Suzy Commemorates 10th Year of Debut in the Cover and Pages of Elle Korea August 2020 Edition

I think K-star Suzy has had a really smooth ride as a star in a cutthroat and relentless industry. She debuted at 16 years old and is now on the cusp of turning 26 this October, and what has transpired in the last 10 years is one of unmitigated success. The worst thing she has to deal with is valid criticism of her acting, still needs much improvement, but her hit and miss projects are equal and she’s a top CF and fashion magazine model without missing a beat. She’s on the cover and pages of the Elle Korea August 2020 edition modeling Christian Dior, one of the couture brands she’s repped for a few years now. She’s also readying for her small screen return soon with the K-drama Start Up opposite Nam Joo Hyuk. It’s another chance to see if she finds the right role for her own strengths.


Suzy Commemorates 10th Year of Debut in the Cover and Pages of Elle Korea August 2020 Edition — 30 Comments

  1. I’m sorry if I may sound cruel but she seemed drained of any joy in this pictorial. I liked her in Dream High and While you were sleeping so here’s hoping for a good comeback for her.

  2. Can’t believe she is now on 10th year on industry. I’ve always admired her since the bad girl, good girl days. She’s shockingly pretty on her debut but now she grew up so much that her aura is fuckingly insane. Looking forward for the improvement of her acting and award speeches since she is now a fully-pledged actress. Bae Soo-Ji fighting!
    Side note: She’s dope in While you were seeping though. Don’t sleep her with that one. Aside from being an eye candy with the short hair, she really did a good job. I hope Start Up will bring the best out of her.

  3. I cannot shed of her cringey acting on vagabond, she should stick on doing cover and model like this.10 years is enough time to upgrade but it seems she will never improve.

      • LMAO cheated on the eternal chaebol?? Where’s your proof? Just say that you’re angry that he made a FOOL of himself going around chasing after Suzy lmao. But who wouldn’t go after the nation’s first love..

  4. Sorry? What the hell they did to her here lol!
    She does better pictorials . Here she looks so dull. They did her dirty
    She is just 26 amd already a successful decade as Lead actress. She is smart picking her roles

  5. Wow, 10 years ! Still remember when she debuted with the Bad Girl Good Girl MV. All the girls are good but she steals the scene even then. Definitely prefer her as an idol, but after 10 years, she has to move on.

  6. 10 years is a long time. As for her acting, it is what it is – compare her to IU who debuted in the same drama with her and you see the difference – but with the way kdramas are dependent on PPL, her commercials/modelling means she doesn’t even have to be good at acting, writers will just try to adjust to her (limited) abilities, even when the dramas don’t live up to their hype and deliver expected ratings. Well played, I guess.

  7. 10 long years. Oh that just proves time flies so fast… But I don’t like the theme of the magz, I like the Vogue issue more for her but they are experts so they knew what they were doing. What’s important is I love this lady and eveything about her.

  8. LOL, the following projects after her success in A101 were all average or flop. So, don’t think so she is good at picking good projects. She must take lessons from IU on how to pick good projects and become phenomenal at the same time.

    • Suzy is bigger and more popular than your girl lmao. Sohyun is the one with flop ratings and no ranking in any of the relevant surveys. As I said before, Suzy also has more CFs, followers, and awards than her as well. IU needs to take lessons from Suzy on how to be popular without riding on the popularity of males.

    • LMAO Sohyun’s projects are the ones that are average or flop. As I’ve said many times, Suzy is bigger than Sohyun who doesn’t even rank in any relevant surveys. And IU needs to learn from Suzy on how to be relevant without having to ride on the popularity of males.

  9. Sorry but its an awful pictorial of her. The second photo looked like that horror movie THE GRUDGE. I can think of a few deserving gorgeous Korean actresses to grace Elle Korea magazine

  10. Congratulations Suzy! 10 years in cut throat industry n jealous people not easy. Especially for one started so young at 16 yrs old! Good to see your personality remain sweet and natural. Can see your efforts in trying to up yr acting skills. Dont worry about what others say about your acting. As if they can act better…hahaaa….I have enjoyed watching all your movies and dramas. Keep on improving and keep your heart as pure as ever, always doing your share for charity and helping others not so fortunate. Dont know why Elle photographers want you to be looking hair like just got out of bed. Maybe they trying a new hair style trend. No need combing. But as always hair combed or not, you look stunning. Hope you get into a drama or movie role that shows you a princess or rich daughter who always wear beautiful clothes bec you would do best than others in that role:)

  11. Something wrong with these photos, so unflattering especially the one with her teeth sticking out. I think she looks worse as time goes by. Youth is no longer in her favor, she is now left with nothing to flaunt.

      • Who’s mad? Suzy’s success is all JYP’s effort. Why dragged KSH into this discussion? Are you jealous of her youth? LOL.

      • Nope, not when she can’t even achieve a quarter of Suzy’s success lmao. I bring her up because her insecure fans came to this article first because of their inferiority complex.

      • Marie – YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO BROUGHT UP KSH!! Get your eyes checked. LOL.

    • @Maryanne I said “her fans came to the article first” to bash Suzy, not that they mentioned Sohyun. You’re the one who needs your eyes checked LMAO. What’s funnier is her fans brought up IU instead because they know their fave is nowhere near Suzy’s level. Embarrassing.

      • You wrote “her insecure fans”. I do NOT believe KSH fans are insecure, and I do not believe they are bashing Suzy because they are KSH fans. If you want to point out anyone in particular, just mention the names. You do not need to indirect say “her fans”. Do not be a hypocrite. I do not need my eyes checked. I only see you mentioning KSH here, ONLY YOU Marie!!

  12. As usual, commenters here are pressed over the most in-demand and popular 20s actress. Sorry that your girls are not relevant like she has been for a decade.

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