Park Shin Hye Attends Valentino Event in Seoul Decked Out Head to Toe in Brand Fall Styles

It’s fall so I’ll accept the black with black with black totally all black look of Park Shin Hye at last week’s Valentino event in Seoul. The top and skirt has streaks of color and she wisely didn’t wear black boots or black pantyhose with her mules so the skin tone below the skirt helps defray the darkness. I love her hair, make up and accessories way more, the earrings are exquisite and she also breaks up the black by modeling many of the brand’s colorful bags. I’m not sold on the recent seasons of Valentino bags, the initial clasp feels like a retread of Gucci’s recent revival and the leather bag designs are a dime a dozen with many upstart leather trendy brands offering similar looks at a fraction of the price. To pay the couture prices, bags have to hit it out of the park in getting those who can afford it to covet it. Park Shin Hye is doing great though, she’s a smart model for the brand straddling both the younger generation and the moms who watched her grow up.


Park Shin Hye Attends Valentino Event in Seoul Decked Out Head to Toe in Brand Fall Styles — 37 Comments

  1. Let’s mention how her movie #Alive made it to the top worldwide Netflix list. No other Korean movie or drama have achieved that milestone, just saying 🙂 Congratulations to Park Shin Hye, Yoo Ah In and production team for paving the way to the rest of the Kmovies that are coming out.

    And she did looked great too;)

    • Of course it’s given thing especially if its from queen of hits.No matter how much haters blabbering some nonsences ,she will always reign as a queen.
      Iam really happy for her achievements…God bless her

      • Love her The Heirs with Kim Tan…great actors
        She is a good dresser.i like her styles.

    • When you have nothing nice to say, it’s always best to be quiet but your bitter soul wouldn’t allow you mind your business.

      • thats my opinion and im entitled to that. her acting is lame.mediocre, as compared to other child actresses who also transitioned to become lead actress. She’s so overrated!

    • Haha I bet your life so boring miserable ? you’re so jealous that Park Shin Hye has done so well with her acting modeling etc
      Get a life hehe

    • Girl, you know what, just go on your way and do something good to the community rather than spreading negativity here. People like you shouldn’t be here. ?

    • Joane, you know what, just go on your way and do something good to the community rather than spreading negativity here. People like you shouldn’t be here. ?

    • If you do not like someone do not say negative things. Have you ever heard this sentence ‘words symbolize one’s personality’. I also don’t like an actress but I have never spoken badly about her. I feel sympathy for you because you behave like this towards her while she does not bother you and does not even know you. Try to think, why she can be on top if what you say is true? Think before you speak and comment.

    • I don’t agree to what you said. She is one of the best actress korea has. She is the only actress whose acting make me shed tears. Im a tough person lol

  2. Dear Joane as the saying goes, can’t said nice things then it’s best not to mention. Park Shin Hye is one of the good actress around. Best to be humble in life. I m not saying because liked her. Pls b fair. Tq n GB. Grandma Pris

  3. do i need to say good words only to Park Shin Hye? this is my opinion
    . I find her acting MEDIOCRE. Her acting was not “alive” in alive

  4. Her acting and visuals are both overrated…She has been in the industry for so long but barely improved and let’s not talk about her kiss scenes…

    • If her acting is REALLY not good then why she can be on top, popular, everyone know her including HATERS around the world. Are YOU a good kisser? ???

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful inside & out! I love Parks Shin He. Many are jealous because of her uniqueness!BEST ACTRESS OF ALL TIME!

  6. I like her. That dress don’t do her justice! I agree its quite boring not suited for a beautiful young woman. I find her shy and humble. As for her acting I only saw her on Heirs. She did well! I know she can really dance! That she does well!

    • That’s her style. When was her fashion ever not boring? Regardless of how expensive the brand is, she is always dressed 20 years older than her real age. Also her forever very boring makeup and accessories…Sigh!

  7. Shin Hye, you’re beautiful inside and out. I admire your personality !I’m your biggest fan. God bless all your undertakings!

  8. Park Shin Hye has an always been modest thats why I love her. Have watched all her movies and TV shows. If her acting was mediocre then she wouldn’t be where she is today. She is Popular not only for her acting but for her demure and her compassion to always give to the community. She has donated most of earnings to charity. She in not overrated. She is what she is she symbolizes a woman who knows what she wants and does what make her happy. Plus her family has an always been her anchor.

  9. She acted very well in Alive… calm, cool and collected acting in contrast with YAI’s acting. The director wanted this contrast. In conclusion, her acting in Alive was very much ‘alive’. Those who said her acting was mediocre are those people who enjoy overacting much. Lol

  10. What’s so funny is she always gets good reviews from critics in most of her movies and that’s the important part, she did her job. Go read and see for yourself, google is easy. She may not be your cup of tea but she’s still what the majority of audience like and who producers and directors want for their projects. I truly believe people are just jealous of her success and fans should rejoice and continue their support. ShinHye always delivers ratings and audiences for her projects, so let’s celebrate that and let the crybabies stew 😉

    • Well said! ❤️
      Making mine your words! God continuing to bless her and her generous and kind heart! Park Shin Hye is love, always! Outstanding actress,
      model, dancer, singer and above all human being, and always on point! ❤️?

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