K-drama True Beauty Holds Script Reading With Leads Cha Eun Woo, Moon Ga Young, and Hwang In Yeop

It’s filming kick off time for upcoming tvN drama True Beauty, adapted from the webtoon called The Goddess Descends which supposedly has a problematic premise about beauty and shallowness and whatnot. Moon Ga Young plays the titular beauty who is an ordinary average girl who learns crack makeup skills and becomes a goddess level beauty to the outside world. The leads are all suitably cast in terms of similarity to the webtoon drawings especially male lead Cha Eun Woo though I’m more curious about second male lead Hwang In Yeop who is a newbie. He made an impression as the assassin baddie in Tale of Nokdu and he’s also doing a great job as the seemingly school bully in 18 Again. Adapting True Beauty will be the PD of Extraordinary You and the screenwriter of Top Star Yoo Baek.


K-drama True Beauty Holds Script Reading With Leads Cha Eun Woo, Moon Ga Young, and Hwang In Yeop — 60 Comments

  1. I was kinda disapointed that Cha Eun Woo took the role. It’s the same one he had in My ID Gangnam Beauty. The story is about the same theme too. It will be hard to not compare the both dramas.

    The PD did great by adapting EY. It was really beautifully filmed between the different places, the decors, the light, etc.

  2. I don’t like Cha Eun Woo’s acting at all. But, I’m sure many people,especially in Korea, will watch this drama for him, he is just too beautiful to look at. And, the original webtoon fans will love the visual and synchronization of the casts in the characters. For the storyline, I just wish it doesn’t turn out like Cheese in the trap.
    In the webtoon, the three lead characters are equally important. In the drama, I’m sure they would focus on Su Ho and Jugyeong, it would probably make the original webtoon fans mad.
    It already gives me Cheese in the trap vibes. Even though CITT was a hot mess, it was still very popular, just look at all cast now, they all make it successful.
    Hope everything works out fine, I really love the webtoon, and Moon Ga Young is a good actress.

  3. I love all the cast except CEW. I hope CEW improves his acting.
    Moon Ga Young is not just a pretty face, she is good at acting and she can emote well.
    Hwang In Yeop is also good in 18 again.
    I hope the storylines would balance well too.

    • Same diana same. Will not watch. Cannot watch CEW. 15 years of watching kdrama he is the worst actor I have ever seen. I do like the second lead.He impressed me as the super loyal lackey of Kang Tae Ho in Nokdu. I shall endeavour to watch 18 Again since I do like Lee Do Hyun too.

      • This is direct bad comment to Chaneunwoo. I don’t know what is your point but it is wrong as his acting is vice versa so good that everyone addicted to and won many acting awards. So stop it already or we can report to Fantagio.

      • And who is this delusional webbyjira person going round attacking comments that don’t sing the praises of CEW?

        Direct bad comment to CEW? Whose name you couldn’t even spell right? Everyone who? Won many acting awards so what? Hurry. Go report like the dutiful class prefect you are.

        Poor thing, you must be new here.

      • @webbyjira Lol what acting awards? Don’t tell me it’s those MBC-type awards that are not taken seriously by anyone including Koreans hahaha. Only credible drama awards is Baeksang Arts, and even then, there are some questionable moments.
        Hahaha stating opinions that his acting is terrible is not bullying. He’s an actor, and he should be criticized for his acting. Now if someone called him ugly or bashed his personality, then you can call that person out.

      • shut up hater imagine if you were both a idol and actor that so much pressure plus all the hate people like you are what make the internet toxic keep it to yourself tf,

      • It’s not bullying. It’s an opinion shared by many. He is pretty, he seems like a nice guy, but his acting is honestly cringey.

  4. Congrats on Chaeunwoo’s 2020 role as Lee Suho and other casts who are filming at the moment. The first episode schedule in Dec 2 if there’s not a delay of tvN program time table. The webtoon writer said she draw Suho out of Eunwoo’s appearance so Excited to watch Eunwoo handsome role no matter what.

  5. He Cant Act. Worst actot ever. his acting’ s so one dimensional in My Gangnam ID. but at least he is pretty. Prettier than the Female lead.

  6. Cha Eun Woo can act depends on the character or his role, he did good in Gangnam Beauty but only that drama, otherwise it’s a dissapointment.

  7. I think CEW did a good job as Prince Yirim. Some commentators are too harsh on him. Regardless, he fits the webtoon character that none of your oppas will be suitable. ? Youth dramas are not for your age if you dislike this genre!!

    • Nope. These comments are vanilla compared to knetizens comments on his acting during his stint in that sageuk drama. Especially funny was the term “Nostril Acting” coined for him. He expressed his emotions by how big the nostrils grew. Angry/shocked – most widened nostril. Its a double whammy for CEW cos its not just his foot acting that puts people off. Its also his delivery of lines and off enunciation. It will take a miracle for him to get any better soon. If his company or he himself has a desire to improve and be taken seriously as an actor. Better to go into long drama as a supporting actor, bask in learning to play off other characters and immerse himself into the surrounding and lastly pick up some good acting tips and skills from veteran actors

      • The “Nostril Acting” was referring to the first 2 episodes of that drama which is his first sageuk; afterwards all comments were praises. As much as you don’t want others to comment on your 15 years of kdrama watching experience, you must admit you are no longer at the age to watch youth dramas. Have you read the webtoon may I ask? Some genres are just not suited for you. Just admit if you are at a weekend drama fan, and let others enjoy CEW. You do not have to comment everytime there is a CEW drama or drama. You cannot stop a young and pretty oppa to getting casted, Lydia. YThere are so many dramas to choose from nowadays. Your comments just come across as bitter and not in trend.

    • Exactly.Many of ur oppas doesn’t suit the role of suho,cha eun woo has his own charms,look at his smile before u comment,and “my ID is gangnam beauty”isn’t the only drama he did,refer to his other works,I’m sure he is gonna do a great job in this drama too…..
      Waiting fr True Beauty.?

  8. As a fan of the webtoon I immediately cast Euwoo as that character in my head I was excited when he got the part I frankly have seen everything he’s done ASTRO television shows to movies the guy is a Charming person and yes he played a very stiff introvert in ID but the BL scene in top management is hilarious and one of a kind! the whole webtoon is fluffy entertainment and I’m here for it!

    • Yes . There are some good or bad actors out there . But when it come to Eunwoo ,people make it big even though he only act one drama a year . What’s wrong with an idol acting in a coming of age drama . They start from this kind of drama and overtime they improved their acting skill . Going to support Eunwoo and the casts . Fighting ??

      • Yeah! He act based on the role, They criticized him on Gangnam Beauty because he is stiff but that he’s role! He can do better ? Every one loves him not just for pretty face but also for his personality ?

      • It doesn’t matter if he is only doing one drama a year. He will be criticized as an actor bec he got a drama. Don’t invalidate criticisms because through these comments, he will try to be a GOOD one. A fan should embrace also those criticisms. No one is perfect after all. He is actually lucky bec he can get acting jobs bec of popularity and beautiful face. He is getting opportunities to be better. Also, drama watchers of course have the right to demand for a good acting, and let’s face it cew is still lacking as an actor.

  9. Cha Eunwoo is improving day by day as time goes by so I’m looking forward to his new drama ? He is not just a pretty face he can be better than that!

  10. Cha Eunwoo was the very person I thought of when I first saw Lee Suho and “True Beauty” so I’m so glad he got casted!

    Anyways, why is everyone complaining about Cha Eunwoo getting the role? Everyone keeps saying they don’t like his acting, but honestly aren’t your standards being put too high for him? I mean he’s just a 24 year old K-Pop idol that has only acted in like 2 to 3 productions. I mean maybe I would get it if maybe he was originally an actor to begin with or debuted as a child actor, but that’s not it either. Also, if you really hate his acting that much then why do you even watch his stuff??? I can never understand people who watch all of the content and complain about it while insulting the person for it too. Just don’t watch it if you don’t like it enough to hate on it. It’s really not that hard. This is kind of the same for people complaining about the casting. Either don’t watch it or stop complaining about everything because not every casting is going to go the way you want it to. I don’t know about you, but I for sure can’t train to be a K-Pop idol for years until I’m 20 with no experience, successfully debut, promote for 5 years, somehow manage to get the acting lessons in between all of the insane schedules/practices, become an outstanding/perfect actor within my first 3 productions, while taking in all of the hate for not being as perfect as my face is. I guess all of you complaining about his acting can do this that easily? Wow, I respect you. Personally, I don’t mind average acting and newbie’s like Cha Eunwoo because I know they can’t be perfect right away. I also don’t comment horrible things telling people like him to stop acting because I don’t like it. Why? Because the experience they are getting right now is the only way for them to improve. All of the “respectable” actors I’ve heard of (that people STILL complain about) are around their 30’s, debuted as an actor (not an idol), and had years upon years/productions upon productions of experience. So why expect Cha Eunwoo to be an amazing actor now? Looking at all of this, I would think it’s weirder for him to be amazing right now. One last thing, you all aren’t told to compare Cha Eunwoo’s acting between roles and productions. I don’t know why everyone’s acting like they have to compare his roles from the past with this one (hence “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” and “True Beauty”). Comparing it isn’t your job. Your job is to watch it if you would like to, and don’t watch it if you don’t want to.

    This was long, but this is what I think. I just think everyone’s got to take it down a notch and stop being so hypocritical(?) by watching everything they hate so much (plus hating on it). No one’s forcing you to watch it and no one is forcing you to judge anybody’s acting.

    • Relax, take the fork out of your hole. People can express the good and bad of actors. It’s their job to be judged, what are critics even for? Your arguments especially your closing arguments is thin air and smoke because no one also asked for your comments either but you feel the need to share and the other people who don’t agree also feel the need to share. Stop trying to prevent people from having an opinion, it’s not hurting anyone.

      • sure u can critique them by saying something that actually helps. i’m referring to people that say “he’s bad, i don’t like it, he sucks, but this is all my opinion so no one can stop me” cuz that’s not a critique. from what i see, people that are complaining are for some reason watch everything Cha Eunwoo’s in and follow him around saying “oh ur not good enough”. i mean yeah u can say “he’s not doing it for me and i don’t think he’s the best because he can improve on…” that’s gonna actually help the other person but every Cha Eunwoo complaint i see are all “i don’t like it and he’s bad”. and somehow they come to the conclusion that 1) it’s just my opinion or 2) i was just giving them critiques. also u said that i told people to stop speaking their opinions but i never said that??? u said that it’s an actor’s job to be judged but.. who in this world signs their contract with their company that says “as an actor ur gonna act and stuff but ur also gonna be judged by thousands of people that has no real reason to but all they will say is “i don’t like it”. and ur gonna have to deal with it cuz that’s what actors are really made for. u also don’t have a say in whether what they say is a critique or not cuz they get to decide that as well. got it? okay now ur an actor”? so no, an actor’s job isn’t to be critiqued by the whole world whether they like it or not. it’s just the sad reality they have to face because people think they have the right to say anything as long as it’s “their opinion”. if ur gonna say that an actor deserves to get all the hate in the world because it’s their job and the hate is just people’s opinions then idk what to say. and i find it real funny and interesting that not one person that i’ve talked abt this to has ever answered my one question asking them why they keep watching someone they hate. idk what people get out of telling an actor that they are bad but it obviously wasn’t said with a good purpose so why even defend that stuff.

    • We don’t care about his training. What is important it’s if the actor can act. Cha Eun Woo is judged by his acting. The fact is an idol shouldn’t be a pass for bad acting or a reason to judge him more severly than an actor. For me, he was good in My ID but bad in Rookie. If he must gain experience, there is no issue with that but not as a main role, because main role ina drama has a lot of screen time. He can take supporting role for that.

      As watcher, we can say our opinion even if his crazy fans don’t agree.

      • Seriously I don’t get your logic. What’s the point of being in a supporting role when his visual is clearly the main lead’s face! No one will cast CEW in True Beauty as a supporting. Either you find a more handsome actor than CEW because he will not fit into other characters except the ML. Too bad if you disagree with the casting but this is the best arrangement with the current K-actors situation. Other actors or idols are either not as handsome, too old, or not available… Suzy cannot act and she still gets casted as FL, never once as a supporting!! How do you explain that?

      • I was talking in a general way not in True Beauty… There are a lot of other dramas. Yeah Suzy can’t act very well and she always critized for it. So if you’re a CEW’s fan, I’m pretty sure you don’t want him to compare to Suzy…

      • CEW has only been in 2 dramas as a lead and 3 others as supporting (and yes CEW has been in supporting roles). It is too early to be compared to Suzy’s over 10 years of poor lead acting. I am only raising an example.

    • There are examples of idols who were more recognized as an actor than an idol…examples are Park Hyung sik, Im si Wan,Yoon kye sang and the most talented Seo Hyun Jin (didn’t put the actors who are still active as idols) All of them didn’t rush to be the MAIN lead and started acting small roles, to supporting roles until they are ready to act in MAIN roles. Cha Eun woo got supporting roles first, I know, but truth be told, he is NOT READY yet to take main roles. He is really pretty and I like him too, but there are far more actors who can deliver more and have nuance in acting compared to him.

      • Is this a joke? YKS (age 41)? SHJ (a woman)? The only one suitable is PHS but he is now in the Military I believe. Can you give better suggestion which is PRACTICAL for this year drama’s shooting?

  11. The fact you all are here as trolls doing nothing but bringing others efforts down already prove his potential you know nothing but come here and there to criticize his acting bro if you don’t like it just don’t watch it no one is gonna force you and what knetizens opinion they are just a bunch of kids who have nothing to do in their life but bringing others efforts down for their favourites ?

  12. Congrats on the drama eunwoo! Ignore the comments regarding your acting skills unless they’re professionals. If they’ve just seen a bunch of dramas take them lightly and move on.

  13. Arohas are proud of Cha Eunwoo. He is a man who keeps on improving and it must have been because he was an achiever at school and he has a competitive personality. If you think he is a bad actor, give him a chance through this project to show that he has improved. Cha Eunwoo, keep on shining and don’t mind the bashers. You are Astro and Aroha’s pride.

  14. Wow they’re the cast of true beauty I’m looking forward to see their hardwork I have already watched cha eunwoo and moon ga young drama but the other one I guess I haven’t seen him well finally the cast that we wants, I have already watched cha eunwoo’s rhghr and I loved his playful character there as a prince rim he is the best fit for this role since he is the inspiration for Lee suho ?and moon ga young is truely a beauty fighting for the drama plz take care of eachother while shooting too.

  15. I am looking forward to this True Beauty drama. Cannot wait to watch it. Thank you for casting Cha Eun Woo. I think he is the perfect person to play this role. I’ve been enjoying his 2 previous dramas and characters he played on those 2 dramas. Cha Eun Woo maybe a rookie in acting; but I can tell he is a good actor! Keep on fighting and improve on your acting skill Cha Eun Woo!

  16. True beauty cast I am looking forward to see their great chemistry together, I loved all the cast they all are a such a great actors. I wonder why people come and comments bad things when they don’t even have a basic knowledge about that are you a director or actor who come here to judge cha eunwoo bro have you ever seen rookie historian I loved his character there…. and what knetizens opinion I mean who take them seriously they are nothing but a bunch of kids who have nothing to do if actor is handsome they say “he is just a pretty face” if he is not ” he is too ugly to watch” I mean bruh! We are living in 2020 where no one can success/fail just becoz of their face that’s just your own self-proclaimed mindset.
    For this generation cha eunwoo is well known as an actor and an idol globally he works hard enough to prove his skills, his potentials and improve himself every time with his own efforts no one gonna force you to watch him if you don’t like just go ahead and live your life….. celebs are human too respect them with your words, working in that industry is already hard enough than to come here and comment bad thing about them.
    Cha eunwoo we are looking forward to your great drama I hope you take care of yourself and suprise us with your great talent again we will be there to support you no matter what plz be healthy. fighting nunuyaaa~

  17. CHa Eun Woo Cant Act. Cant Act. . he was so stiff in rookie historian. Wooden acting Wooden actor. He was ok in My iD gangnam because his role did not require too much emotion.

    Like What I have saidn at least he is handsome. lol.

  18. Can you act….better than Eunwoo..ugly people like you has no satisfaction…better work to earn KRW for you to eat..

  19. I’m so much excited for this drama. Every drama have their own kind of story line. So don’t compare it with my id is Gangnam Beauty. Cha Eun-Woo did an excellent job as Do Kyung seok in MIDIGB. That’s why he got Awards. He did another exciting character that’s too much different from his previous one that Prince Yee Rim. He amazingly done that job. He manage to do as an Actor, Idol, Model. His schedule is tougher than others because of His ASTRO related every work and acting too. He’s apparently appearing in Master in the house too. And Lee Suho role fit him too well. It’s not about just his appearance. He’s an excellent actor who got many Awards in his early 20’s, there is many time for him to express and developing more improvement so after commenting bad abot CEW, you have to notice how to judge. I watched many dramas and I can say he’s good at acting. He like to act. He’s still in early 20’s, he can do more well. BTW He do very well in just two leading dramas. True Beauty is extremely exciting to watch. I’m not Korean.
    So It’s not only Korean who crazy for him. There’re many people who loves his acting skills. And his appearance in variety shows is GENIOUS.

  20. well,no matter what they say..i am so looking forward for this deama..im new here and i dont mean to offend anyone by what im saying..but in my opinion,(though no one is asking for it), CEW is definitely suited for this role..even his looks are so similar with Suho

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