K-drama and K-pop Fans Atwitter as Popular Soompi Forums Abruptly Not Available with No Warning and Explanation

Okay, by the time this article posts the entire thing may be back up and running, at which point we can all talk about the Great Soompi Forum Outage of 2020 which lasted all of 48 hours. But this time everything seems off and the outage again has gone one for over 2 days so I’m not sure if Soompi Forum fandom will ever return to normal. On Wednesday July 22nd Soompi’s popular Forums community suddenly went down, all users got when it tried to access any Forum group was “This Community is Not Available”. Soompi got its start in 1998 but expanded through the rise of Hallyu in the early 2000s and its fandom forums as users generated commentary and content on their favorite K-drama, K-pop, and star shipper threads. I remember Soompi forums in its original iterations, nothing fancy but a place for fans of each K-drama to gather and chat and really none of the drama wars or fan wars that arose as the internet got more heated. For awhile Soompi was owned by Crunchyroll but is now owned by Rakuten which owns Viki. Stay tuned on whether Forums returns or is gone forever much like Dramafever. *sniffles*


K-drama and K-pop Fans Atwitter as Popular Soompi Forums Abruptly Not Available with No Warning and Explanation — 34 Comments

  1. First one hallyu was ruined. Though they came back, everyone shifted to allkpop.

    Now soompi. It is such a good forum for dramas especially.

  2. It’s back but I can never fully reconcile the loss of DF they even had the series about Katherine of Aragon’s parents on there.
    Kids nowadays have it easy. Back when Viki was Viiiki we had to wait a whole week for subs and fans were less critical of the drama and just appreciated the content. Now a days an article featuring an actor is full or bashing and cynical comments.

    • Oh goodness, someone who knows viiiiki. I could never remember how many ii’s there were in it. I’m glad it became just Viki.

      • Actually it was spelled viikii until they changed it to viki. I had to remember there was double “I” back in the days.

      • I remember it! It used to have that funny font and comments autoscrolling through the screen, this was before crunchyroll acquired it lol.

  3. I though it’s my internet connection. Then, for three days, I tried every soompi forums from laptop or HP… This community is not available… I hope it will be back soon.

  4. I was a super active member on Soompi forum before?. So i got curious and sent a query via the forum tech support website and apparently their service provider has taken down the forum due to certain posts and activity on it.
    Currently they are working with the service providing to investigate on this matter.

    Hope this message helps to cool down the current active community users.

  5. I really miss the discussion in the forum..???..It is quite peaceful with no fanwars as we have to abide by Soompi rules..The negativity spewed on other platforms like twitter gives me headache.
    I just hope it gets fixed soon..Till then I will just binge-watch the dramas that I put on hold..??

    • Lol. I remember i got locked out of the forum during the airing of Hwarang all because of Park Seo Joon’s stans became irritated with the overwhelming postings on Park Hyung Sik that led to fanwar. Those fun old days.

    • We used to have a joke back in the day that soompi drama forums are only for fans so if even they were p-ssed off at a drama that means it’s REALLY messed up ?

      I hope it’s not a permanent downing and that the forums come back. It’s been the main forums for discussion of k-ent since the late 90s, it would be a shame to lose it.

    • hahaha.. i miss those old days when the chaos only ‘no one liner’ in sungkyuwan scandal.. and someone made a meme (i think that word had not exist yet) about geol oh or sun joon got angry and said those words. NO ONE LINER. hahaha.. i think my drama shows my age

  6. Lordy.. not Soompi Forums too! I never registered but was a lurker on that forum for several years. As an international kdrama lover, I feel we’ve lost too much in recent years, hope it returns and doesn’t go the way of Dramafever, and some other blogs and discussion forums☹️.

  7. I have been lurking on Soompi’s drama forum since the beginning, and enjoyed reading the informative comments for particularly interesting dramas. The highlight for my time on the forum was being a “Windblower” when I was so actively discussing “That Winter, the Wind Blows”. I even followed that fandom community to make and wear a Bell leather bracelet! That forum is indeed a great place for drama addicts! 🙂

  8. Soompi forum is just to big of a forum and influence to go down permanently whereas smaller forums who doesn’t have much traffic is okay

  9. Hehehe! I had a mini panic attack when I couldn’t access it yesterday.
    Blamed everything from the ISP to the storm that hit us.
    Hope it gets back up soon.

  10. Just came back from soompi and it works just fine. I dunno about this case. I read soompi yesterday and all was good.

    But i love soompi. I wish no one take it down. Soompi is more fair and objective than akp or some other sites.

  11. Soompi offers more diversity than Akp which is more into Kpop and top stars . With soompi i learn a lot about good actors less known or more “older” to Ifans .

    • Akp is a very much smaller forum and only debated on recent musical hits not even much invididual kpop groups sub forums where as Soompi has the much larger kpop individual groups and sub forums

  12. I was reading the Soompi phorum topic dedicated to my favourite actor and it was such a fun- discussions from his early years, “gossips”, news about his dramas, screaming emoticons. Such blasts from the past. They a few years ago the uploaded photos started disappearing, as Photobucket became paid or locked (for the nonpaying users). Sadly everything from these old years slowlh vanished.

  13. Anyone remember “coolsmurf”? This person (I think the poster is a gentleman) used to sub in English and post xman variety show episodes. He also had a blog. My source for KimJongKook and YoonEunHye ship. Ahaha

  14. Soompi is my source of k entertainment . In France, there are some blogs for kdrama’s fan but they lack so much of information and they don’t know much about old times. So i really hope that soompi forums will continue. I watched my first drama on youtube, Meteor Garden ! And my first korean drama was My love Patzzi !

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