Gong Yoo Grabs Life By the Reins in His Cool Quirky Way in New GQ Korea Spread

K-actor Gong Yoo doesn’t have a project in 2020 but it would have been a perfect year for him to drop a “saving the world” type role because he’s totally believable at it. Train to Busan was successful because of his headlining as the dad along with a tight script and excellent supporting cast. Over the years he’s gone from callow aimless man-boy image to worldly man about the world and this October 2020 GQ Korea cover and pictorial takes us through that journey via his outfits and poses. He’s alternatively playful and pressing, like he’s ready to be serious at the drop of a dime but would much prefer to just be his own goofy self.


Gong Yoo Grabs Life By the Reins in His Cool Quirky Way in New GQ Korea Spread — 13 Comments

  1. Love him to the moon and back. He’s one of a kind. Just himself without trying hard to look nice or cool. Best actor and most handsome of all too.

    • I agree too. This man is not public perfect appearance obsessed like every other actors. He’s is just himself. Korean entertainment has so much fake and trying hard to look good actors who are shady af… Gong Yoo stan here!

  2. You just called GONG YOO a “callow, aimless man-boy”?!?! Woowww, I am so insulted on his behalf. That’s the most backhanded compliment I’ve ever heard. I really hope that you never receive such a flattering compliment yourself.

    • Ah she was referring to his IMAGE not his actual character and personality. As in he appeared to be callow and aimless, not saying that he was

  3. Ooh, I might have to get this one, he looks so good and it’s something a bit different. I don’t understand a word of hangul or chinese yet I have 3 or 4 korean and chinese magazines because of Gong Yoo haha. Thanks for posting Koala!!

  4. Gong Too is great in all his outfits. He can be the pouty little boy or strong man in the roles he plays. That’s why we love him. Wish American actors had the same qualities he has.

  5. just looking at him warms my heart… what a fine actor and the sensitivity that shine on his face just make me elated!

  6. Gong Yoo is going strong as always. If he ever retir, I’ll quite Korea Entertainment. No one in the k-industry’s is appealing to me lately. Gong Yoo excellent actor and most gorgeous man in the showbiz.

  7. I love Gong Yoo. I loved him in coffee prince, train in Busan and when a man meets a woman. I did not watch Goblin because i dont like Kim Go Eun and her acting.

  8. Everything Gong Yoo wears looks good on him. He has a classic style that is unique to him… And I end off my signature wrap comment:

    Gong Yoo is the sexiest man alive.

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