So Many Throwbacks in Poster and Teaser for MBC Melo Romance When I was Most Beautiful with Im Soo Hyang, Ji Soo, and Ha Suk Jin

It’s going to be telling of your age/generation if you thought upcoming MBC romance When I was Most Beautiful straight up copied a scene from Ghost. Now I’m humming Unchained Melody again, damn you pottery wheel skinskip! I then checked the synopsis and learned that leading lady Im Soo Hyang is a potter, i.e. a pottery artist. Of course she’s going to be around a pottery wheel for legit reasons and of course at some point one or both of her male leads Ha Suk Jin and Ji Soo are going to find a reason sit behind her as she shapes. Because hello, still so sexy. Im Soo Hyang is Ji Soo’s first love, I see high school art teacher in the previews to his student, but then she starts to date his race car driver older brother. Cue angst and lots of love triangle tropes, I’m sure. This drama looks and feels so old school, nothing wrong with that if done well.

Teaser for When I Was Most Beautiful:


So Many Throwbacks in Poster and Teaser for MBC Melo Romance When I was Most Beautiful with Im Soo Hyang, Ji Soo, and Ha Suk Jin — 11 Comments

  1. Let the 2000s stay in the 2000s we don’t need this type of angst in 2020 please. I’m sorry Jisoo but why would anyone pick him over Ha Sukjin.

    • I wanna laugh and cry simultaneously when I tead your commenr. I kinda agree with you because it seems unlikely for HSJ to be demoted to 2nd lead because compared to JS, JS is more likely to stay as the 2nd lead. It would be hard to guess which one of them will end up with ISH or maybe both could have lose her.

  2. Its always good to move one from first love. It only brings hurt and cause trouble in ur present. There is reason we leave past behind.

  3. i felt uncomfortable to watch this drama. no, i really hate this type of plot. your love seems divided into 2 persons. worst, they’re siblings. i can’t accept it. it reminds me of super trashy bastard jerk pathetic natsuo in domexkano.

  4. Im Soo Hyang’s nose changes everytime she has a project. must be the make up. She must have the same make up artist with PMY, LJS and Seo Ye Ji.

  5. eh Im Soo Hyang is a really good actress, I’d rather watch her than certain others whose only qualification to be a lead is ‘not having surgery’.

    Ji Soo was so promising when he broke out with Angry Mom and Sassy Go Go but he’s spent the last 5 years in mostly 2nd lead/supporting roles in dramas, shame because My First First Love showed he makes a good leading man. I think HSJ might be the better choice for lead in this story though.

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