Fantasy and Lush Period Backdrop Abounds in New Posters for tvN Season 2 Drama Tale of Gumiho: 1938

The gumiho brothers and another gumiho femme fatale are going to wreak havoc, or restore order maybe, back in 1938 era Korea (not North and South yet) and as much as I was sorely letdown by season 1 I’m like a dog to a bone and curious enough to check out season 2 Tale of Gumiho: 1938. It helps that the era is cool to use as a backdrop (Capital Scandal anyone remember?) and the two bros Lee Dong Wook and Kim Bum are back and they were the best part of the first season. Also bonus points for new female lead Kim So Yeon as another gumiho/protector character so I’m expecting no damsel in distress and a whole lot of everyone fighting for their own agenda.

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Episode 3 Ratings of 5.588% for Tale of Gumiho Well Deserved as Drama Treads Strong Line Between Modern Mystery and Historical Intensity

Wed-Thurs tvN drama Tale of Gumiho (Tale of the Nine-Tailed) continues to captivate my entire attention for the full hour, with episode 3 getting even darker into the horror and mythology. I mean, Donner party hello? I still don’t feel … Continue reading