Penthouse and Suzy Lead the Good Data 4th Week of November 2020 Rankings for K-dramas and Actor/Actress

I haven’t checked in on the weekly Good Data rankings on the television side for a few months, during the fall it was basically unchanged from Record of Youth and Park Bo Gum topping the chart. Lots of new dramas have arrived since then so taking a fresh look it’s nice to see lots of new names on the list. SBS hit Mon-Tues makjang drama Penthouse is #1 in the drama rankings followed by tvN Sat-Sun drama Start-Up and then same network Wed-Thurs drama Tale of Gumiho. On the actor/actress rankings, it’s Suzy in the top spot followed by Eugene second and Lee Ji Ah in third spot. Lee Dong Wook gets some buzz in 4th for his gumiho turn and finally Nice Boy Nam Joo Hyuk rounds out the top 5.

  1. Penthouse
  2. Start-Up
  3. Tale of Gumiho
  4. Birthcare Center
  5. Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol
  6. The Uncanny Counter
  7. Kairos
  8. Oh Samkwang Villa
  9. Live On
  10. Private Life
  1. Suzy
  2. Eugene
  3. Lee Ji Ah
  4. Lee Dong Wook
  5. Nam Joo Hyuk
  6. Jo Boa
  7. Kim Sun Ho
  8. Eom Ki Joon
  9. Kim So Yeon
  10. Lee Tae Ri


Penthouse and Suzy Lead the Good Data 4th Week of November 2020 Rankings for K-dramas and Actor/Actress — 7 Comments

  1. Buzz can mean either good buzz or bad buzz, so it’s not safe to put too much weight on these charts. Buzz just mean you’re more mentioned or discussed

  2. Kinda weird Nam Joo Hyuk above Kim Sun Ho.
    Kim Sun Ho is kinda the trend right now. Facebook, naver, theqoo, dc gallery, etc …

    • I think this data is restricted to the current drama that are airing. KSH though is the #1 in recent Brand Reputation ranking for tv drama actors followed by NJH, and Suzy was not even in Top 10. It was not surprising because KSH was also a main cast in a popular variety show and definitely he is one of the major trends right now.

      I am glad that Start Up [with a popular writer and main leads] may not have achieved its expected high ratings, but it’s still one of the popular dramas this year, domestically and internationally.

    • lol nothing weird about it. These are hard facts. It’s based on search, mentions and conversations in Korea. So while KSH and Ji Pyeong fans are more loud where you’re checking things out, this is the reality. It’s the case last week as well. NJH was ahead.

  3. Suzy is the queen. queen of media play and mediocee acting
    With all the support that shes been getting for her drama, SU rating is bombing. 4 to 5%.
    her delusional fans are dreaming that SU rating will reach 9%. lol.
    Kim Seon hos back is aching because his carryibg the drama Queen suzy bee and Nam joo hyuk *as usual) id useless in SU. jin SeYeon would be a better choice than her.

    • Why so salty? Nowerdays people not just sit in front of TV to watch TV shows, many viewers especially the younger ones watching through TVing, that’s why Start Up TVing rating are often around 80%,that’s pretty high. It’s a show well loved by Korean and international viewers, 3 leads are topping all the polls left and right, you wish your bias can achieve that.

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