First Drama Stills and Teaser for SBS Music Drama Do You Like Brahms with Park Eun Bin and Kim Min Jae

There are three reasons to check out upcoming SBS drama Do You Like Brahms? Music, male lead Kim Min Jae, and female lead Park Eun Bin. The soul stirring notes from his piano and her violin along with their equally bright beautiful smiles promises a sweet aspiring tale of two music department college students finding camaraderie and romance together. The first stills are out of the two leads and both look convincing as music majors, and the teaser is predictably lots of instrumentals and quiet connection being formed. It’s all lovely, not melodramatic, and suitable for what should be a low key and hopefully satisfying watch.

Teaser for Do You Like Brahms:


First Drama Stills and Teaser for SBS Music Drama Do You Like Brahms with Park Eun Bin and Kim Min Jae — 12 Comments

  1. The drama appears boring and uninteresting to watch. The actress, what is her name again? dont know her. is she popular? looks way way older as compared to the male lead. She looks like a teacher than a student. Flop drama from SBS?

    • Why do you care? You don’t have anything good to watch these days? Your bias is not trending so you are very bored I bet.

    • what I’m sure is BR your fav drama is the leading of the flop SBS drama this year. Despite airing in the fri sat slot, their rating is so so. still unable to achieve 9%. double digit like their previous one in the same time slot? i doubt it.

    • Are you really a KYJ fan? You are always getting her dragged on this site. Anyways, PEB may be less popular, but the girl can act and at least didn’t flop with her most recent drama lol.

  2. Eun-hee & Chan-hyuk’s memory lane ?
    I keep reading: “Do you like Brahms?” like “Do you like Messi??”

  3. Flop drama like BSR. You previously said it will hit 20% rating but 12 episodes already past and it is still at single digit rating.

    If you wanna drag other actresses, please make sure your bias is winning success at the moment or else, better shut the fuck up.

  4. So happy to see Park Eun Bin again. Both she and NGM were amazing in Stove League, and I’m still not over it.

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