Lee Jun Ki Faces Off with First Big Antagonist in Episode 5 of Flower of Evil as Drama Brings in 2.973%

Okay, episode 5 of Flower of Evil cements it for me. I LOVE THIS DRAMA. It’s totally Nice Guy on steroids and also starring Moon Chae Won and switching one of my baes Song Joong Ki for Lee Jun Ki and grounded by an interesting story with still so much ground to cover. Episode 5 got 2.973% ratings as the episode was a face off between Hyun Soo and the taxi driver murderer who thinks he knows what happened to his dead wife and where her body is buried. I already think sister Hae Soo is the successor serial killer to their dad Do Min Seok though everyone thinks Hyun Soo is the junior psycho, but that leaves him in a pickle since he’ll want to protect noona still. I hate his fake parents, who obviously hate him too but it’s so awful seeing just how terrible Hyun Soo’s life has been even pretending to be Hee Sung. The only silver lining is wifey Ji Won and OMG she is just adorable and tenacious and perfect. I love her, and I love even more her love for Hyun Soo. The ending of episode 5 is like an ending to a penultimate episode of most dramas but we’re getting it so early, which just means we need to expect stratospheric levels of pain to come.


Lee Jun Ki Faces Off with First Big Antagonist in Episode 5 of Flower of Evil as Drama Brings in 2.973% — 21 Comments

  1. I love this drama too! I’m just sad that it’s not generating as much buzz as it deserves because it is such a refreshing take (and mixing of genre to boot) of an already familiar trope. There is something familiar about it, but overall feels new in terms of depth and point of view. The overall rhythm and pacing of the drama is just so good. They know when to insert comedy that don’t feel contrived or out of place. Lee Jun Ki who has a penchant for overacting is so nuanced and in control here. I feel for him. I think this is one of the best if not the best acting he’s ever done. And Moon Chae Won is just right at home to her comfort genre. But at the same time giving as the maturity and gravitas she worked so hard for through the years.

    I’ve never been this obsessed with a drama before. So I apologize for my overly dramatic spiel. ??

    • Many are shy away from this drama due to the synopsis about this being serial killer and thriller. When in fact it’s a melodrama disguise as thriller suspense (as described by the director). But overall, it’s been doing good.

      • Anne

        Oh well, too bad for them. This drama has never been about serial killer protagonist. The PD has clearly stated before the promo started (back in May) that this is a melodrama disguise as suspense thriller and LJG’s character was described as ‘suspect’

      • @yustin, people , normal viewer don’t watch interview, they just read description and it’s misleading
        People comes for thriller and find melodrama, no wonder they left.

        I read from description that it’s about serial killer husband and a cop wife. They market it bad then

      • Pandawa

        They left? The show has been getting better responses than before lol. Even in Korea. The rating is increasing and FOE has been trending on naver almost daily. Maybe there are people who left but certainly a very small amount while there are way more people start to watch it

  2. I really love this drama, both actors perform their characters very well. I really missed Moon Chae Won because since Nice Guy, her dramas weren’t very successful.

  3. This would be the ideal drama for Lee Min-ho. I think he would excel, because it will leverage his strong points. Imagine him playing the role of Lee Jun-ki’s dad: looking like a creep, standing as a statue and most importantly – no lines.

  4. I love this drama! Moon Chae won impress me with her acting in episode 5. And I think their OTP is cute.
    He definitely have issues but I think she’s going to stand by him! I like the overall cinematography of the drama too. It’s sleek, pace is quick and ost is good!
    Well done TVN!

  5. Ah.. Koala! This post of yours and the mentioned of Nice Guy, just brings back all those memories with all your posts back then on NG. Does Jiwon reminds you of Eun Gi? Lol

    This drama has been doing great on Douban with 9.1 score and getting really good buzz in and out of Korea. The ratings are just unfortunate since tvN decided to put this drama in such terrible timeslot

  6. i love this i love this i love this soooooo much! in fact, it’s hard for me to keep staying watching a drama, unless it’s really interest me and i ship the pairing. and this hooked me sooo much!

  7. this would definitely be gaining more traction if it wasn’t airing on a wed-thurs schedule it’s a shame tbh because this is definitely one of the better dramas currently airing and deserves all the hype it gets

  8. I love this drama and the leads. Not always my cup of story but it’s so good. Just the right mystery and thriller and so much chemistry and love between the leads. It’s their love story that I love how much her love is healing and changing him.

  9. *** spoiler alert

    I’m curious about something. How do people not know how the real Hee Sung looks like? It’s not like he grew up abroad and he is a genius so he must have had many peoples attention.

    When the real Hee Sung wakes up legally he is married to the detective and legally he has a daughter bc in Korea all members are registered in a family genealogy or something right?
    I’m just confused how the psychotic parents benefit to having a fake person pretend to be their son. It all just seems messy and complicated.

    • True. I thought initially he wasn’t living a normal life. But seems like he does. Also, they’re too prominent a family to pull off such kind of ruse. This isn’t in the earlier decades as well. Everything happened in the turn of the century where internet is publicly available.

  10. Just watched EP 6. I’m seriously liking this drama’s storyline, the cast and production value, what a pleasant surprise! The cast, specially the 3 leads have great chemistry and the story is fast-paced. Cannot wait for the next episodes!

  11. I am not a fans of lee jun ki’s drama before..but here..I am drolling..he nails it..every of his gestures and facial expression really superb…

    this typical of drama is my cup of tea..the tough female lead..vulnerable male lead..heart wrenching family’s affair and I luuv the mellow drama with their child..it gives so much gravitas in it..
    In my age..seeing a hot father makes butterfly in my heart lol…

  12. I love this drama so much,I love the actors and actresses and I love how the story goes.It should be a big hit!Can’t wait for the next episode.

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