Yoo Ah In is Ridiculously Handsome in New CF Pictorial for Menswear Brand

I’m having flashbacks to Sungkyunkwan Scandal and this isn’t even a sageuk pictorial. That was the breakout role for Yoo Ah In and probably when I thought he was the most young and handsome, because he’s such an auteur he disappears into whatever role is required which mostly doesn’t do justice to his good looks. This menswear pictorial is totally eye catching despite the simplicity of backdrop and the rather plain clothing, the model elevates it all and goes so with ease. Yoo Ah In had a great summer with his indie zombie outbreak movie #Alive turning lemons into lemonade and doing well at the box office during COVID restrictions. His new movie is coming out this week called Voice of Silence with Yoo Jae Myung so let’s see if he makes it a two-fer in 2020 with his films.


Yoo Ah In is Ridiculously Handsome in New CF Pictorial for Menswear Brand — 12 Comments

  1. After #Alive, I watched his drama and other movies. I conclude that he is by far the best actor of his generation. He can be a lovable innocent and a crazy villain (The Veteran).

    • Yes indeed. I have followed him since way way back. Watch punch and burning in Viu movies. He has a lot of films, all of which, made me believe he is the best actor in his generation.

  2. He is definitely handsome and a very good actor. I’m sure you’ll love him more if you watched his other kdrama such as “Chicago Typewriter and Secret Affair “.

    • Pls watch his Six Fyling Dragon ..I fell in love with him as Yi Bang Won..there & subsequently chase him in Chicago Typwewriter..He rocks ? ?

    • One thing that he is remarkably good in his acting, is his intensity. Whatever role he has, he brings in the intensity and gravity that matched the character. Easily slipped into the role and made people forget his original self.

  3. Yoo Ah In is definitely a handsome young man. He’s accomplished so much at a young age. Does well in everything he touch. You will not be disappointed he gives 100%.

  4. I fell in love with him the secret affair. After that I watched all his shows and realized this man is such a versatile actor. Not to mention handsome as well and down to earth.

  5. I noticed him in 2009 ” The man who can’t get married ” , the same year i noticed Song joong Ki In Will it snow for christmas? . But Yoo AH In is on another level . One of the best actors not only of his generation but of the others too !

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