K-ent Reports on K-actress Shin Ye Eun’s Ignominious Three-peat of Super Low Rated Dramas

I’m totally neutral here because I’ve never finished beyond like 10 minutes of her dramas but this is a really awkward article to be featured in. K-actress Shin Ye Eun has been written up in K-ent this week for being in the position of having three mega flop drops in a row. Going from most recent backwards: More Than Friends aired on jTBC and averaged 1.422% despite having Ong Seung Woo as her male lead and a channel that is riding high in critical acclaim, then there is the all out weird Welcome (Meow: The Secret Boy) which averaged 1.7% but on the Big Three network KBS, and her big break with He is Psychometric which to date is her highest rated drama with average ratings of 2.395% on tvN. These are genuinely super low ratings and I feel bad for Shin Ye Eun because I can’t image she is the sole cause of it. Whether from bad script choices on her part or her being unable to bring in more viewers, that she’s getting news coverage for this doesn’t bode well for her career since K-ent media coverage is always so glossy and spon-con.


K-ent Reports on K-actress Shin Ye Eun’s Ignominious Three-peat of Super Low Rated Dramas — 30 Comments

  1. Wasn’t she also recently declared the new ‘IT’ girl snapping up major endorsements left, right and centre? Her drama ratings don’t necessarily reflect her high demand but she is in demand. The younger audience likes her.

  2. She’s not a bad actress but she did poor choices in dramas.

    In He Is Psychometric, the story of the second FL and ML was more interesting, their characters too, when the FL and ML weren’t so interesting.

    The plot of Welcome was totally a disaster… It never worked.

    And for More Than Friends, it was the worst ML I watched since a long time. The FL was so boring with her indecisiveness. The second male lead was the only normal character.

    • I wonder how much drama choice she actually gets. Kdramas love to cast the same 30+ actresses (along with idols who do 1 – 2 drama roles just for giggles) for all the meaty roles whereas young actors get much more opportunity to shine. It seems so unfair!

      • I don’t agree. She was lucky to be the lead in her 3 dramas. A lot of actors must be supporting cast first, then second lead and finally main lead.

        She’s very young too. She can take her time in a play in theatre or wait for a better script.

        She’s from JYPE too. It’s not a small agency.

  3. I think it’s nasty to come up with such article, as if placing the blame on her when in fact, the biggest blame should fall on the writing and execution.

    I hope she has a strong mental health. Can’t the writer be considerate enough to at least thought of the possibility over how this nasty article can cause damaging impact on her mentally?

    • But her Psychometric co star, Got7 Jinyoung got popular award at Asian Artist Award… lmao… thus here you are, saying he’s unpopular.

      But she’s not suzy tho, she wont get an A list actor to be paired with. JYP wants her to be the 2nd suzy but get her popular, real popular actor. She’ll do well later.

    • Ong Seongwu got a Baeksang Award Best Male New Actor nomination and won Best Male New Actor in AAA last year after his first drama At Eighteen. He got favorable reviews on his acting in At Eighteen and the ratings also averaged more than 3%.

  4. She’s 22 – chill! This industry is desperate for young actresses. I root for them by default because heaven knows that the quality of roles is just not there and they also don’t have the legions of female drama watchers salivating over the latest jail bait for support.

  5. I feel bad for actors who get slammed when it is totally not their fault. The ratings for He’s Psychometric can be attributed to the fact that it was her first drama, no huge stars to bring in the ratings but her acting was quite serviceable there. Didn’t watch the Welcome, but that’s a poor choice of a drama on her part. I wouldn’t watch a movie about cats let alone a drama series. More than Friends had a promising plot and was geared to be relatively successful, I even fell in love with the first six episodes but it was ruined by a Sh!tty script and the plot was awful. She’s probably being singled out because she premiered as a lead actress, didn’t start out as a supporting actress and work her way up like so many others did. When you’re in the lead role, you get blamed for everything whether it’s your fault or not, conversely, you get praised if the drama’s doing well, whether you deserve it or not. My advice is for her to choose an ensemble drama next, with more experienced lead actresses/actors so the spotlight isn’t on her. The danger of articles like these is that she may end up stuck in supporting roles after such a promising beginning.

  6. To be fair to her, name me one young actor or actress that is able to carry a drama on their own (so without a veteran)? K-entertainment has been all about preferential treatment lately and they put inexperienced actors/ shit idols in highly-coveted roles. But normally they pair the newbie/idol up with a star. So for example, they would put Seolhyun with a person such as Namgoong Min or L with Shin Hye-sun. So the odds of flopping becomes much smaller. Shin Ye-eun, on the other hand, does not have a “support” of a star. Instead she is supposed to carry the drama on her back. But she is nothing special, so the low ratings are expected.

    • I can only think Kim So Hyun of someone who make a drama popular even without popular or veteran stars around her. In other words, she is capable of carrying a drama.

      • They’re not comparable though. Kim So Hyun was a child actress with an established fan base due to her solid acting skills over the years. Same deal with Kim Yoo Jung, Kim Sae Ron and a number of former child actresses who grew up under the spot light. They paid their dues and worked their way up to lead actress status. In contrast, Shin Ye Eun is a newbie, rookie actress. She’s charming and talented; but talent can only go so far in the Entertainment Industry. She needs the backing of solid, more established seniors for her dramas to make good ratings.

  7. More than Friends is just not a good drama. Good premise but the pretty actors are stuck with insufferable characters. She’s not great in it, but neither is anyone else.

  8. She didn’t earn her stripes in the right way. That’s why it ended up discrediting her status as a lead actress. Should have accepted more supporting parts to build her acting resume before being a lead straight away based on mediaplay about her “pure” looks. If this continues, she will end up with a career trajectory similar to Jung In-Sun and lesser but still comparable start of Jin Se Yeon’s. She is honestly stuck. Unless JYPE do better to plan her career. She is seen as lead actress material for low budget dramas and will keep getting those scripts in dollops and yet too far ahead to be reduced to supporting in better productions (who might not even consider her). If it was my decision, I will put her into a long form strong ensemble cast weekend drama running on KBS. Gain her some solid experience working alongside top notch veteran actors and ratings and then push the lead narrative again. This is what helped Shin Hye Sun go from support actress to credible lead actress status in short form – her role in My Golden Life.

  9. I knew JTBC made a wrong move in making a rom-com like More Than Friends the follow-up to its biggest hits this year (Itaewon Class, The World of the Married, Graceful Friends). That would be enormous pressure on her. She should star in a KBS1 daily soap opera next time, so she would have at least one guaranteed hit.

    • Graceful Friends was a (big) hit? But its ratings (4% average) were nowhere near as phenomenal as IC (11% average) or WOTM (18% average).

  10. It is not her fault! Personally i liked her because of her acting and visual is bonus. I hope she deals this kind of article well. Don’t worry Shin Ye Eun, you’re still young. You have the potential and the looks so i am confident that you will be big someday! Fighting Ye Eun Unnie!

  11. I really like Shin Ye Eun – and I even enjoyed, god forbid, Meow The Secret Boy. But overall, she or her team are not choosing strong scripts. She’s charming, but the plots are mediocre to disappointing and the characters she’s playing don’t stand out. Not to mention her male leads have all 3 been idols who – whatever you may think of their acting – don’t bring guaranteed ratings to the table.
    I really don’t think anyone expected her to be the one carrying the dramas. In fact, I’m sure her casting happened more through JYP connections while Jinyoung/L/Seongwu were cast to grab the viewers. The fact that it didn’t work is simply proof that only a particular “type” of idol is gonna give you that linear TV viewership – specifically the type that’s a household name outside their group and appeals to ajummas who make up the bulk of the live TV viewing audience. Just because an idol has a huge young or international following thanks to their group doesn’t mean anyone is going to watch a drama on their TV for them.

  12. What do you mean ‘despite having OSW as male lead’? Is he Gong Yoo?The poor ratings are just as much ‘his fault’ as they are hers (maybe even more so, because I personally avoid dramas that shove untested idols into lead roles, and I know I’m not the only one)

    • I agree that OSW is a rookie but he did well in his first drama At Eighteen, got favorable reviews, nominated for Baeksang Best Male Rookie award and even won AAA Best Male Rookie award so he isn’t exactly untested. At Eighteen also did well ratings-wise considering it’s a school drama with mostly rookies cast.

      More Than Friends ratings is a combination of a poorly written script (from a rookie writer) and JTBC putting a drama with 2 rookie leads in a highly competitive time slot.

      • Nah,osw would likely give thanks to hyanggi and the whole production. His first gig is mediocre at best. He isn’t really ready yet to be a lead actor. He should have started small roles like what DO, SIWAN and Hyungsik did. Also, most awards are not taken seriously bec we all know, there are more deserving actors who weren’t even nominated in the first place.
        I am not discrediting osw, i like the boy, he looks good and his personality is okay too, but in acting, he should really start small roles first.

  13. None of the dramas she was in have an imdb rating below 7.I don’t know why make such a big fuss about it
    She acts pretty well considering the fact that she debuted only last year
    Why don’t people blame the male leads all of them were popular yet their dramas didn’t do too well?!!!

  14. Like seriously I hv watched all her dramas like literally all the only reason I watched web drama A teen was bc of her in A teen season 2 viewers were disappointed bc she was shown much including me I literally skipped to her parts only in season two

  15. Why would she be getting so many dramas for a rookie its bc she is good idk where u get such idea to write such a stupid article on her but her dramas are pretty good and all her dramas she was with pretty famous ppl for a reason bc she is that good. When she debuted also she got in as a main cast bc she was that good that she couldn’t be given a supporting role and all her dramas she is main cast bc she is that good.

  16. She had no chemistry with her leads. Even Got7 Jinyoung was trying so hard, she doesnt react back. That is the problem. OSW is so bad though.

    • What do you mean by no chemistry with her leades.I’m not her fans but I watched some of her dramas and some of the bts.I guess she’s teally have chemistry with her leads jinyoung and osw.I mean especially osw.They are quite comfortable.

  17. She is a fine actress and she had chemistry with Jin Young and second male lead from latest drama. But Ong Seong-wu’s character was the most disgusting male lead i have seen so far. Ong Seong-wu was so bad in Eighteen too. Another classmate was much more handsome and had acting talent.

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