Kim So Hyun Considers Signing with New Agency Culture Depot Which Represents Jeon Ji Hyun and Seo Ji Hye Among Others

With 2020 closing what has been a remarkably topsy turvy year, it’ll be nice is 2021 gets the world back to normalcy and a fresh start. K-actress Kim So Hyun is looking for a fresh start, her contract with current agency E&T Story Entertainment is coming to an end and K-ent reports that she is in talks to sign with Culture Depot. She is E&T’s highest profile star and moving to Culture Depot will see her represented by the same agency as Jeon Ji Hyun and Seo Ji Hye, among others, and also represented very successful and popular screenwriter Park Ji Eun who wrote Crash Landing on You, Legend of the Blue Sea, and You From Another Star. If she signs with Culture Depot then I can see her doing a Park Ji Eun drama next after she’s done with next year’s sageuk Moon Rising Over the River.


Kim So Hyun Considers Signing with New Agency Culture Depot Which Represents Jeon Ji Hyun and Seo Ji Hye Among Others — 93 Comments

  1. What a coincidence. After Yoo Jung switched agency this year, So Hyun is also in talks with changing agency. Are they playing with us? Hahaha. Maybe they are secret best friends who love doing things at the same time. I lost my count how many times their career decisions coincided.

    • @myrrana I know your comment is meant to be light-hearted, but unfortunately, comments like this will only encourage comparisons between the two girls. Also, So Hyun was the first one who switched agency from Sidus to E&T, also the first one to confirm a leading role in a historical drama this year, so I don’t know why this Kae clown below is blabbering about So Hyun supposedly “copying” Yoo Jung lmao ?
      They are indeed good friends in real life too, that’s why it sucks so much that toxic people love comparing them so much

      • @myrrana My last sentence was not about you btw, I know your comment wasn’t meant to be a toxic comparison lol

  2. Why she always copy Yoo Jung? 1st is pairing with YJG. 2nd is LITM and Ruler. 3rd is Laneige and Hanyul. 4th is the short hair. 5th is HCG and RWTMR. And recently, this new agency thing.

    Have a life girl. You are so obsessed with Yoo Jung.

    • Excuse me! Why are you here to stir up a fan war? First of all the three of them starred in Moon Embracing the Sun. KYJ and KSH and YJG are good friends. Pds in Korea also notice the chemistry of So Hyun and Jin Goo that’s why they were paired up in Missing You. Second, RMOTM is not copying LITM. The story is not the same. They’re just both segeuk doesn’t mean the other copied the other. Third, Hanyul chose So Hyun as their brand ambassador, it’s not her fault. Fourth, So Hyun cut her hair for her role in The Tale of Nokdu. Lastly, So Hyun already accepted her role in Moon Rising the River while Yoo Jung is not confirming yet. But if she does I’ll be happy to support them both because they are good friends. Unlike fans who act immature, these two established girs are doing their best. Let’s just support them as the future of kdrama.

    • @kae your conjectures and your connections are ridiculous, don’t compare the girls. No need to fuel animosity, respect the girls.

      1) no other actress can work with him?
      2) what’s wrong with both of them doing historical dramas?
      3) so top brands want them? What’s the deal?
      4) short hair, one of the girls did it for their drama, the character in the webtoon requires it.
      5) both of the historical dramas news was announced within 24 hours. One is still in talks while the other is already confirmed and already being filming for a month.
      6) other actresses/actors switch agencies this year too, why connect them?

      • Amen! Kae is probably just trolling. I don’t get why some fans would pit the two against each other. There are a lot of dramas being produced and there are surely enough roles for the both of them just like how there are great roles and projects even for actresses with only half their star power and acting talent.

      • @prettyautumn people like to compare because they want to feel superior. It’s a terrible pride some people have. Ikr, there’s plenty of works out there, enough for everyone.

    • Hello. Just admit that So Hyun is thirst for a hit project that Yoo Jung achieved at age of 17. She is copying Yoo Jung because she wants to know if it will work for her as well. And do not say that Love Alarm and Ruler are hit projects because the former was only loved overseas while the latter is badly criticized for its writing.

      • @kae
        Both girls want hits in their careers, nothing wrong with that. And even if they’re inspired by other people, again nothing wrong with that. Both girls are friends, what’s with your attitude? It’s not friendly and frankly, not wanted. I watched love alarm, I agree it’s not the best writing in the world but it’s still a wonderfully, entertaining, and well acted drama. That’s just my opinion though.
        It’s popular, that’s an irrefutable fact. If you don’t like the drama, that’s fair but no need to be mean-spirited towards the girls.

      • hurmm.. are u former moonlightyoo or what? only yoojung fans think like that. but it’s ok if that’s make u feel better ? it’s so funny you know, forcedly and falsely accusing for something false. i think u are the one who obsess with sohyun. you even got triggered for sohyun to move agency, while it has nothing to do with yoojung. insecure with sohyun achievement and smooth transition to adulthood? no scandal, no criticism for her choice of project and whatsoever? her choice of decisions so far doesn’t look like she is thirst for hit project. what’s more copy yoojung? pfftt.. if you want, i can state the otherwise for your bias. but I’m too lazy to start another argument.

      • @Laura thank you for being fair to both So Hyun and Yoo Jung. I see they are good friends. So Hyun follows Yoo Jung’s IG account and Yoo Jung sent food trucks in So Hyun’s filming site. Fans should take these Girls as their model but instead they always compare them. They are continuing their path to becoming the future of kdramas so please let’s just continue to support them.

      • You know how to treat posters like @kae? Ignore and talk about everything else. Do not respond cos such trolls feed on responses to make them feel important. Lets work on this test. Everytime you read a post by a seeming troll. Just reply with “Ok. Next.” – probably imploding on the other end.

      • @sherry
        Ikr, people need to relax and learn to appreciate their friendship instead of flinging verbal punches at people. It’s a friendship, not a rivalry haha

    • @Kae WTF are you on about? Your comment is why everyone thinks your fandom is one of the most toxic fandoms lol.
      So no other young actress can act in historical dramas lest they be accused of copying Yoo Jung?
      So Hyun’s short hair was for a role. Take of Nokdu was adapted from a webtoon, and in the webtoon, the female lead has short hair as a sign of rebellion, and that’s why So Hyun had to cut her hair short.
      Also, So Hyun was the first one who left Sidus and formed E&T, her own agency. So Hyun was also the first one who confirmed a lead role in a historical drama this year, and then we get the news that Yoo Jung is also considering a historical drama this year (Hong Chun Gi).
      By your logic, Yoo Jung is also copying So Hyun lmao
      How about YOU get a life, toxic clown ?
      You literally don’t make any sense ?

      • @kshfanboy actually we got news Kim///you//jung got offered the role first and then a certain number of hours pass and then we got news of Kim//so//Hyun being in the historical drama although it was news that she signed on officially, there was never news that came out she was offered the role.

        Let’s just ignore @kae instead of playing along with him/her since both girls are wonderful in their own unique ways.

      • @ju
        Ur mind is paedophile not the drama
        The webtoon was worse true but the drama portrayal was nowhere paedophile
        Many ppl enjoyed the drama even if it considered the worst drama

        Yes hope ur girl dont do such dramas or else she will also suffer like my girl becoz making mountain out of molehills have become a trend nowaday whereever these girls are mentioned especially yoo jung

      • @ju I agree with Ana, backstreet “the drama” wasn’t paedo. Honestly the drama had true controversial issues that bothered me but paedo wasn’t present. I love Kim///you//Jung like eating ice cream but I never allow my love for any actress or actor to cloud my judgment and I wish she never did that drama especially since it came from a bad source although there were many changes made.

    • Are you a true fans of yoojung?i think you are not and absalutely say sso is copying yoojung.please i am so pity what are you say.yoojung and sohyun are friends when they are young and until now they are still friend.why you create the fanwar?i know you are jealous.what i know sso is the first confirmed her historical drama.other than is their choice and their job.i think you not have a ambition.if sso have a lot drama so what it’s her and writer choice.yoojung have a lot movie and sso have a lot drama.they are popular.choose a many job does’n means is a bad.sso and yoojung is hardworking.sso don’t care who she act with who,because she likes acting and she enjoy it.sso doesn’t need a popular actor.but the achievement from all her drama is because her hardworking.while yoojung act with popular actor like park bogum and jing chawok.yoojung drama become hits because there are lot veteren and famous actor.sso drama become hits because she can pulled and help a lot other actor and ofcourse sso is very popular in korea and nationally.a lot actor she act is become popular because sso.sso have a lot drama because she likes acting,even she make a appearence she so good in acting because her ambition is become sucessfull actress.while yoojung sometimes choose her drama wisely so there are time to think it.meanwhile sso i think she never decline what offer she gets? because she likes acting and she take a lot chalenges to act different character,even she act a lot school drama but the character is don’t be jealous because sso and take care your bias.don’t be childish and compare them.they have different talents and different charms.yoojung is most beautiful while sso is pretty and cute.sso have a lot fanboy but yoojung have old women and old man want yoojung to become her daughter in they are sucessful in their career.don’t be jealous.not everyone is perfect.if we want always to be perfect is sometimes can make us pitiful person.

  3. I’m frankly surprised. I thought E&T story was made for her. Irregardless, this is wonderful news for her and it may help projectile her career even higher. She’s talented and she deserves great slew of projects to demonstrate all of her potential.

    • Other sources said that she will still own a share from E&T equity. The decision to part ways with E&T is because they are having a hard time managing So Hyun’s career together with their new artists. Hence, it is better if she will be represented by an agency with more experience andd power.

      • @thylane quite interesting that she will still have shares in the agency but will go elsewhere to be represented. I don’t see why they even bother recruiting other artists to the agency if they can’t even take care of their main actress lol But anyways, this might all be all for the best in hindsight because maybe she will be given better opportunities. I didn’t dislike any of the projects she was in during her E & T story era so it did come as a surprise to me but maybe she knows something we don’t know haha

      • E&T was made for her and housed under LOEN/Kakao-M. Actually her mum is somewhat also in the scene. Which is not healthy considering family members don’t have the professional experience and contacts to make things work. I feel that Sidus did a fair job managing both KSH and KYJ when they were children but when the competition for similar roles when they transitioned to adults made it impossible to be fair and someone needed to leave and in that case KSH opted out first. Anyway Cultural Depot lost Jo Jeong Seok just last year, while it is a good agency for female actresses, it did not do any wonders for his as they accepted terrible roles for him. For that agency, I see their capability as 50/50 after his stint with them. They are stronger with females so lets hope it works out better for her there.

      • @Lydia1

        I believe you.. you seem like an insider to me.. coz previously in the previous post you said the RWTMR was based on novel, then it’s truly based on novel. why do you think sso’s moving out to new agency then?

      • @hjw – She was getting stunted. Limited contacts, limited influence on the negotiations table for good roles in good dramas. Star agencies get the best scripts with influential directors and scriptwriters attached to projects. On her own, the clout is just not there.

      • @lydia1 thank you for the insight! I’m not sure if it’s 50-50 for jjs, he was there from 2015-2018, and some of his biggest projects were featured during that time frame. A success/fail depends on the writer for the most part. Most dramas only have like anywhere from a few scripts to half the episodes of the drama avail at the time before signing up for the project. So luck plays a huge factor.

      • @lydia1 I’m surprised because she was able to get decent projects under E & T story? But I suppose lack of negotiation power and less access to bigger projects does make sense and why maybe she wants to move to a different agency.

      • @Laura exactly 2015-2018 – guest starring role in Legend of Blue Sea (decent ratings big far from a hit), Two Cops, Nokdu Flower, jealousy incarnate (decent ratings but no hit either). Prior to them he had that huge hit drama with IU. Oh My Ghostess (which he joined CD after I think.) Without them. Hospital Playlist. Definitely more misses at CD than hits.

      • @lydia1 I see, but he also had some hit movies with them too. But overall I get what you’re saying.

    • True. Perhaps, the advantage for being represented by Culture Depot is having finally a big hit drama under her belt because of the high chance working with PJE. Also, she may have a chance having a high profile movie because CD is under Studio Dragon which is under CJ E&M, the producer of top grossing Korean films.

      • Everything you stated does fall under the realm of possibilities. I do wonder if JJH was originally offered the role in cloy but turned it down and then son ye Jin took the role instead.

      • Nope. CLOY was written with only Hyun Bin in mind and discussions with the writer, actor wanted to work with someone that he does not need to summon chemistry with again and recommended SYJ. Up to you guys to believe or not.

      • @lydia1 thanks for that insider nugget! I’m surprised because the writer worked with jjh twice, I figure she would be offered a third time and also because it’s co-produced by culture depot.

      • Actually whether or not house in same agency has no impact if the writer of the star is a mega one. Because the agency has zero say in their projects and only what they want count. Its like School 2015. It is produced by FNC yet none of their own idols were uses for the production instead its btob’s yook sung jae that got the supporting role because the director wants it so. For someone as big as Park Ji Eun, she now has the ability to pick whichever actor she wants to as well. Kim So Hyun is actually courted by many other big agencies and npt just cultural depot as she comes with alot of endorsement renewals. That in itself is a big draw for big agencies to bring her inhouse.

      • @lydia1 that makes so much sense! Thank you! We shouldn’t expect her to automatically work with writer park ji Eun in the future then.

      • @lydia1

        wow that’s interesting.. so many big agencies also wanted to scout sohyun? wonder who are them.. i think CD give offers which give the most advantages to sohyun. hope it’s finalized already. i can see that she would develop more in DC. it’s too sad that ent was created for her, but they stunted her development. she indeed has good projects in ent, but i think her cfs were too few as compared to her time in sidus. most of her cfs nowadays i think weren’t from the agency resources, but were given to her directly from that brands. I’m just hoping that she would be given the opportunity to endorse more cfs and to have more photoshoots in the new agency.

      • @lydia is Culture Depot considered a big agency in Korea? Or would it actually be agencies like BH, Namoo, KeyEast, SOOP etc who have a much bigger roster of actors and actresses?

    • I’m very happy that a big agency have their eyes on sohyun. saying that she is a good actress and has so much potential make the fans felt proud and happy at the same time. yes originally ent was made for her. but i don’t know for what reason, the agency started to recruit more talents. maybe there’s some order from the higher management. or maybe there’s some conflict internally, coz even the ceo park chan woo no longer put ent story ceo in his ig bio.

      on the other hand, i hope she really move agency because I’m not very fond of her being under the same roof with yoojung again. yoojung is also now under kakao m. i know they are friend, but one can’t avoid to compare them again. more comparison will happen if they’ve common thing to being associated with each other, like what had happened in sidus. nothing is good for them being under the same management. (trauma is real)

    • @laura

      i agree with you. i also like all of sso’s dramas when she was under ent. the only thing that i regret was she had less cfs and photoshoot opportunities. maybe the agency couldn’t provide her with that. and to be honest, i really felt bad with her label mates since all of the attention were paid more towards sohyun. but in the 1st place, why they even recruit more artists? that’s puzzles me. so i think it’s actually better for her to move out so that other artists in that agency get more opportunities to shine.

      • @hjw I also hope that this career maneuvering will be a blessing to her and the other artists from E & T story.

  4. She should sign now. Her future will be brighter than ever because CD has wide connections in the industry. For sure, CD will push her in order to create a new JJH or SHK or SYJ.

  5. Yes, go get it, Queen! Queen So Hyun in the same agency as another Queen (Jun Ji Hyun) would be a dream!
    But no matter what decision she makes, we loyal fans will always be here to support her! ?

  6. Both Kims are so young and they seem to be in good terms. Why can’t fans from both sides get along? Quite sad…Anyhow, I am neither fans of them but I think they both have their own charms and beauty. Back to this news article, the first picture is the best picture I’ve ever seen from KSH imo. Gorgeous.

    • Sidus is the one to be blamed because they promoted the girls as archrival during their stint in the agency. In addition, the media ignited the fire by always comparing the two. Even until now, these girls are being pitted on who is the ideal type and prettier.

  7. I know there are good YJ fan but this Kae is a perfect example of a toxic one. She cannot accept that So Hyun is going to sign with a top agency housing the number 1 korean celebrity goddess while her idol is… no comment.

    • @kayla Exactly. So Hyun is top actress of her generation, with titles such as “Queen of Child Actors”, “Nation’s Little Sister”, “Goddess of Historical Drama”, “Hallyu Fairy”, “Teardrop Goddess”, “Little Son Ye Jin”, and “Come-out-of-Mahnwa Girl”. She’s THE Hallyu princess of her age bracket, boasting 9.7 million IG followers, even beating some idols. Her beauty is widely recognized too, she’s always topping beauty lists even at such a young age, she’s the ideal type of many Korean men, and she’s one of the most in-demand actresses of her gen. No matter how these KYJ delusional fans deny it, it’s a fact that So Hyun is a goddess and a critically-acclaimed actress to boot. Why would she copy Yoo Jung lmao Yoo Jung’s last hit drama was like way back in 2016, and LITM is more known as Park Bo Gum’s drama, all Yoo Jung has afterwards were flops, her last drama even chosen as two of the worst dramas of the year ?
      lmao who would want to follow Yoo Jung’s path, it’s not like she’s some super successful A-list actress like Song Hye Kyo ?
      That Kae and others like her is delusional. Let’s just ignore them and celebrate this great news about our Queen ?

  8. HAAHAHA. Stop deluding yourselves. We all know that So Hyun is a copy cat. She wants to be higher than Yoo Jung because she is not satisfied that they are co-equal. She is so greedy and hides in a sheep clothing to hide her evilness. Sooner or later, she will be exposed.

    • @Kae lmao the delusion is real. I didn’t want to be mean to Yoo Jung, but I guess I have no choice here, you’re asking for it.
      Why the heck would So Hyun, or any other young actress, would want to follow Yoo Jung’s path? Her last hit drama was LITM, and everyone knows it’s known mostly as Park Bo Gum’s drama, no one is attributing its success to your Yoo Jung. After LITM, all your girl has are flops, Clean with Passion for Now has a record-breaking 1% flop ratings, and Backstreet Rookie was named two of the worst dramas of the year. Your girl is on her way to being a flop Queen, so worry about her lmao.
      Meanwhile, So Hyun is one of the most in-demand actresses of her gen, constantly topping beauty lists despite her young age, boasting 9.7 million IG followers, she’s the ideal type of many korean men, and as a testament to her Star power, she’s now being courted by Jun Ji Hyun’s agency. Your girl can’t relate ?
      I just debunked all your “evidence” that So Hyun is supposedly “copying” Yoo Jung, and you just ignored that. You’re a hopeless delusional case. So Hyun is superior to your girl, deal with it ?
      No one wants to copy a flop Queen lmao ?

      • @KSHFANBOY
        UR comments were really mean just enjoy ur girls sucess without demeaning others and ignoring some toxicity

        Too much arrogance leads to downfall

    • Stay pressed but a LITM will be counted as a hit drama under her belt. Meanwhile, So Hyun has no drama to be called as a legit hit in all aspects. Moat of her dramas are well-received only internationally but domestically, she is a flop. HAHAHAHA

    • Here you go again kae! Why you waste your precious time and following sohyun everywhere? Just focus on supporting your fave, why bother incite fanwar?

      • This person saying that KSH is obsessed in copying KYJ when This person is the one clearly obsessed with So Hyun following her in every article.

    • I have seen no comments from joanne yet and its sort of surprising but see a new name @kae with the same words and toxicity

      Joanne is ignored so kae is born i guess

      • Thanku everyone for not being triggered by this toxic fan and using ur intelligence to call her out on it
        Congrats to kim so hyun
        From true yoo jung fan

    • @Kae – Are you drunk? What’s wrong with you, trolling is one thing but you aren’t even funny. Knock it off and let the Kim girls live and pursue their own careers, both are great actresses.

  9. KSH making all the right career moves. Good head on her shoulders and driven with ambition.

    Word of advice – ignore the troll here trying to create fan wars by mentioning other people. This person isn’t a fan of anyone they just thrive on toxicity and want to see twitter blow up with fan wars since their own real life is crap. Don’t give them any attention or reply to their comments.

    • but actually, even tho her so called fans here are trolls, yoojung fans in twitter are real toxic to be honest. they’re easily triggered with something small and insignificant. proof? when ONE person saying that she dislike ahn yoseop to be pairing with yoojung, THEY WITH THEIR FANDOM ARMY, belittled ahn yoseop to defend yoojung. i mean why did they care so much with haters yah? just becoz ONE person from the male lead side dislikes her, they acted like it’s in the end of the world. I tried to like yoojung, but her fandom is too toxic. when any good news about yoojung came out, most of them be like ‘HATERS GONNA HATE, HATERS GONNA JEALOUS’.. for god sake move on from haters ok! it’s just make her fandom look toxic! i didn’t see sohyun fans or other fans from other actresses mentioned about haters so much like their fandom. the word HATERS seems associated with the fandom now. like a chant. if they want to ppl have good opinions about their fandom, stop associated themselves with haters. understand? i know yoojung fans from twitter always visit this site. so please read this message. don’t be triggered easily by haters.

  10. Can you consider deleting this post because it’s such a pain to kyj’s crazy fan deliberately insulting Kim So Hyun in the comment section

  11. Support your fave by all means but putting others down so as to bring her up is a NO NO! This is a message to both Kims’ fans:) Frankly they are being cyber bullied here!!

  12. I hope she picks a better project. I haven’t enjoy her project since school. She was sideline in Ruler and I find Love Alarm lacking guts and kind of not good. LA doesn’t make her shine.

    Hope the new agency gives her a good project

    • In my opinion she always pick good projects except Ruler, among her peers. She has the best and smoothest transition to adulthood. She no longer has that child actress image.

      • yeah The Tale of Nokdu was really good, one of the best dramas last year imo. Also her best pairing ever with a male lead after she started doing lead roles.

      • Nokdu is not that good, it’s not a bad project but I find her character lately lose the charm with another character inside the drama.

        I don’t compare it with her peers. The drama on its own isn’t that good a drama.

        If we have to compare, from the 2 latest yoojung drama, everyone who watched it talk about how good her in that said drama. In the latest KSH drama since ruler, most people talk about her co-star character, the side character and how the story doesn’t make sense.

        Even in Love Alarm, jojo/KSH character is the problem of that drama.

      • @shy I think it’s because of the writing. Jojo is written really bad, though I enjoyed the drama and her chemistry with Song Kang. While in Nokdu, It’s a male centric drama so the focus is on the male lead. Nonetheless, She made her costars get recognized. On the other hand, Yoo Jung’s character as Saet Byul is really irrational but she’s the center of the drama and she pulled her character well. Yoo Jung is a good actress. Both are good actress. They still have a long way to go and many opportunities to come.

    • @Thylane – In korea she’s considered popular but not Alist because she never had a proper hit drama. Also her defining role is School 2015. Everything else is considered lacklustre. The word is she is at the cusp of it. Im not sure the new production will break her out to be honest. The interest is not high among advertisers for that drama at all.

  13. As a lead yoo jung has done only 3 dramas unlike others but she is always targeted as a failure becoz of her last two dramas
    Bringing forward others failures doesnt make ur idol great
    Future is unpredictable and she yet has a long way to go
    Flop or hit true sosukes will always support her no matter what

    • @Ana I’ve read a lot of Yoo Jung being a flop queen and a 1% actress because of her last two dramas and it’s sad. I wish trolls like Kae and Joane will be removed here in this blog forever and all the other trolls who keep on igniting fanwars. Other actress gets bashed without their knowledge. Gone are the days where fans celebrate their idol’s success instead of throwing hate to others who are not their faves.

    • i think actually there’s nothing wrong and it’s normal to have failure projects. even some A list artists also have failure projects. it is just she is being targeted because her fans way too arrogant in the past. her fans should really follow the love loves to love love. I know you are her new fan, so u might not know or might not believe on what had happened in the past. but it’s indeed had happened. so we need more fans like u to educate the others to be more humble.

  14. LOL the amount of fanwars on here reminds me of a Kpop site. Kim Yoo Jung vs. Kim So Hyun; Suzy vs. IU, Yoona, and Park Shin Hye; Song Hye Kyo vs. Son Ye Jin, Kim Yoo Jung vs. everyone because of Joane. It’s insane.

      • sssh don’t say the name, it’s like Beetlejuice lol

        I’m not surprised about idol-actor/idol-actress fans acting like kpop fans because that’s what they are. But things like pitting the Kim girls against each other and Song Hye Kyo vs Sohn Ye Jin is like….???what?? lol.

      • Exactly! Joane and her many accounts + Marie seem to always be the root of the fanwars here. Them plus that ady(?) Lee Min Ho/BTS fan, but luckily she isn’t around anymore. She was the WORST. Kpop fans have infiltrated the Kdrama community so much so that they bring in all their toxic ways lol.

  15. Ms.koala, have you seen kim yoo jung latest photos from her new agency, Awesome ent? Shes so GORGEOUS in those photos. Truly a GODESS!!! She’s the. Prettiest girl that I’ve seen!.

    • Yes both of them is pretty to me.i love yoojung bright smiles and her eyes only.because beautiful person is sometimes bored to me.not offence of jealous but my types is beautiful and cute likes sohyun.sohyun have beautiful and cute face at same times while yoojung is more pretty other than cute.i know you are obsessed with yoojung if you are really fans of her don’t compare her in this article and i know people likes you always want a bias is more perfect other than someone.stop the fanwar and focus your own actress don’t go in this section comment likes your actress is more perfect other actress.FYI all yoojung drama have someone famous while sso not have well known actor.she is hardworking and she herself make actor well known because who act with sso have many offered for their drama.then the fila also yoojung have a famous person likes bts.All yoojung do have someone famous and make herself also famous but i know she have famous while she young but when she act with other famous can make herself well what do you want?you get yoojung act with someone famous and ambassodor with someone famous and can watch he a lot variety show for don’t be jealous to sohyun when she come with a lot drama.yoojung have a many movie while sohyun have a lot don’t think yoojung is only perfect so you can basher with other actress.i can say is childish?.go your own actress and don’t come back here.

    • @Joane I think what Fiza means is for you to stop trolling. You bring up Yoo Jung’s photoshoot when this article is about So Hyun. Please stop being disrespectful ?

  16. Waow, every article on KSH or KYJ goes downhill…

    I don’t really understand why they always have to be compared…

    I thought KSH had her own agency formed around her. I liked her in Nokdu FLower but the plot was disapointing. So I’m not very confident for her next project because of Ji Soo but I hope it will be good. The fact the story is not in Joseon is a good thing, a nice change for once.

    • @sayaris

      sometimes I’ve a feeling that i think that u’re just only pretending to care about sso. no offence but can see from your writing

      • I have nothing against her. I didn’t like a lot of her dramas like Radio Romance, Ruler, Love Alarm, etc. But never because of her, just because of the writing.

        Nokdu Flower was a great drama. The story was beautiful and sad and the actors were great. In the Tale of Nokdu, the couple was super cute but the story was bad, the villains were not consistent at all.

      • Nobody has worse written dramas than KYJ so keep your fake concern yo yourself @Sayaris. Plus KYJ can’t act for nuts which is why PBG is a star and she is a nobody.

  17. @sayaris
    Dont worry both kim yoojung and kim so hyun project will be a hit becoz hard work always pays off and both r hard working girls irrespective of their costar
    Both the dramas are also female oriented dramas so they have a lot of scope to show their ability and dont need to depend on ML

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