It’s Okay Not to be Okay and The King: Eternal Monarch Remain Most Watched K-dramas Worldwide on Netflix in 2020 as of December

There is just one more month left to lock in the viewership on Netflix for the shows streaming on the platform and the first year there was tracking on Flixpatrol. I’m hoping a K-drama remains in the top 20 and if it stays strong for the next four weeks that will be It’s Okay to Not be Okay in the 17th spot. The second most watched worldwide on Netflix K-drama is The King: Eternal Monarch currently in the 30th position. Late comer Record of Youth moved up steadily in viewers since its premiere in early September and is in 44th place. Another newer arrival comes next with Start-Up in 54th rank. After that it’s Crash Landing on You at 57, Hospital Playlist at 63, Was it Love at 65, Mystic Pop-Up Bar in 82, and finally Itaewon Class near the end in 98th position.


It’s Okay Not to be Okay and The King: Eternal Monarch Remain Most Watched K-dramas Worldwide on Netflix in 2020 as of December — 16 Comments

  1. The number of viewers watching a drama on Netflix won’t increase/decrease earnings from those who financed the drama. It’s a one time payment but it can help produce good will for the future and increase negotiations prices in the future for the producers. So I hope there won’t be any lame fan wars and those who try to use this data to brag on a certain drama success. This only showcase popularity in viewership not financial success and also it doesn’t speak on quality either. So people don’t twist data.

    • Good points. Unfortunately, fan wars don’t understand logic. They’re ignited by trolls and fueled by fans’ passion. Hope is good but armor is better.

  2. Okay my earlier comment disappeared but IC ranking behind Was it love and Mystic Pop Up Bar..???..
    Koala stop relying on Flixpatrol…it doesn’t have complete data..
    You could have just waited for few more days when Netflix officially releases the rankings..IC was one of the biggest hit this year and was in top 10 Japan for many months after it finished airing.
    Only stupid people can agree with this ranking.

    • Because the Flixpatrol doesn’t have proper data..and it makes no sense for the mega hit Itaewon Class to rank so behind .
      Flixpatrol started recording top 10 data from April onwards..So other shows like CLOY and IC which were already finished by that time, their points were left out and hence they rank lower..
      But miss koala likes to invoke fanwars and for the umpteenth time i have seen her invoking that same site

      • I knew someone would definitely bring up the ‘FlixPatrol data is not accurate or proper’ excuse. Sure, if FP had started recording data around the time of CLOY or IC, yeah, they might have topped the list then. But as time goes by and newer dramas are released, do you think they’d still stay on top? No matter how good or a megahit a K-drama is, people always move on to the next. No drama remains on top forever, megahit or not. All records are meant to be broken.

      • Oh, about Koala and fan wars… yeah absolutely. There are ads on this site. How else will she get the views, if not by posting incendiary articles like this? Like it or not, it’s smart.

      • @Smash

        Good point. Plus those dramas not ranking as high doesn’t detract from their success, quality or impact in any way. It just means people have moved on to newer/other dramas. And that’s fine.

      • Netflix didn’t even begin doing Top 10s until April 2020 though. CLY and IC did well but no old drama hangs onto Top 10 that long after its over unless it’s that American drama, Friends.

      • @Smash Don’t you know how Flixpatrol calculates the rank??..They give points based on daily top 10 rank..For exa if a drama ranks at #1 in 10 countries,it gets 100 points for that day and so on..Now if you take away CLOY and IC’s prime time months when they were airing…how can one expect them to accumulate all the deserved points??…I know records are meant to be broken..but first of all ,comparisons should be fair . Especially when a drama like IC which had quite some longevity ranks behind Was it Love?, people are bound to be suspicious and hence i found out the reason behind this..
        Koala knows this and accepted this fact abt Flixpatrol in her previous post as well but just to entertain some fanwars she brought this up again.
        Anyways this year was a good year for kdramas .

      • In your earlier comment above you wrote Netflix will officially release its rankings in a few days? Then it’s best to wait and hear it from the horse’s own mouth.

  3. Oh. I arrive at the parade and someone’s already raining on it. Good thing I brought an umbrella. Lol.

    This year has been shit in so many ways but some of these dramas (IOTNBO, CLOY, HP) made it more bearable and helped me cope. I hope next year brings us even better K-dramas!

  4. Congratulations IOTNBO fams ???

    IOTNBO and Kingdom are considered one of the best International Show of 2020 by New York Times
    Iam happy for them

    • Its Okay To Not Be Okay deserves the hype and popularity because it really has a great quality from story wise, casting, cinematography, and ost. It deserves to be worlds best international drama 2020 NEW YORK TIMES version. So proud!

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