Script Reading Stills for MBC Wed-Thurs Drama I Am the Prettiest with Im Soo Hyang, Ha Suk Jin, and Ji Soo

Now that Im Soo Hyang has delivered a slew of big to small hit for the cable networks, she’s set her sights next on a prime time big three network slot with the upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama I Am the Prettiest. It’s weird, I’m not as allergic to her as much anymore, probably because she doesn’t overact the way Hwang Jung Eum does as my allergy to her has returned in recent years. I do love that Im Soo Hyang is one of the most hardworking almost grinding type of lead actresses, she gives me the sense that she’ll take on any role to keep building her resume and recognition. Her last drama Graceful Family broke records for MBN so kudos to her. This time she’s in a love triangle with two brothers played by Ha Suk Jin and Ji Soo, and it sounds totally old school which makes it interesting to see how a 2020 drama tackles a traditional K-drama trope.


Script Reading Stills for MBC Wed-Thurs Drama I Am the Prettiest with Im Soo Hyang, Ha Suk Jin, and Ji Soo — 8 Comments

  1. How can ISH be compared to HJE now? ISH never screams and overacts. ISH is a very good actress. Is this another click bait article? Pick another better actress to compare ISH with next time, not an ahjumma please.

  2. Okay so Ji Soo as the lead, who wouldn’t love that? But my, i love Ha Suk Jin as well. Ha Suk Jin had lead roles before but i hope he gets the perfect drama that can help him get be recognized as a star he is.

  3. I feel like MBC is a bit of misstep. How I wish she sticks cable tvs coz they have better content than public tvs nowadays.

  4. I prefer HSJ as the lead so i can ship him with her. I’ve never liked JS’ characters in dramas. When he was the 2nd lead, i’ve never had 2nd lead syndrome lmao.

    But i trust ISH’s choice in drama. She’s good in acting and also down to earth. Good luck.

    • Yeah, I always end up rooting for not him, even in because this is my 1st life, Jisoo has no 1st lead charm, I pity him but he just that.

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