First Stills of Jang Ki Yong and Hyeri for tvN Gumiho Romance K-drama Falling Cohabitation

Okay, this drama sounds like a mash up off Goblin’s cohabitation element and Tale of Gumiho‘s fox bead aspect, and Tale of Gumiho ended up being a stupid and lame mashup of Goblin and Hotel Del Luna. I would castigate this drama for retreading except it’s based on a manhwa as tvN will air the K-drama adaptation of Falling Cohabitation with Jang Ki Yong and Hyeri in early 2021. Jang Ki Yong plays a male gumiho who has lived for 999 years and is prepping to become a human. He loses his fox bead and cannot become human without it, and Hyeri is a college student who swallows the fox bead and will die within 1 year because her body cannot withstand it, unless it is removed. They two start to live together and romance ensues. I…..have no comment right now, on either the story or casting, because I’ve been burned so many times by this genre and also both leads. Let’s hope for the best, folks!


First Stills of Jang Ki Yong and Hyeri for tvN Gumiho Romance K-drama Falling Cohabitation — 11 Comments

  1. Neither of these leads excite me in terms of acting, or in terms of drama selection taste. They each have maybe one drama that I thought was amazing with the rest being between horrible to ok. So, I too will just hold off until teasers come out. I’ve had my fill of gumiho for a few months, so we’ll revisit when it premieres.

  2. Jang Ki Yong does have sort of that “foxy” look about him, but I’m burnt out by Tale of the Nine-Tailed. I really hope they do the legends justice this time around.

  3. Jang Ki Yong is great. But I will not watch Hye Ri. And I couldn’t watch his last drama because of the epically bad writing. So sad. I really hope this talented young man picks a better drama soon.

  4. Actually this reminds me of the 1994 Hong Kong film “Mermaid Got Married” because of the bead thing and it being swallowed by the other partner.

  5. If I love the cohabitation plot, I don’t trust these actors.

    Hyeri is not good as actress and JKY has proven to be very bad at choosing drama… He was disapointing in his last drama. WWW:Search was good but because of the other characters, his one was pretty boring…

    • I recently watched Search: WWW and my, was it frustrating! Bae Tami flip-flopping all over the place in her relationship with JKY’s Park Morgan. And yeah, his character was so so boring.

    • Can’t watch this because of Hyeri. JKY is a talented actor, l liked him in My Ahjusshi, and loved him in Come and Hug Me and Kill it although his stint in WWW: Search was meh (and I didn’t like the power dynamics between the couple), with the right costars and the right script, he’d be gold. Hyeri’s a darling in variety, very charming but she just can’t act.

      • Hyeri is ok only when the role is specifically written for her (eg Reply 1988, not perfect but she had great chemistry with both Ryu Jun-yeol and Park Bogum) but actors like that can’t be called good actors. It’s just that the Reply screenwriters wrote only one drama for her and not three.

        She is very charming on variety though, that’s her true talent.

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