Park Bo Gum Hard Carries Record of Youth as Episode 2 Increases Slightly to 6.802%

I was happy to see hardworking Park Bo Gum win yet another tvN time slot as Record of Youth premiered to the highest network time slot ratings for Mon-Tues, but after watching I realized viewers must’ve watched for the leads because I was so bored with the story and pacing. Episode 2 thankfully picked up, thanks to the leads meeting because Park So Dam‘s Jung Ah is only interesting when she’s bantering with her crush Hye Joon. I thought Byun Woo Seok would at least be interesting or give Park Bo Gum some competition but his performance and character is a snoozefest so far. It’s the Park Bo Gum show, both Hye Joon’s aspirations to be an actor and Park Bo Gum acting his heart out to bring this character to live and add layers. I like his family dynamics but so far this drama is bringing in all the entertainment tropes – from sponsors, to rich families pulling strings, to the poor humble Cinderella boy and girl having to keep getting trod upon in their dream quest.


Park Bo Gum Hard Carries Record of Youth as Episode 2 Increases Slightly to 6.802% — 44 Comments

  1. Yes, he is doing that. Ep 2 is still a bit boring though. Lead actress doesn’t demonstrate strong presence. They should ditch the blond hair. It doesn’t do her justice. The hair makes her look haggard.

    • @Mindy I agree about the hair color. Doesn’t do her any favors, she’d look a great deal more vibrant with her natural hair color. She was cute in Cinderella and the Four Knights.

  2. wow wow wow, this drama is so good. I’m officially hooked. I like the story and actings so far as I expected from the main leads. not a fan of PBG but he is such a good actor.

  3. Park bogum is alone in this drama. Second male lead is too bland, he cant handle emotional scene. Park sodam not female lead material, her acting is good but she’s not charming enough, her visual doesnt match with PBG. The story is too slow. Im suprised it can reach 6%.

  4. Park So Dam- i dont know what to say, I cant feel her and her emotions in this drama..Park So Dam lacks charm and presence, Her acting in the first two episodes, does not resonate with me.

    I will cotinue watching because i like Park Bo Gum.

    • There was someone on here who commented that Park Sodam is better suited and does much better in movies than dramas. That user was called a hater, but she is right. I think there are only a few who can do well in both, like Son Ye Jin, for example.

      • That person was me. Lol. Got so cursed at that I stopped leaving comments for a bit here. When Son Ye Jin first started out, she faced the same problems. Great at movies flat in dramas (summer scent/ and that lee minho drama) but aging really matured her acting and now she is superb in both. I dare say she’s koreas no.1 actress. Very versatile and imo out acted hyun bin in CLOY by miles. What really honed her skills is her guts to take on different types of roles. Her visual no doubt helps.

      • That’s an interesting comment. I’m curious on how can someone be good in movies and not in dramas? I’ve always thought if you’re good in acting, you’ll do well at least in these two platforms. Is it because of the limited time/exposure in movies?

      • @MizukiS I think not having much material to work with or not so great writing so maybe very charismatic screen presence alone is much more important (i’m not talking about looks either). IMO, writing in 98% of kdramas pale in comparison to korean movies, the standards seem to be much lower.

    • @KES
      I agree with your observation/comment, Park So Dam lacks charisma and presence. Hoping for an improved acting performance from Park So Dam in the succeeding episodes. She has to match the very good acting skills of Park Bo Gum.

  5. Park Bogum is definitely hard-carrying. He really is the nation’s the favorite. Was able to get 6.8% with a boring drama so far and on a weekday at that. He is doing what many expected the hallyu ’87-’88 actors to do, but failed.

    • Lol Park bogum already did that since encounter. But people in here didnt want to admit his power and giving ALL the credit to his leading lady.

      • They need to accept that he is bigger in Korea than their fave actors. I’m just stating a fact. The way people here undermine him and his success is hilarious. He has Reply 88, MDBC, Encounter that all performed well because of him, not only his leading ladies haha. His dramas are legit ratings hits, but dramas with lesser ratings by older hallyu actors are the ones being hyped here as hits when they did average at best.

      • bingo! Encounter is shared with SHK..I was waiting for his next project to see if he will carry the Bogum magic and it did! So far 2 episodes are all bogummy

    • I hope that it will also be a big hit outside SKorea!! I hope it will pick up in intl market..this 87-88 liners are doing great though outside of SKorea based on the ratings done after their dramas

      • it is slowly inching its way in the TOP 10 on Netflix. So far its..

        #2 S. Korea
        #2 Hong Kong
        #4 Philippines
        #5 Vietnam
        #6 Japan
        #9 Thailand

      • I think Netflix ranking is always changing. I remember its number 1 in thailand and number 2 in Singapure. Its in top 10 USA as well

    • Stating it as a boring drama is a bit harsh. It’s only two episode. It’s actually nice drama for anyone who wants something light.

      For the rating, wait till18 Again starts as it could be a game changer. I realised Lee Do Hyun is also in it.

      • The script is kinda weak, cliche and cringey. But yes! PBG hard carrying. His acting is good. I had to fast forward many scenes. It got quite boring.

      • I need a more fun, entertaining drama now that Into the Ring/Memorials ended so looking forward to Still 18.

      • Just want to make sure, Record of youth aired at the same time in Netflix. Its just 30 minutes after its started in Korea.
        But of course I believe Bogum drama will do well.
        Im waiting for all young actors drama like Suzy & namjoohyuk (Start up) I want to know how special that drama because TVN put it as their weekend drama. And there’s this ‘Search’ Jang dongyun & krystal. I know start up and search not air at the same time with Record of Youth but they will fight in buzzworthy list. I don’t like it when people comparing PBG with LMH and KSH, PBG has his own battle with actors in his age.

  6. bingo! Encounter is shared with SHK..I was waiting for his next project to see if he will carry the Bogum magic and it did! So far 2 episodes are all bogummy

  7. PBG hard carrying ROY reminds me of LITM. He hard carried LITM to success because it was written for him. Meanwhile, KYJ’s character was not well written. She was portrayed useless in the half way of LITM.

    • Weekdays primetime drama has around 10% viewership share. And with the entry of this drama, MBC Ji Hyun Woo and Kim Soo Eun drama has suffered a lot and only got .01%. Wow, that’s harsh.

      Then comes 21 Sep, JBTC Kim Hanuel & Yoon Sang Hyun drama 18 Again will start premiere. Competition on Mondays will become tougher by then.

  8. Honestly, i’ve watched the 2 episodes and until now i find it soporific . For the moment, i’ll stay with Do you like Brahms ?

    • Sameee.. i prefer Brahms over this one.

      I have nothing against PBG and just a casual tv drama viewer, but this drama is sooooo boring and flat.
      Plus brahms has many good quotes. I love it.

      • Yes , Park Eun Bin and Kim Min Jae are playing their role with just the needed sensibility, i find it really beautiful to watch and to listen !

  9. Honestly, episode 2 was still bland and boring. The script itself is bland, so it needs the chemistry of the actors to make it work. While I love Park So Dam, I’ll be the first to say that she isn’t really doing her role justice. A more charismatic actress would be able to make it watchable. I agree that Park Bo Gum is hard carrying the drama; the only other cast member who impressed me so far ironically is Lee Seung Joon who plays the gay producer; and to a lesser degree Han Jin Hee who plays Park Bo gum’s grandfather. I’ll watch the next two episodes, but I’m not holding my breath for any marked improvement. There are too many cliches in the script, so I’m not holding much hope that something remarkable or original will come out from this writer.

  10. I couldn’t finish ep 2. I can’t find interest in any characters, and PBG does not look like a runway model at all. My local TV is showing reruns of MDBC and I happily switched to that !

  11. How funny, everyone complain about this drama. If you like typical makjang like Itaewon class then go watch that drama. Record of youth is slice of life drama, many people can related to it. Whatever you says ‘this drama is boring’ ‘PSD is bland’ etc, as long the rating is high, its doesnt matter.
    Record of youth is a prove, PBG doesnt need big writer or big PD or A list Actress to back him up. His visual is as good as his acting. There’s no actor in his gen who can do it like him. I hope everyone will respect him now, the guy have talent and can carry his own drama

    • How funny, that no one even mentioned IC there, but I guess it’s success burned you so much, that you decided to bring it here lol Running so fast to protect this drama and make yourself feel better because it has Park Bo Gum in it that decided to attack legit hit that is not even aired at the same time lol I mean if you like it, then watch it and praise it… What Itaewon Class even have to do with it? lol Also, everything makjang and bad until your bias gets involved in it, right? XD Funny people)))

      • I don’t think she’s attacking IC. Its true tho IC is makjang drama. Why you suddenly in defense mode lol weird

  12. I’m here coz I Love PBG in Hello Monster/I Remember You. I think that was his best work to date as he portrayed so many different facets of emotions that haunt me till this day. Better than Reply 88 and MDBC. Am currently re-watching HM/IRY for his superb male chemistry with SIG. Little boy lost, hating and loving his Hyung at the same time. Bogummy’s performance is so heartbreaking and the OST Remember by Dear Cloud is one of the best OSTs in K-drama land. Have it playing the background as I type.

  13. Im not hating on Park So Dam but this lady cant act. She was so bland in the first two episodes. Kim Hye yoon was way way better than her even if she only did cameo in this drama.

    i have a soft spot for Park Bo Gum and besides his rwally a good actor, so i will support this drama until the end.Glad that this drama is on nerflix. Fighting Park Bo Gum

  14. Everyone is complaining about the drama being boring…. Well what can we expect with that scriptwriter ? I’m hopeful but judging by the scriptwriter’s past works, I doubt the drama’s gonna get any better. I wish to be proved wrong tho. Bogum deserves a good drama!

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