Kim Ji Hoon Does Post Flower of Evil Interview and Discusses His Takeaways From Memorable Villain Role

There are so many accolades deservingly heaped on recently concluded tvN drama Flower of Evil and one of them is definitely lead actor Kim Ji Hoon taking on a surprising villainous role. He’s not done a true baddie before, even early on in his career and when he was firmly in second male lead territory he always played characters the audience liked. His one brush with being an onscreen asshole was in Goddess of Marriage and I both understood and hated his character so bravo. Here he gets to go all out and I love it, he does crazy with both restraint when needed and full psycho once he gets the chance. It was truly a double treat to see him act opposite Lee Jun Ki in what felt like mirror image roles in psychological directions.


Kim Ji Hoon Does Post Flower of Evil Interview and Discusses His Takeaways From Memorable Villain Role — 10 Comments

  1. But why do I have this feeling, he is the type who would shine more in antagonist roles than protagonist roles which is why it has taken such a long time for him to gain such a boost in popularity(?) Example of what I mean of such actors include Kim Jae Wook, Um Ki Joon etc

    He even looks more charismatic with his present look than when he was spotting the clean cut hairstyle( he is attractive either way though).

    I think he should be a regular at OCN where he can flex his acting skill more with darker dramas. A rom-coms or a strong melodrama role would be a nice change for his role not to overlap but I feel he would be relegated back to those daily/weekend/family dramas on public broadcast tv. Thats a huge disservice when he can offer so much more.

    Sidenote: He still looks handsome but in some angles he looks gaunt. I hope the fangirling doesnt get to his head too much that he starts starving himself to mentain this look. I feel the same for Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won. They have all lost so much weight. Its the sacrifice for their drama but still..I cant help but worry that their energy levels must be really low now and there are not like in their early 20s.

  2. What a versatile actor. I couldn’t believe at first that this is the same actor who played the dorky 2nd male lead in Flower Boys Next Door. I thought they were two different people.

    • Yes me too!!I was also surprise!! At the same time i realised he is such a handsome and strong actor of korea.I hope from now korean drama and movie directors should cast him for various strong roles.

    • Troll comments are very funny. I could also say Wi Ha Joon is more handsome than Kim Ji Hoon so why he’s not getting the attention. (But I am serious Wi Ha Joon should get a rom-com leading role, otherwise what another waste of romance acting talent.)

      Don’t get me wrong, I really love Kim Jim Hoon. The last drama I’ve seen him was Rich Family’s Son. I’ve watched that long 50-episode drama just because of him and it was heart breaking to see his talent getting wasted. So I am happy that he’s getting noticed again through Flower Of Evil.

      Acting is reacting. An actor gives better performance if he’s also performing opposite an outstanding actor. I watched a clip mentioning about his almost 2-hour phone conversation with Lee Joon Gi on how they’re going to approach their scenes. I think their good working relationship and as friends contributed to their amazing performances. And their individual performances compliment each others performance.

  3. He is the most handsome Korean actor..I first saw in flower of evil..I wonder why is he not on the list of top Korean handsome actor he totally nailed it in flower of evil..but his other movie is not that great though

  4. Real life chaebol..

    And his eng is so fluent.

    He’s a smart guy with many talents.

    Good for him. He needs more recognitions.

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