Penthouse Drops Unintentionally Hilarious Character Posters of Leads Posing Like Fascimile of Rich People

I feel like SBS drama Penthouse spent all its money on the salaries of so many big name stars and just hired a college kid to do the promotional materials. It’s so bad it’s….good? The trio of female leads Kim So Yeon, Lee Ji Ah, and Eugene are doing their best The Princess, The Bitch, and The Social Climber poses and then Shin Eun Kyung shows up to crash the party like the mentally ill homeless lady teleported into the world of the rich and soulless. Male leads Eom Ki Joon, Bong Tae Gyu, Yoon Jong Hoon look like they will get eaten alive by their wives lol. This will certainly be an interesting drama to check out for the over-the-topness.

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