The Big Bad’s Grand Plan is to Become Lee Yeon in Episode 10 of Tale of Gumiho

I find Tale of Gumiho still entertaining enough to keep watch but I wish whether from a different casting or a different twist to the story that I cared about the OTP romance because so much danger is tied to it. But alas all I care about is poor Lee Rang who gets dragged through another ringer – his half human side is dooming him to an impending death that he’s been prolonging due to being “saved” by Imoogi’s undead henchman. So now we know he’s indebted and a fox always pays his debts, as further revealed for the reason why Yeon killed Ah Eum because she commanded him to do it as the repayment order of his debt to her. Sigh. Imoogi continues to be creepy and not in a genuinely scary way, more like sleazy because he just wants to possess Yeon’s body and then take Ji Ah as his bride. Like, ewwww, neither wants you, I wished he just wanted to burn the whole world down.

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