Lee Jun Ki Graces the Pages of GQ Korea July Edition in Advance of Drama Return with Flower of Evil

We’re wrapping up June 2020 and coming in the end of July will be new K-drama Flower of Evil, starring the flower of niceness Lee Jun Ki himself finally tapping into his evil/nice dichotomy. Promotions are starting and the first is Lee Jun Ki chilling in casual wear in the pages of GQ Korea. He deftly switches between blinding smile and solemn coldness, probably practicing for his upcoming role. So far June 2020 has been wildly inconsistent for top male actors in their drama comebacks, ranging from bad performance/bad drama, good performance/bad drama, and good performance/good drama. I hope it’s the last for Lee Jun Ki and Flower makes him bad but redeemable so I can ship him with Moon Chae Won.


Lee Jun Ki Graces the Pages of GQ Korea July Edition in Advance of Drama Return with Flower of Evil — 26 Comments

  1. Let me guess..what koala meant by inconsistence in top male actors’ performance in June.

    Bad performance/Bad drama- TKEM?
    Good performance/Bad drama- Backstreet Rookie?
    Good Performance/Good drama- IONTBO?
    This was what I could decipher..

  2. for some reason, I think this drama wouldn’t be good, it reminds me of how weird they are in criminal minds, Lee Jun Ki is in different frequency that Moon Chae Won, they aren’t bad but they aren’t harmonius,

    still best luck though

    • The World of the Maried nor the Sky Castle was not harmonious but was good and the rating was to the roof.

      The premise of this drama sounds good, hope this turn out to be really good.

      I have a request for Lee Joon Gi, if anyone can really my message would be good ?, I hope he would do a romantic comedy drama before he turns 40.

      • The world of Married acting is harmonious towards each other, the OP meaning of harmonious isn’t related to the the story of the drama but is it a match or not acting wise.

        It’s their acting style that the OP think doesn’t complement each other not the story per-se.

      • Acting-wise? Is that what she meant? That’s personal opinion and I see the contrary. I see LJG and MCW experienced actors. LJG range is exeptionally wide when it comes to acting ability. MCW seems to be calm and quite but she can act in any persona as well.

        Hope this drama well. I’ve been very disappointed with many dramas so far and there’s none that have stood out good so far. I hope Flower of Evil will turn out good.

      • Must have director who willing to give him a chance. I am sure he also want to try to do it.

      • Aw I got confused, @Menu and @Re-menu are just the same person?

        Let’s just hope the best for drama. It’s very hard to tell whether they would click on screen or not before the drama even starting.

        Look at Gong Hyo Jin and Kang Hanuel in Camella Blooms. I dropped the drama half way because I don’t see any chemistry between the two and lose interest someone. The only GHK drama that I did not continue. And that I am talking about the drama itself not before the drama. But I guess my point of view was wrong. Korean audience were in different view point and liked the drama, on top of that KHN won Best Actor.

    • Yeah, what I mean is their acting doesn’t seems to complement each other but they are good actors, it’s like banana or pinapple on pizza, definitely an acquired taste but doesn’t usually go along unless it really crafted well.

      You guys are so sensitive.

    • Why not ? Is just that no director give him a chance to do it I think.I have confident he can manage that too.

      • LJG got scripts for romcom. But not yet found the character that really suits him. He still looking into the scripts (romcom). You can check this on his interviews. Plus, he has commitment to play one drama every year. Only this time, he took long break for almost 2 years since LL.

      • @Yip Lay Choo There are many kdramas that showcase how drama productions works including casting. I suggest you watch Ex-Gf Club, Entourage, Worlds Within among others.

  3. I hope second time a charm for him and MCW. They are both so talented and therefore, this drama needs to be good to do them justice. He normally does one drama per year but he took a long break in between his last drama, Lawless Lawyer and Flower of Evil. So, I really pray that this one will be worthy esp in the hands of a good PD.

    Looking forward to Flower of Evil and it’s really nice reading post on Lee Jun Ki after a long while.

    • it’s just matter of writing, doesn’t really change anything because the writer is not writing in hangul. As long as others can understand, any spelling doesn’t matter.

      • @ MistyEyes I will watch all Joon Gi’s movies,dramas and videos etc. As for the rest of drama series, I will look at the actor’s and actress involve and of course storyline(most important). Every audience got their interest and type of dramas to watch. Those you recommend are none of my types.Dont really understand what you trying to say earlier on regarding ‘showcase how drama production works.’Are you one of the production crew or director in korea ?

      • I just read your comment about casting of a drama. Seems to be off,so in order for you to get a little knowledge how the industry works so I suggested those dramas for you to watch.

  4. Don’t give too high expectation for the drama cause story of the drama is most important.If story no good,it will affect its overall I am sure Joon Gi will try his very best for the drama.Just treat it as Joon Gi’s long return drama and not expect too much for that. Then we won’t be too disappointed if overall turn out not that good.

  5. Honestly i really find korean dramas/series more easy and light to watch.if you watched other series from other countries it is either you will fall asleep because of boredom or be upset because it has a never ending story line.i have watched LJG in some of his dramas, and one of the reasons why he only makes 1 series /year is he really wants to puts himself in character and really prepares for his role…After all not everyone can do stunts,drama and comedy in one go. Except for LJG…

    • Yes this is true. Thats why I adore him. Till this day, I still cant find or see other actors like him. None. That really get into the character so deep. His acting is very impressive and exceptional. Also, he can sing & dance like an idol. His martial arts, etc. He’s such talented actor with a very good personality

  6. I will watch’Flower of Evil’ as I like LJG as he is a multi-talented actor & so good to look at.
    1) The story line seems different & interesting, only hope it does not reflect badly on him since his role covers his bad past.
    2) Hope new watchers would not be bias. Anyway if he is thought as a bad person means he acted very well.
    3) I think this a thriller & not about romance, so hope the story does focus too much on the latter.

    I watched a drama for its storyline or to watch the actor I like.
    Not a critic as I am not a hired critic, not an expert.

    Believe we need to give him due respect as a multi-talented actor & will not discredit him, as sometimes certain matters are not within their control.

    Stay strong & healthy, all the best to success of the drama.

    • Well, I had noticed quite a numbers of people dislike him especially male audience If the drama turns out good, they won’t applause him. If no good, all the bad comments go after him. I have got confident with his performance no matter it’s acting or singing. He had not disappointed us so far.

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