Teaser Stills for Episode 15 of Start-Up Shows the Leads Focusing on the Self-driving Car Tech with a Side of Long Overdue Bro Talk

Thank you tvN! I love getting teaser stills early and even better that it’s laying the groundwork going into the finale weekend for a drama I’m addicted. I’m going to be so sad to bid farewell to Start-Up, it’s been a family affair in Casa Koala with even Mr. Koala and the now grown up into Koala Teens watching and kvetching along. Koala Teen Boy is Team Ji Pyeong because “he’s rich, smart, and handsome, what’s not to like!” and Koala Teen Girl is also Team Ji Pyeong because “Do San just cries all the time”. Mr. Koala thinks none of this so-called love triangle makes any sense because of the lack of communication (word), he thinks Do San should just kiss Dal Mi every chance he gets and that would solve everything hahaha because it’s clear she loves only him but neither can get over their hang ups so KISSING! But overall we love this drama because it’s at the core so sweet with the family and friendships and the rudimentary but entertaining start-up company story lines. The teasers stills don’t spoil much other than I don’t know why New and Improved Do San is dressing like gangster all of a sudden, the leather jacket and black mock neck above and the striped black suit below, but imma liking it because bring on whatever is in store!


Teaser Stills for Episode 15 of Start-Up Shows the Leads Focusing on the Self-driving Car Tech with a Side of Long Overdue Bro Talk — 16 Comments

  1. When i was younger i was also more into confident and rich ml. Now with 31 and after knowing many confident but not proactive guys that also play mindgames, i came to prefer characters as dosan

    • I don’t think I’m an ahjumma at 23, but I’ve seen so many dramas for so many years that I already feel like one. Still I think Ji Pyeong’s personality is my style, but actually Do San is the destined person for Dal Mi.

      • I know right!!! The more dramas we see the more we feel ahjumas. Well i’m already one ?. I found interesting how my life experience change my mind. I was so shocked when i said wowww dosan is my style.

  2. Awww, I’m jealous that Koala’s family is watching K dramas together. I keep trying with my family and I thought hubby was somewhat into Prison Playbook but although he asked me what happened at certain points, he didn’t sit through it with me. I kind of gave up watching Start Up at EP 11. Maybe I’ll pick it back up and finish and maybe I won’t. I guess the only characters I care about is Ji Pyeong and Halmoni so I don’t really necessarily need closure on Do San and Dal Mi which I know is end game. I think for me, if the male actors switched roles…I would be Team Do San. KSH has that much charisma. NJH, not so much.

  3. Being a 40 something yo ahjumma who has been married for 15 years and know the importance of not just going for rich and handsome, I am team Do San all the way!

  4. Finally, I started watching Start-Up a week ago. And I love it. I don’t know if this was because its Park Hye-ryun’s but I got so many Pinocchio feels from Start-Up. And I loved Pinocchio so much.

    I dont undestand the fanwar that happened because of the so called love triangle, because for me there is none of that. No love triangle. Dal Mi has had unrequited love for past Dosan and that love becomes mutual in the present with the real Do San.

    For me, past Dosan never loved Dal-Mi. And the present Ji-pyeong wasnt in love with Dal Mi until some episodes of the drama. While Do San loved her at the very first sight and acted on that love.

    I’m team Dal Mi, by the way. Peace!

  5. Realistic, factual and wise – that’s what I like about JP. He may even evaluate and think for the better of DM and DS, they are better for each other cos he does what is good for others and he can take care of his feelings.

    The other character I like is injie – reslistic and knows how to fight off jerks without violence. Unfortunately it is underdeveloped and wasted just for the creation if romance like triangle.

    Feels the romance is written wieldly – making DS behaviour inconsistent. Ok, he smashed the nameplate but don’t make him walked off by himself leaving DM to face the jerk. After that the roottop kiss – feels awkward. It would be better if DS smashed nameplate and hold DM’s hold and said we don’t need to listen to that jerk. At roottop, he brought out his knitting tools to knit (cos that’s what he does when angry). DM kiss him cos he is cute. Haha…my imagination runs wild.

    JP is not obsessed with DM and he is not even fighting for it hence lots of kissing will be turnoff as no one is stopping the romance.

    In recent interview, KSH gave credit to SB, NJH and granny and felt he learned a lot from them.

    Looking forward to good ending.

  6. Can’t help not to add my two-cents knowing above commenters are ahjummas like me.Here’s a 46yo ahjumma who had been a kdrama fan for just 7 years.Thank goodness I discovered kdrama after finishing my degree otherwise I am not certain if I’ll be able to graduate by doing so… Start Up is one kdrama marvelously done with Park Hye Ryun’s expertise of relatable spices of life’s struggles,goals and heartfluttering love stories.I, for one, never felt the love triangle.It was apparent from the beginning (since DalMi met the present DoSan) that DoDal is the endgame.Others may say it’s a cliche, but that’s how kdrama works… which also works for me cause I am pro DoSan from Day 1… Now, after the last episode I shall move on to any new drama that can catch my hopeless romantic ahjumma heart enjoying what real life has to offer paving away from any angst or frustrations if my ideal plot or character was not served by the writer… Yes, I am striving to be happy always. 😉
    Have a nice day everyone.

  7. From day 1 i am not a team HJP nor team DS. I have never wanted DM to end with JP cos I feel JP deserves better. This is not PHR style of drama, lots of plot holes and undeveloped character.

  8. Aww my mom and I are watching Start Up together too! And we’re both Team HJP but I agree with Mr. Koala that there’s no love triangle. I just want a good ending for the good boy. I had to tell myself and my mom to not get too attached to the idea that HJP will get the girl since he’s clearly the second lead. We haven’t seen episode 15 yet but my mom is STILL holding out for HJP’s character lol…I told her that I love his character but there’s no way in hell he’s ever gonna get the girl if he never made a move in 3 years. That’s typical second lead shit writing right there.

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