Yoona Starts Off Her 30s in Stunning Royal Blue Fashion for Estee Lauder CF

I think we’re in like the 5th or 6th generation of Hallyu K-pop and the reigning girl group of whatever her generation is is undoubtedly Girl’s Generation and Yoona is the center. I think SM pushed her too early to act because I really didn’t like her early efforts and felt she could have been better served to go the IU route and do a couple of supporting roles first. That’s long ago history now as she’s really come into her own as an actress, wouldn’t say she’s award winning caliber but she always has chemistry with her male leads and manages to overcome her own supermodel visuals to deliver really warm performances. Last summer’s blockbuster Exit was of course the Jo Jung Seok show but she was so spot on in her acting that it wouldn’t have worked nearly as well but for her. Love to see improvement and also to see her mature into a more womanly sophisticated aura as this past May she turned 30 years old. Oh how time flies.


Yoona Starts Off Her 30s in Stunning Royal Blue Fashion for Estee Lauder CF — 16 Comments

  1. Seems like most people don’t realize that Yoona debuted as an actress first before she debuted as an idol. She already had a supporting role by the time SNSD made their debut.

    Yoona was supposed to be like Lee Yeonhee and Go Ara, but the trainers begged SM to let her debut in idol group to not waste her dancing skills (she is a really good dancer, check out her boy group dance cover medley for her 30th birthday!)

    As for acting, I feel her biggest strength is comedic timing. I wish she would do more romcoms, Prime Minister and I is still my favorite works of her (despite the ending lol).

    • Still I do not put her in the same realm as the other two. Lee Yeon-hee looks the same, Go A-ra went from top-tier to okay-ish (but she was naturally-born pretty), but Yoona, Suzy etc. are not natural at all. Although I rate Yoona higher than Suzy. Because Yoona had only some (little) work done, but upgraded immensely from those touch-ups. Suzy, on the hand, was damn ugly when she was younger. She had a very big and chubby head, had small eyes and bunny teeth. But now she magically glowed up… Yeah right… Actress visuals > idol visuals, unless it is the younger actress, who are all short and idol-looking…

  2. All the SNSD girls are pretty in their own way, and although I don’t think she is prettier than other SNSD girls, it is strange that my eyes are always drawn to Yoona first when they perform, so I gotta say she deserves the title as the face of SNSD.

  3. From Canada, and being Asian, IU should not even be considered for beauty, Suzy is pretty, but Yoona for southeast Asian beauty is exceptional ??????

      • Not conventionally, but her face definitely has character, which in my books trumps prettiness any day. Prettiness will eventually fade, but a face with character stands the test of time, even after the wrinkles come ?.

      • Well IU more talented than those 2 combined and has the better and more respected career. Lol I’d take that over beauty which will fade any day.

    • too sad for you that korean public thinks IU is very pretty, not in the same sentence as Suzy but more than Yoona
      she always appears more in lists about beauty and who the men wants, so…

      and not even talk about how she is the most searched female tag in instagram korea 2019, thanks to Jang Manwol (the character that ifans love to say that is a miscat lmao)

      beautyful and expressive eyes, that will help her in the career
      Yoona has nothing on her face, she will have a decline when the firsts age marks appear

  4. I’ve watched all of Yoona’s KDrama and how she progressed and matured as an actress. She deserved an award for the 2012 drama Love Rain. Her acting in that drama was very raw and on point! But I’m thankful that she got an award for the 2013 drama Prime Minister and I. For K2, her acting was still excellent but I guess because of high competition for 2016 she didn’t get an award. However, her acting in 2017 King in Love deserves recognition.
    Yoona is a very versatile actress. Will continue to look forward to her tv and movie projects.
    I love the Exit and also her role in Confidential Assignment. Hope to see more of her in Netflix, Viki or even in theatres here in Canada or the USA.

  5. Eh. Yoona is still super mediocre as an actress. She got lucky off of EXIT, but her last drama project, she was completely outshined by Im Siwan and the one before that, she was outshined by the 2nd lead Song Yoona. I think the most natural actress in SNSD is Sooyoung followed by Seohyun who is showing improvements.

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