Lee Joon Hyuk and Kim Ok Bin Confirmed for Upcoming OCN Thriller K-drama Dark Hole

Wow, awesome cast and fantastic sounding creepy premise! OCN has confirmed for early 2021 the thriller K-drama Dark Hole and signed up as leads Lee Joon Hyuk and Kim Ok Bin. I’m sure there will be zero romance and I’m totally cool with it since these two will bring intensity and the right seriousness for this story. The drama is about people who turn strange and creepy after breathing in the air from a strange cave, if they are lucky enough to survive. Sounds like mangaka Shinohara Chie’s famous twins and creepy cave air supernatural powers 90’s manga Umi no Yami, Tsuki no Kage. Kim Ok Bin plays a detective (of course, OCN drama and all) who goes to the cave after receiving a call from the serial killer who killed her husband while Lee Joon Hyuk is a truck driver who was a former police officer who left the force due to a misunderstanding leading to dishonorable discharge but still maintains a strong sense of justice. They meet and seek to help those who have fallen into this danger. It’s from the PD of movie Cellphone and the screenwriter of Hell is Other People.


Lee Joon Hyuk and Kim Ok Bin Confirmed for Upcoming OCN Thriller K-drama Dark Hole — 7 Comments

  1. Ohhh! I’m so looking forward to this, interesting premise and love the two leads! Hahaha I also thought of that manga! Maybe it’s served as inspiration 🙂 Also I’m happy that Lee Joon Hyuk is getting more lead roles nowadays, he’s been going under the radar for too long. Overall it sounds like a very promising OCN show!

  2. Another actor am happy for is lee joon hyuk. I am still mad he died in City Hunter. The most amazing prosecuter?. Seriously though he has been underated for too long.

    Kim Ok Bin is such a girl crush. She has a similar aura to Bae Doo Na.

  3. I became his fan when i saw him in 365 repeat the year with my favorite actress Nam Ji Hyun. He is such a charismatic actor. will look forward to this.

  4. I find Kim Ok Bin so attractive. She and Shina Min Ah always look sharp and charismatic on screen, compatible with any actor they act with.

  5. Omo i really like him!
    But too bad theres no romance?sigh!i also regret when watch him in 365,no romance in great drama..ok fine still continue to watch him haha

  6. I can’t get enough of him. His screentime in Stranger 2 is too short and 365 days are also too short for me (still awesome though). Happy that his next drama is in OCN

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