The title is awesome because it says it’s okay, you don’t need to always be okay. It’s okay if someone has a mental illness, or depression or what have you.

        The message is a positive one and particularly impactful in English. Whatever the Korean title is, that’s up for Koreans to decide if it resonates. But as a native English speaker and an English minor, this title makes perfect sense to me.

  4. Again, while i have no doubts about acting and chemistry which is top notch already, there’s still storyline/script which is what makes a drama really. so far the directing and everything looks amazing and the ost sounds promising too so I can only hope for the best >< After the mess that was BA really hope this one will wash it away ^^

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  6. I am so interested in this drama especially KSH character how will be dealing with his brother and the writer , the relationship between brothers I think will be the opposite of brothers relationship in Rain man movie , KSH will play big role which represent some people in community I hope it will turn to be perfect

  7. Perhaps I have short term memory loss. But even CLOY and TKEM had less promotion? What is the budget of this drama? I hope they did not spend everything on the promotional material.

    Same with Moon Chae Won’s new drama… TVN absolutely went insane with both. It must have hurt to have not received any big prizes at the Baeksang Awards…

    Will definitely watch the new dramas of KSH and MCW, because I like both. But boy, did I wish that it was not on TVN. TVN is slowly turning into HK’s TVB… Too commercial, too forced and more automated than a Ford-factory. I do not know how many people are employed at Studio Dragon and TVN, but they are churning scripts out as if it is nothing.

    • I don’t think it necessarily costs tvN a lot in terms of $$. The promotions are mostly just photos and stills being released or behind the scenes etc. They have a few interviews of the cast which is customary. But nothing out of the ordinary that would make me feel they are leaking $$ for promotions.

      I think TKEM got heavily promoted too from what I remember, but CLOY wasn’t I think.

      • Lol!! If I m not wrong .. dating scandals are perceived negatively in SK. Moreover CLOY’S premier rating was not over the just grew organically with each passing episode.Thus I m not sure how the rumours helped them in getting high ratings as claimed by @Kelly. As an international audience myself, I wasn’t even aware of their past scandal and I think it goes same for most of the people .

      • The dating scandals created buzz everywhere, it was totally mediaplay. I NEVER said their rumors helped in getting high ratings. You should NOT quote me if you cannot even understand English! I never claimed anything. You are totally WRONG!!

      • @hhhhh. Your ignorance by not being aware is your problem. Same cannot be applied to most of the people.

      • I was saying from the p.o.v from an outsider. Ofcourse many people knew about the rumours..
        But in general , Netflix audience were kind of unaware… I know you didn’t say that the ratings were due to mediaplay..but I often see these types of comments coming out every now and then which sometimes seem to be off-putting because there exists neutral viewers too who watched it just to enjoy without giving a damn about anyone’s personal life.

      • @Kelly I shouldn’t have used the word “claimed”…which apparently you didn’t your text.Just thought that you must have meant it in that way…I misunderstood..

    • They have budgets for everything. Also, making money is probably higher than winning awards. You should be happy that they are giving pictures etc to promote. The drama trailers look awesome! Can’t go wrong with these two leads.

      • Well, every station does it these days. But, sooner or later, we will know which ones live up to the hype and which ones fail to do so.

  8. Is no one going to comment on the green cap KSH is wearing? The Chinese knetz will have a field day just on that alone.

      • Doesn’t matter if they are married or not. It just means that the guy’s significant other is cheating on him for the phrase “Wearing a Green Hat”

        No Chinese man will literally wear a green hat, but just honestly surprised that Korean actors wear the green hat like it is nothing. First Song Jong Ki, then KSH. I guess that phrase never carried over to the Korean culture.

      • Like you said, it’s Korean culture, why should a phrase from Chinese culture be of any significance to them?

      • They are Koreans, not Chinese. No one cares about old Chinese sayings. We sell green caps in Europe.

      • @Passerby- If a green hat signifies that the other half is ‘cheating on him’ as you say with SJK and now KSH then please do share…Who is KSH ‘significant other?’ Just curious how you arrived at this conclusion because it’s actually a slanderous and a mischief making statement on your part.

    • That’s interesting and thank you for the background info about wearing a green hat/cap but I guess the stylist for the drama didn’t think anything of it when they coordinated his outfit for the scene.

      • No one is saying specifically KSH significant other is cheating or that he has one currently.
        It is what the green hat means to Chinese culture.

        @BBC – I just assumed they would have at least heard of the saying. Korea for a long time used Chinese characters as their writing and literature before Hangul was invented. Pretty sure, Korean culture borrowed a lot from the Chinese culture due to the two countries history.

    • ‘Green hat’ originated from Yuan dynasty but Korea back then was in Goryeo and it seems they weren’t in the best terms so no, I don’t think they would have taken that superstition up.

    • Picking on a color cap is so dumb. If a woman wants to cheat, it is the problem of their relationship, definitely not a cap.

  9. This is worth the wait for KIM SOO HYUN?I always admire this actor. He is passionate and he appeared to have been possessed by the character. He is not KSH anymore. A shy, introvert, awkward boy/man would transform into whoever the character he is portraying. From his looks, appearance, mannerisms…he has become a different persona. That what sets him apart to being just a “cute oppa”. He can be cuter and more natural than others, but KSH has so much respect for the viewers that he cannot just play cute and adorable or just act suave and cool to get the females in hysterics (well, he could easily do that, but he just couldnt). He offers a different dimension of Korean drama than those served as usual fares in most romcoms (that will surely elicit shrieks resulting in increased fan base). That’a why, I have so much respect for KSH?

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