The Hyun Soo-Hee Sung Showdown Finally Arrives in Episode 15 of Flower of Evil Along with New Ratings High of 5.083%

There is one more week and one more episode left of Flower of Evil and I am going to miss the bloom off this incredibly assembled drama. From writing, directing, to acting, the entire piece hums strongly and despite a tiny slowdown in episodes 13-14 has now fully hit its stride in the denouement. If this drama gets awards then this is the perfect episode that encapsulates what makes it so rich in pathos: Hyun Soo battling his dark and light sides opposite Hee Sung, who is both scary and pathetic, and Ji Won as the light that makes Hyun Soo grounded in goodness. I’m glad Hae Soo isn’t dead and want the next episode to be about everyone coming clean and taking what punishment is meted out so they can move forward from the twin horror that was Hee Sung and Do Min Seok and their permanent trauma on so many.


The Hyun Soo-Hee Sung Showdown Finally Arrives in Episode 15 of Flower of Evil Along with New Ratings High of 5.083% — 8 Comments

  1. I’m desperate for this drama to get its roses. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a kdrama that reminded me of my longing for the nostalgia of early kdrama immersion and addiction, all while managing to stay and feel modern. I’m so proud of everything associated with this production.

    • Agreed. It was a melo that wasnt too makjang(over the top). A thriller that kept my brain engaged with all the twists but never got too technical and boring.

  2. Still hooked on this drama, but agree, it kinda slowed down in the past 2 episodes and the leads’ decisions to go inside the lion’s den (to confront the Baeks) without regard for their safety even if they know/suspect he’s a formidable enemy baffles me. I suppose they could have made that part tighter. That said, definitely one of my fave dramas ever and kudos to MCW and LJG for their superb acting, and natural chemistry as a couple. Writing, directing, editing, rest of the cast were also awesome!

  3. I luuvv this drama…mellow family drama with suspense
    the production teams fulfill their promise. They keep give us layers and layers.. and almost all the mysteries has been resolved by now..Until the very end, we keep hope that Hyun Soo is not evil..In the cliff scene, I keep screaming please please no no…don’t kill him just like Jeong Mi Suk 🙂
    because they keep give us hint that he has evil mind in one side of his mind..
    I am very satisfied with this drama, from writing, directing and also acting. I am not a fans of LJG before, but I am definitely a fans of Do Hyun Soo 🙂
    I will have hard post syndrome after this over

  4. I think the execution is abit too simple and convenient for me. I was wishing abit more complex. I really hope they explore more about Hee SUng and his family and the struggle they face of how they keep it all this time for having a son like Hee Sung. At this point, passable writing, good directing, though Kim Ji Hoon is abit overact in some part, an overall good acting. Especially Nam Gi-Ae which is the bomb playing a torment mother of serial killer.

  5. LJG broke my heart countless times this episode. He outshone everyone in this episode. I honestly think he deserves all the acting awards for 2020 (at least up to airing and aired dramas now) – just give it all to him.

  6. The scene with Egg Tart(Eun Ha) and Moon Chae Won hit different mehn.I cried with them.I felt sorry for the little baby.How scared she must have been to have to stay in her room without mum and dad in the house and her teacher(Do Hyun Soo) being attacked by the “thief”.

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