C-netizens Marvel at Angelababy’s Latest Face Stiff Acting 10 years into Her Career

I love how C-netizens remain totally candid when it comes to assessing the acting ability of the wide swatch of actors and actresses in the industry. They are brutal and I love it because the ability to act isn’t a personal attack, it’s subjective certainly but it’s like Justice Potter in the definition of what is obscene: “I’ll know it when I see it.” We all know when we are watching good acting and terrible acting and with the case of C-actress Angelababy I have genuinely never seen this girl act well. Like, ever. I like her from her hustling personality and her variety show appearances such as Chinese Running Man. But as an actress she’s hilariously bad and recently she’s in a drama where viewers screencapped a scene where she is supposed to be crying and sad and can’t tell the difference between that and her being happy and smiling. Plus her usual overacting in other instances, she’s just a treasure trove of entertainment in ways not as intended.


C-netizens Marvel at Angelababy’s Latest Face Stiff Acting 10 years into Her Career — 11 Comments

  1. She is the Bae Suzy of China. After a decade of acting experience, still can’t give an outstanding acting performance, which makes me doubt if all her acting awards were all bought by YJ.

    Nevertheless, she is a CF star in Korea and well-loved by Korean public as their first love.

  2. She is very pretty… and a terrible actress. Reminds me of Jin Se Yeon. There are actresses who I just won’t watch. I don’t hate them or wish bad things for them- but their acting is so distracting that I can’t look past it regardless of plot or costar.

    The opposite in my mind is Zhao Lusi, Seo Ye Ji and Janice Wu. I adore them and find them engaging, funny and heartbreaking when crying. I’d pretty much follow them into any story because they deliver the full range of feelings.

    • Just to be clear- the actresses I listed as great are also very lovely. I didn’t at all mean that they aren’t beautiful. The opposite part was only referring to their nuanced and natural acting skill.

    • Oh I adore Zhao Lusi. How she manages to make the typical naive female characters likeable. At least for me. I think that’s quite an amazing feat. Lol. But her latest role in The Romance of Tiger & Rose was quite a breath of fresh air and probably my favourite of hers. She’s got good comedic timing as well.

      Another actress which I find really good is Peng Xiaoran but sadly she’s criminally underrated. Her performance in Goodbye My Princess was just phenomenal. & she’s super pretty too. But I’m still waiting for her next project.

  3. Ayy she didn’t do that badly in recent drama Murderous Affair in Horizon Tower, at least I could tell what emotion she’s trying to convey. Yes she looks unnaturally pretty whether she’s smiling, crying, or dying lol but then again Mei Bao is supposed to be this striking beauty so her looks helps to convey the essence of her character.

  4. Yes, C-netizens comments are brutal (or even cruel?) on all of their actors. In Angelababy’s case, I think it has more to do with her not having the ability to emote but, taking the lead actress role for quite a few dramas. It’s a competitive industry and she didn’t graduate from any acting school. Angelababy is good in C-version of running man though, and she is a pretty fashion model.

  5. Okay, her acting range isn’t that good but a lot of the high paid actresses and actors are flower vases at best. Why it is always her who gets singled out? She is pretty good when it comes to comedy but, of course, they aren’t the highest paid Dramas. At the end she sells well and that is what counts for directors to cast her.

  6. She should stick to playing lighthearted roles that don’t require demanding acting. She shines better in spunky, happy-go-lucky characters like her role in Love O2O movie version. I think she was more charming and did a better job than Zheng Shuang in the drama version. She has natural charm on screen plus her incredible beauty is so pleasing to see. I wish she would play to her strength and stop annoying viewers with her wooden emotional acting in dramas that require actual skills in acting.

    • Ah, Zheng Shuang is so well loved despite her being in the same acting range with Angelababy except I hardly have seen her comfortable with ANY acting.

      I really liked Angelababy in this movie. It was the first time I noticed she can act if the character fits her and the director is not giving a green light for bland acting. I also think she is rather a movie actress since she has enough time then to go into character and don’t have to deal with the often totally illogical behavior of her Drama characters.

    • I liked the movie version of Love 020 a lot but had to drop the drama because the fl’s acting was so wooden..
      Angelababy’s face is actually a treat to watch.. For me ..she and Dilraba are the most prettiest chinese actresses.
      But yup Angela needs to work hard on other genres.

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