Son Ye Jin Radiant in New Jennyhouse Haircare CF

K-actress Son Ye Jin is back being the face of ladies care brands rather than the CEO in Crash Landing on You who manufactures it. She’s reportedly increased her already substantial CF campaigns since CLOY which is not surprising because the drama was fun and she was absolutely gorgeous in it. You gotta strike while the iron has gotten hot again and this summer she’s the locks behind hair care brand Jennyhouse. It’s got a sleek ladylike vibe and we all remember how Seri needed proper shampoo and conditioner even when she was in North Korea lol.


Son Ye Jin Radiant in New Jennyhouse Haircare CF — 42 Comments

  1. Sorry, I’m unable to agree with you.

    Kim So Hyun face is round, and she looks fat. She isn’t pretty at all.

    Only Song Hye Kyo, Son Ye Jin, Kim Hee Sun, Kim Tae Hee, Kim Tae Ri & Kim Ji-Won are considered real stunning beauties.

    • agree with you. ive seen a lot of kim so hyun pictures on instagram. and majority of them were bad photos, . her face looks swollen. she looks messy her in her pics. Top beauty, Kim so hyun? lol.
      No resemblance with Son Ye Jin at all.

      • I checked So Hyun’s IG photos and videos and I must say they are all beautiful especially when she is in motion – you can really tell that she is a natural beauty. Unlike Yoo Jung who seems to have some renovation in her old square face and flat nose. She is PMY in the making. That is why she cannot make it to legit top beauty list because even Koreans doubt that she is a natural beauty. Poor girl.

      • Bingo,I was laughing out loudly as I was expecting someone to bring KimYooJung into this article. Sure enough, just to protect their favorite, they drag another actress of competitive age group into discussion. Aren’t you too obvious to show your hate and jump to conclusions with assumptions?

    • You People are absolute TROLLS!! Comparing a 21 year old KSH still with cute baby fat and fresh skin with a close to 40 year old SYJ? A 17 years age gap is a big difference. I don’t see the resemblance but you all trying to bash a 21 year old calling her face round and looking fat is unacceptable in my opinion. On the contrary, it is nice to see KSH cute face with nice skin tone, elasticity and no wrinkles.

    • I’m so into the careers of METS child trio. Thus, when I was given a chance to travel to SoKor, I used my time to ask Korean people’s opinion on KYJ and KSH. For them, they are just of equal status, they are well-loved, hence, they are Nation’s Little Sisters. They see KYJ as their bubbly and cute little sister while KSH as the tsundere and girl-next-door little sister. Further, they hate Sidus because they are the one who ignited the competition between these two who are friends in real life.

    • Both girls are beautiful in their own unique ways. There’s no need for beauty comparison, they are not entering a beauty pageant. Most of us here need to look at our vanity mirrors before criticizing other people looks.

  2. She looks absolutely breathtaking ❤️❤️..
    I can’t wait for her Hollywood debut as it has been confirmed now..
    Cow Yejin Fighting..
    Nation’s first love, one of the most talented actress in Korea..all the best for ur future projects.Hope to see u soon on screen.

    PS: Is it only me that finds no resemblance between Kim So Hyun and Son Ye Jin..??
    Rather it is Han Ga In whom I see perfectly fitting as the senior version of Kim So Hyun..

    Different perspectives I guess.

    • @Astar Definitely! Kim So Hyun looks like a young Han Ga In, it’s insane how alike they look to me! But Kim So Hyun’s smile and aura are really similar to Son Ye Jin’s, I think that’s why people see them as look alikes

      • Why are you guys bringing in an apple here when the page is obviously talking about a coconut? GET a grip, SYJ is SYJ. There is no one else like her in the world. Not when it comes to talent or looks.

  3. Biggest joke ever. Kim So Hyun’s beauty is highly appreciated in Korea. She is like a combination of Han Ga In and Son Ye Jin.

    You’re just jealous because your idol Kim Yoo Jung is never considered a top beauty in her own land despite of your desperate attempts and push. She is a failure with back to back flop dramas.

    • I disagree. I like KSY but I don’t find her beautiful, just pretty. I noticed when she doesn’t have bangs, her forehead really stick out. I do think her face is round. Only after touch up in studio photos that her face looks more oval.

      • Also, just because someone have a different opinions, it does not mean she is jealous nor a fan of a specific celebrity.

        Back to the topic, SYJ is really gorgeous here.

      • It is okay if you have a different opinion but do not be over the belt when giving one like calling someone ugly for nothing.

        Further, Kim So Hyun without a bangs is still beautiful specially when she wears hanbok. I remember when Koreans are so awe in her beauty in Goblin and Ruler which showed her wide yet beautiful forehead.

    • @luna Totally agree. Kim So Hyun already ranks high in a lot of beauty lists, at such a young age. Also, there are plenty of quotes about her beauty from both Korean celebrities and average Korean people. Even during her METS days, Jung Il Woo and Song Jae Rim noticed her beauty, not Kim Yoo Jung, so that is proof that Kim So Hyun is already beautiful as a child. Crayon Pop manager even called her the most beautiful celebrity he had seen. And she’s the ideal type of many Korean men. She’s just so beautiful ?
      All the delusional haters here can bash all they want, their “opinion” literally doesn’t mean anything because Korea (and international fans) acknowledges Kim So Hyun’s beauty, and that’s all that matters. Haters just mad and jealous because their fave doesn’t get that much attention ?

  4. Son Ye Jin is amazing not only in physical outlook but also in her character. She ranks in the level of above excellence in all aspects.

  5. I just love Son Ye Jin and has been watching CLOY many times on netflix and still not tired. I hope she will appear in more drama in netflix in future.

  6. It is okay if you have a different opinion but do not be over the belt when giving one like calling someone ugly for nothing.

    Further, Kim So Hyun without a bangs is still beautiful specially when she wears hanbok. I remember when Koreans are so awe in her beauty in Goblin and Ruler which showed her wide yet beautiful forehead.

  7. Son yejin is flawless beauty queen with brain . Her radiant skin infatuates every one. Her natural glow is so very captivating. She has got not only out beauty but she has inner beauty also

    • I agree.. she is one of korean actress whose inner beauty extremely radiates..n she always have good chemistry w her costars.. really hope to see her settle down and get married w hb, act w gongyoo and do more action movies

  8. I really admire SYJ’s timeless beauty. Gogogo my idol..go to Hollywood and spread your wings but not too long my dear..its time for you to think of having a family of your own are already a hallyu star so be in love♥️♥️whoever is the lucky Mr Right, i hope it will come to you soon…we will always look forward to your next good projects..luv you pretty lady.

  9. One of those Extremely adorable KDrama Queens. She has her own unique form of charismatic artistry in her craft as a respectable actress. Its her distinct mature approach to her roles that makes her standOut from the rest ???

  10. As a supporter of both Ye-jin and So-hyun, I can’t help but roll my eyes upon reading the comments. I understand that we all have different pair of eyes, but is it really necessary to make derogatory remarks towards the latter?

    From the moment she gained popularity from Moon Embracing The Sun up to this date, there’s definitely a good reason as to why Kim So-hyun has been hailed by the Korean public as the ‘little Son Ye-jin’. The two actresses themselves already recognized their resemblance with one another, and even Ye-jin mentioned in an interview that she wanted to work again with So-hyun after The Last Princess, specifically playing the role of So-hyun’s sister. Thus, mentioning of names is pretty normal so y’all need to chill. In fact, Ye-jin’s name gets mentioned by K-netz on So-hyun’s stuffs even more often.

    In my opinion, though, they do not anymore have this uncanny resemblance at present. They only resembled each other momentarily at some point in the past. Rather than appearance, what makes them really similar is their pure image, independent personality, and versatile acting. Both are giggly, too.

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