Tale of Gumiho Stays Solid at 5.511% Ratings as Episode 4 Reveals Brotherly Feud Back Story and Beautifully Tortures a Gumiho in Love

The Tale of Gumiho turns out to be as old as time, heh. Boy loves girl, boy loses girl, boy waits for girl to reincarnate, oh and boy misplaces younger brother who turns into a single minded revenge asshole. That about sums it up. Episode 4 continued the strong balance of practical mystery solving, and our female lead Ji Ah is so so so cool, calm, collected, and always has the right retort ready. It’s unfortunate that she has better chemistry with angry lil bro Lee Rang than with her soulmate Lee Yeon (for now) but that’s not a deal breaker, the story is interesting and fresh feeling despite the tropes and it still isn’t afraid to get really scary. Creepy kids haunting had me so ready to nope out of there. I feel like I love Yeon and Ji Ah as individuals for their personalities and his devotion to finding his one true love, but together it’s not selling me yet other than Yeon is a true loverboy through and through.


Tale of Gumiho Stays Solid at 5.511% Ratings as Episode 4 Reveals Brotherly Feud Back Story and Beautifully Tortures a Gumiho in Love — 10 Comments

  1. KimBum is stealing it!! Wookie is exceptionally smoking!! Jo Boah is great strong female!! Even the sidekicks are very very interesting characters. All of the casts are doing their individual job marvelously. KB-Wookie, KB-JBA and KB-Cute Sidekick are a joy to watch. Wookie-Vet and Vet-Foxy Heir is cute too. I love KB-Wookie’s dynamic and chemistry the best. KB-JBA have better chemistry than Wookie-JBA (but looks like it will improves…#FingerCrossed) Wookie is a lover boy thru and thru but JBA not yet….I am waiting…

    The latest episode is a horror in small packages…#Shudders The creepy children gave me goosebumps all over…#Scream And the baby of horror reminded me of a movie The Omen…#DoubleShudders

    Overall, great drama so far!!

  2. Loving it as well. The story telling is especially strong and I do like that every week there is a different story added to the core one. The leads are working hard for sure and doing their best. Individually they shine but I do agree that for some reason LDW and JBA are nor sparking together. Chemistry is truly a funny thing. You can put 2 good looking people with acting chops together yet the fire just can’t be lit for some reason. Anyway… its a great wed/thur watch for me and happy that the ratings are strong

    • I love it!
      I think the chemistry went up a notch already- it’s promising. I ship them! In every drama once you ship the OTP, all is good. It’s only ep4 but I ship ship ship them. So the drama is doing good. It’s all tropes and predictable but nicely sleekly done. Tale as old as time, but get it right and you have your audience hooked

  3. Yea, the chemistry is so flat, I can’t decide if it’s the acting or the way the story is written, or how it’s direct/edit. I do love the leads character individually.

  4. Hmm I didn’t enjoy the latest episode as much as I thought I would. The love story is truly as old as time but yeah not feeling the chemistry of the leads at all. There is something missing. I’m actually looking forward to Rang and Yeon rekindling their love as brothers more…

    • I barely survived master sun, my weakness is horror scene. I want to watch this but need to collect mya caurage first. I want to see this drama after reading most of comment saying this drama is good.

      • Master Sun is ALOT ALOT scarier and certain eps in Hotel Del Luna too. This ones creepy but the ghouls are not frightening looking so its tolerable.

  5. Yes, I actually felt more chemistry from Rang and Ji Ah, than with our lovely Yeon. I can’t tell if it’s because Ji Ah needs to work on her acting, or that the writing fell flat. Regardless, I find this show really refreshing. Ji Ah is smart-witted, but she’s not invincible. If I were in her shoes and got chased by kids, yeah I’d make some very poor decisions – like cornering myself to the edge of a rooftop. And yes, Kim Bum is stealing the show, I’m not complaining though lols.

  6. Kim Bum’s angry performance is the best thing about the drama! I didn’t want to comment about the underwhelming performances of the leads LDW and Jo Boa; and their lack of chemistry. I’ve watched a lot of LDW’s dramas, and my opinion is that he does way better as a second lead – where he can bounce off the chemistry of the male lead – than in a lead role. This must be why I tend to drop his dramas where he is lead, the only one I finished was Scent Of a Woman – due to his costar. I think he lacks charisma or intensity when he stars as the main protagonist. Feels like he’s sleepwalking through his acting. I like the plot, but something about the drama fails to grab me, so at this stage, I merely like, but do not love the drama.

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